Friday, December 31, 2010

Profiles #23

Just like a good New Years party, this week's issue of Profiles starts out with the sweetest of sentiments and then spiral into nonsensical debauchery.

Before we send you off into a brand new year we would be remiss if we didn't share these eccentric and unforgettable Picos with you.

However you choose to spend it - wholesome or hedonistic ...
Happy New Year!

(1) baby Lemond, I see a bright career for you at the Hallmark greeting card company. First, you'll fail as a dramatic novelist, but don't worry. Hang in there and you'll definitely go on to make the big bucks writing religious inspirational cards.

Love, Peggy Hill.
Profiles #23

(2) Didn't your mama teach you not to put things in your mouth?

This profile has us hoping that you didn't have the misfortune of tasting Skittles' ill-fated cousin, Sh*ttles (which is only popular amongst scarab beetles).

Peggy believes you will be a scientist when you grow up. Catero believe you will be featured on the new TLC show My Strange Addiction.

(3) Photo and caption submitted by ѕαмαηтнα ♡: Who's gonna die? And when I do what? o_O

Catero says: Is this you taking a passive aggressive shot at someone, Crystal? Methinks yes. Just be direct in the future and speak mano-a-mano to the person this message is intended for. Putting this veiled threat in your profile just makes viewers think you're bat sh*t crazy. Like we all do right now.

(4) Photo and caption submitted by Мαгϊε Jапз εїз: When am was in the English Park I someone chatting in Japanese and clicked their profile and read their intro. I think he/she is CRAZY! (I don't know if she/he a boy or a girl)

Peggy and Catero say: A slurpee drunk is serious business. 'Cause being a smart mouth and starting fights is a slurpee drunk's M.O. That's what cheap liquor gets you. As you can see, no one has asked her for any info about her alcoholism. She's volunteered it. Yet she's all aggressive.

We don't wanna know her. We just want to pay for our purchases, leave the 7-Eleven in peace and go home to drink something that doesn't taste like anti-freeze.

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I think I can speak for the rest of the Picostyle team when I say that we are honored to be part of the Ameba Pico fan-blogging community. As we've said before, we love our readers and try to include them into our posts as often as we can with profile submissions, "Pico Cribs" features, and of course advertising fellow fan blogs.

But yesterday, Peggy received quite a rude post on her room message board which read as follows:

"picostyle is a bad blog yuck become inspired by my better blog [URL removed] yuck ur blog. dont miss the chance 2 mk ur blog nc"

I'm sorry but that is just rude. It's bad taste to bash another fan's blog... Please know that we aren't the type to bash and make fun of other blogs. Sure, you might do things a way we don't like, but that doesn't mean our blog is better than ours. Sheesh!
Well, decide for yourself folks.

Love always,
Ayuhime xoxo

*Note: The poster's name and blog have been blurred out.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Has Ameba Pico become AmeBORING?


"Booooooooring." Chances are you have seen that word uttered a few times while playing Pico. Usually, it comes from the mouth of younger kids who have the attention span of a... a... oh, I'm sorry. I thought I saw something shiny. Anyways, you get the point. However, while reading the comments from a recent article of mine, I started to think about this in an entirely different way.

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Overheard: Stinky fat pig

Cat fight!

Pictured: gracie l (left), tiana; (right)

I decided to check out Happy New Year Park earlier today and instead of finding New Years joy and excitement I found two girls ready to rip each other's hair out Jerry Springer style. I walked in on the middle of a pre-teen cat fight. I don't know how it started. All I know is it was extremely entertaining to read the poorly spelled insult slinging. The fact that they are pressed up in each other's faces makes me laugh.

Will you be amused to? Read and find out.

(12:39) tiana;: no
(12:40) tiana;: just sh..ut up pig
(12:40) tiana;: ;D
(12:40) gracie l: then why are you still a fat ass
(12:40) tiana;: UR THE SH..IT BAG
(12:41) gracie l: i bet your gay and your homeless
(12:41) tiana;: THIER
(12:41) tiana;: HATE U
(12:41) gracie l: r u a s l u t
(12:42) gracie l: s l u t
(12:42) gracie l: s l u t
(12:42) tiana;: N O SPELLS NO SO SH..UT UP
(12:43) tiana;: PIG PIG
(12:43) tiana;: DRAMA QUEEN
(12:43) gracie l: just so you know my mom is the govener
(12:44) tiana;: SOS
(12:44) gracie l: if your british your stupid
(12:44) gracie l: s l u t
(12:45) tiana;: SO THIER
(12:45) gracie l: wow but i shower every hour
(12:45) tiana;: FU..CKER
(12:45) gracie l: s l ut
(12:46) tiana;: ONLY BATHS
(12:46) gracie l: so but im not a les
(12:46) tiana;: WAIY
(12:46) tiana;: ASLONG AS U NO

Then tiana; walked away and asked the room how to do the cat icon.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mysterious Prank

With all the hubbub of the New Year Japanese items, Tokyo Japan is busting with Picos ogling at the shiny new things. Nakamise street of course has a few full servers, but I was curious when I saw that Sensouji temple was full with a waiting list of 75 people. Clearly, something big must be going on! I waited a good 15 - 20 minutes before I got in.

When I arrived, people were lined up at the stairs of the temple, bowing their heads off. I went around asking what they were doing and they explained that someone told them that if they bow to the Sensouji temple, it will give them Ameba Gold. Knowing it couldn't be true, I took a second look at Pico's official information releases and discovered in fact, no information about this event was mentioned. It's a fake.

This is quite a grand-scale prank! Whoever started it convinced enough people to make a mad rush for the temple and cause a substantial waiting line. Of course, Picos started disbursing once they figured out they've been scammed, but I'm quite impressed. The entire prank probably lasted a good two hours, but I consider that monumental in Pico history! A few users claimed that "Sugar Boy" started the rumor, but the only "Sugar Boy" I was able to find in a search had 0 friends and noob clothes, so he is probably not the culprit.

Let me make an official statement:
Bowing at the Sensouji Temple does not earn you Ameba Gold.

Sorry folks!

Lots of love,
Ayuhime xoxo

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas from Picostyle

For those of you who are peeking out the window and listening carefully for the characteristic pitter-patter of reindeer hooves on the roof, we here at Picostyle wish you all the best for Christmas. Hope your holidays are filled with all the people that you love most ... because that's what truly matters.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Profiles #22

Time to squeeze in the last Profiles before Christmas is upon us in North America.

Peggy is awake and helping Santa and I to bring you today's second Profiles. Without her it just wouldn't be the same.

Featured Profile:

With 2 introductory posts under its belt thus far, Life☆P Magazine is promising to be an interactive reader experience. And they want you to be involved.

L☆P "will offer you magazines, news, photos, etc. about this popular virtual world". Sounds fun and exciting, doesn't it?

Right now, the editors are looking for you to send in your Christmas and New Years messages for their first edition. See the L☆P blog for more details.

Don't forget to visit the room of L☆P editor Kelie☆ケリー 『LP』 to give her a ring and prop her when you see her roaming around the Pico world!


(1) Christina, you're not foolin' anyone. We know your name is missing another 6. I guess you're gonna go post on our message boards now that we've written this. Catero and Peggy Hill look forward to hearing from you.
Profiles #22

(2) The rough translation of this guy's profile is: The Prince Charmings (are?) has-beens; I am an a**hole, unfaithful and foolish.

Good guys usually finish last in the dating scene. Marsupials realize, obviously, since he's opted for the bad boy image. Deep down girls like bad boys who play with their hearts and they deny that it's going to end badly, despite the apparent signs. Don't give it all away, Marsupials. Keep them guessing just how a**holey, unfaithful and foolish you are.

(3) You are "the glass is half empty" type of gal, but your poetic spirit and profound words make us love you for it.

So young and yet so tragically+romantically philosophical. We love it.

(4) Yaoi? Peggy doesn't know how she feels about this.

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Profiles #21

While Peggy is resting - probably dreaming of sugarplums - Santa has brought an early treat. An extra helping of Profiles this week!

Later on today, you'll be able to read another installment of Profiles with 4 more of your unusual fellow Picos.

Ready? Let's get started.

(1) The world's values have turned topsy turvy. When I was 11 (granted that was so long ago) boys were into teasing girls, cars, wrestling and sports. Tweens are supposed to keep fit by being active in sports. Start working out when you get to high school.

What kind of dating pressure is driving a kid who hasn't even hit puberty yet to keep shapely? Girls still think you have cooties!
Profiles #21

(2) Many people boast huge appetites during holidays that typically have large family meals, like Thanksgiving and Christmas. This young lady, however, lets us know her hunger has no strings attached. Any time, any place she can pack the grub down her gullet like a squirrel foraging for nuts.

Good thing that the Pico Casino doesn't have an all-you-can-eat buffet. The casino would go bankrupt trying to keep her fed.

(3) This fan of the hit TV show The Office quotes a line from Andy in S7E7.  If the moon was your car and jupiter was your hairbrush you'd have to travel 8 light years (give or take, depending on the day/time of year) every day to groom yourself. Lovely.

Regardless of how unkempt a person is that's just too extreme a prospect.

Happy hairbrushing!

(4) Unlike their werewolf counterparts that hunger for human flesh, wearwolves have a taste for ... well .. wearing things. They're rabid about it, really. Beyond any of the savagery you've ever heard about coming from werewolves. Wearwolves can reduce a mall the size of a football stadium to rubble in less than 5 minutes if they don't find the perfect shoes in their size.

They may be "cute and pretty", but they are snarling bloodthirsty monsters when they transform. And, yes, Kim Kardashian is a wearwolf. Naomi Campbell too.

Boys and girls, the word of the day is homonym.

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If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Thursday, December 23, 2010

We like you. We really like you!

smiley smile

The holidays are here, and there's a feeling of positivity in the air. No, this isn't the start of a song I wrote. Rather, I thought to myself "what better time to show our fans how much we care than now?" Yes, we have some of the best fans around.

Overheard: No love in the club.

Pico Clubbing
Pictured: lex5 (left), Mysterion? (right)

Have you ever wondered what the night club dating scene is like in Pico? Apparently, it's fleeting and an exercise in futility. Just like in every day life.

I don't exactly know what happened with this potential couple in Pico Night Club/Pink. Perhaps the lady is looking for a less "cool" and more immediately affectionate beau. Is she playing a hard-to-get game, with the one desperate boy who finally runs after her and begs for her not to go winning the right to her time and attention? Whatever the answer may be the whole scenario gave me a chuckle and hopefully it will for you too.

(20:48) lex5: heeyy
(20:49) lex5: hi
(20:49) Mysterion?: hi
(20:49) lex5: my name is le
(20:49) Mysterion?: kwl
(20:49) lex5: i mean lex
(20:50) lex5: wats ur name?
(20:50) Mysterion?: Mysterion?
(20:50) lex5: do u know why i come to the night club?
(20:50) Mysterion?: no
(20:50) lex5: to meet a guy tht i might  be able to spend a life with on pico ameba
(20:51) Mysterion?: kwl
(20:51) lex5: so ur obviously not thhe one
(20:51) lex5: bye nice meeting u
(20:51) Mysterion?: nope

Pico vs. Pigg: Christmas Edition

pigg and pico 12-23

Pigg and Pico. It's difficult to not talk about the two in the same sentence at times, but with good reason. Both are run by the same company, and in the end Pico owes a whole lot of its current success to its older brother. Or sister. I could never tell when looking at this thing.

ameba logo That's not to say Pico doesn't have it's own share of credibility, though. It was the first to feature room additions, room expansions, a clothing preview feature, the New York areas, and so on. While there's a lot in common, there's also quite a difference between them. I've always found this interesting, so I wanted to do an update regarding a handful of similarities and differences. What better way to start than comparing the way each one has celebrated Christmas? And winter in general, for that matter. This is going to be a lengthy post, so if you are interested at all please click "read more" to, well... read more! Or you can just look at the pictures. I wont yell at you for it.

First, some very quick back-story: Pigg has been open for nearly 2 years now. Pico is closing in on its 1st year in just a few months. Since Pigg was open for a longer period of time, I was personally able to celebrate 2 years of a virtual Ameba Christmas. In this post, I wont be comparing every single little detail. Instead, I plan on comparing a handful of the items and areas in each game. I'll break them down into different categories and sections, as such:

My Christmas Items (House Decor):

pigg christmas room

This is the image I will use as a starter for my comparisons. Why? Well, because both Pico and Pigg have some of the same items seen there. The designs for these items are obviously identical in each game, so I'll just be comparing the cost (or whichever way the items were attained).

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We've Been Good. Sorta ...

Dear Pico Santa,

My name is Peggy Hill and I am writing you to tell you that the Picostyle family has been VERRRRY good this year. I hope that you can take a moment and read this letter and maybe grant a wish or two? XD

Ayuhime asks that you help her win the Casino Jackpot. That's all she wants! She swears that if you do this... she will always always make sure to feed her pandas and her pup, Ein. Also, she will try her best to keep her Pico room clean and feed the hungry in the Japanese Park once a day.

Pinkerton has got his tackle box and fishing vest ready! "Pico Santa, I just want to fish!" He's keeping his fingers crossed that Pico will soon include the fishing game. Pinkerton's leading lady, Chikemuri, is dreaming of a Disney Christmas. She wants a Minnie Mouse dress and matching polka dot bow.

Catero doesn't know it yet, but he secretly wants to be a DJ and so I am asking on his behalf for Pico music rooms! Something funky funky to go with the disco ball and flashing dance floor. I promise you that if this happens I will personally make sure that the dance floor is packed and everyone will be doing Michael Jackson's Thriller.

Gem Rock would just like to do the volcano dance with Happy Oliver. Please grant her wish! That's all she talks about Pico Santa...

Lastly, I Peggy, would like more colourful wigs XD Or maybe more colour options for hair in general? I want to be the next JEM!

OH! And we'd all like more closet space pleaseeee because most of us can no longer play gacha unless we delete a clothing item :(

Thank you for reading this Pico Santa! I've included a photo album of us having fun this holiday season. I'll be sure to leave cookies and milk out for you!


What are some of your Pico wishes?

Monday, December 20, 2010

Fishing Expedition

pigg golden fish

It's no surprise that the writers here at Picostyle love virtual fishing. You've read all about Cat and Peggy's adulterous relationship with Pigg, and even Ayu has been getting a little somethin'-somethin' on the side. A few weeks ago, I decided to finally try it out for myself. Once I got the hang of things, I was hooked! And yes, that pun was completely intentional.

Along the way, I've come across some strange glitches...

pigg fishing glitch
pigg fishing glitch 2

... I've won some amazing hats...

pigg octopus hat
pigg fish hat 2

... I've lusted for the items in the fishing shops...

pigg - fishing 3
pigg - fishing 4
pigg - fishing 5

Pico Cribs #25 with AyuHime!

Our poor Peggy Hill is still a bit under the weather and has asked us to continue with Pico Cribs. I hope you enjoy my selection!

Room Owner: Redmoizzelle

Redmoizzelle's Bloodyred Palace is quite a sight! Hopefully you're not colorblind, because you're missing out on the splendor of this place. The entire room is dripping in red and certainly has an Asian Palace feeling, complete with throne and seating chamber. The owner has put so much work into make every little detail perfect and making sure it is in fact RED. Stop by and give her some rings!

Room Owner: Samantha你好想放假

Samantha's sky church is beneficent. With details abound, you're sure to be blown away at the beauty. The columns, staircase, altar, and balcony are simply stunning. No matter what you're celebrating, you will find this heavenly abode a lovely place to be.

Have a fun time ringing and exploring, loves!

AyuHime xoxo

Pico Cribs #24 with Jean Royal

Written by:

Hello Picostylers! This is me, Jean Royal. Today, I've been hanging around and I saw 3 fantabulous Christmas themed rooms!

So here they are ...

Onogina Hotel, Restaurant & Maze
Room owner: onogina

Wow-wow-wow! That's the only thing that I can say. And did you notice the purple Christmas tree? I wish my room could be as nice.

Benry's Café
Room owner: Benry

Imagine, being in the snowy city. Then you find a warm café and walk inside. Doesn't coming in from the cold and getting warm and comfy make you smile? This café may not look very Christmassy ... but you can still notice the little Christmas tree in the corner.

Ask my friends; I don't usually go to cafés (I think they're boring), but I could easily see myself coming here see me here to listen to my iPod and do homework.

Pico Waterpark
Room owner: ¶PЯ-¶⋛⋋紫紗姫系⋌⋚™

And of course, this is my favorite. It's just SO creative! I wonder how many countless hours the owner of this room spent doing this.

Like the RO80 robots in the Flea Market that sell blocks say, 'It's time to be creative!'. I love the presents in the tree. It's different! And if you look closer you'll find a jukebox in the tree! Isn't that a great idea to add some atmosphere (maybe imitate the birds)?

Photo Credit: Photos by Jean Royal


I think we've all noticed the several Engrish moments in Pico. Here is one funny example. When you design a boy Pico, there is an option to add a beard. When you want to remove the beard, there is this button:

lol. Obviously, it's supposed to say "no beard." Or maybe there are no bears allowed in Pico? Thanks to The Hound for this! Check out his blog here to see more Pico FAILS and vote in his "What do you think of Indonesians?" poll.

Lots of love as always,
AyuHime xoxo

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Pico Music Video: "Day-O"

By radicktv.

How awesome is this video? I couldn't stop laughing from enjoyment when I saw it for the first time. Looks like a lot of work and effort went into choreographing it.

If you like it, please visit radicktv's YouTube channel and "Like it.

Hope this is an energetic opening to a great weekend for you all.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Quest

reindeer hoodies

  • Added information regarding a way to always get into the Secret Forest.
  • Fixed some details about the main quest.
  • Daily Gacha has a new weekly item!
  • Making a .gif out of the seizure-inducing action when you find a black mushroom, just to preserve its greatness.
  • Added a picture of the final gift for completing the main quest.
Hot off the heels of the Pirate Quest comes an entirely new Pico adventure, and just in time for Christmas. If you weren't a huge fan of the previous quest, there's a chance you might not be so enthusiastic about this one either. I think you should still try it out, though, because some of the items you win along the way are nice. In my opinion, at least.

Since the only other update today involved the Daily Gacha being stocked with a new weekly item (make sure you get the Candy Cane Stick with Christmas Holly Leaves before they're all eaten), I decided to make a quick and simple guide... just in case anyone is having some issues with certain aspects of the quest. Be warned, though. THAR BE SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT! And no, not the "Sleepy Elijah is Luke's father" or "it turns out Chloe was dead the whole time!" type of spoilers, but spoilers regarding secret areas and specific items you can win. Let's begin!


christmas quest letter

Start by clicking on this letter, which should be laying around near the entrance of your room. A screen will pop up and briefly explain what this new quest is all about.

christmas quest letter 2

After that, head on over to the Pet Farm area.

christmas quest - 1

To begin your quest, you will have to click on Shepherd. Who is that? He's the one who looks like... well, we'll save that for later.


Does anyone remember that I was enduring a tireless journey to find a Pink Panda a few months ago? I ended up putting my search on hold when I lost my patience.

Well, per Pinkerton's advice, I started hopping empty Mushroom Forests hoping that miraculously a Pink Panda would somehow show up.

HOLY SH*T IT DID! But alas, I only had 540 gold! (Pandas cost 600) so I immediately started freaking out, knowing that I was doomed to lose her. Then, I immediately opened another browser, logged Ayuboy, warped to AyuHime, and tried covering the Pink Panda until I could get enough gold XD

As my heart was racing, I reluctantly bought 500 gold and reset that baby as fast as I could. The Pink Panda was still available! OMG! THAT MOTHER F&%@$NG PANDA IS FINALLY MINE!

Sorry, I'm a little excited n_n I hope Peggy and Catero don't kick me off of the team for my rampant swearing XD Oh and I'm sorry that I'm posting on a day that's not mine! THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT!

LOL Love youuuuuu!

I don't even know what to name this panda yet... I just picked something quickly. (LOL Look at Ein back there "Dammit no more attentions for me...")


AyuHime xoxoxo

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Ameba Gold Inflation

In economics, inflation is a rise in the general level of prices of goods and services in an economy over a period of time. When the general price level rises, each unit of currency buys fewer goods and services.

Hmm, sounds a little like what's happening now, doesn't it?

I mean, check out these pastel blocks! I mean, HOW EXCITING, RIGHT? Surely they must cost gummies like the rest of the blocks in the game because that would make se ...

Wait... what? 100 gold??? Yeah, okay, it's for 10 of them, but for the amount of blocks one needs to actually build, this price is outrageous! I mean, first they overload us with premium gachas, and now this. I really am starting to think that the Pico economy is suffering ...

LOOK! I've even resorted to stri-- I mean, entertaining in the adult-exclusive industry to make my money! Every Sunday, The Hound has demanded that I come and dance at his villa.

This just isn't fair! Something needs to be done, and fast! Pico is slowly turning into a paid game, which is going to lose A LOT of players. Facebook games are supposed to be generally free to play with a FEW extras to pay for.

Geez all I blog about is gold complaints lately. Sorry for my BORING!

Ayuhime xoxoxo

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Celebrity Sightings #5

I know what you are thinking. "Pinkerton, you still didn't shave?" Besides that, though, I know you've also been thinking "Pinkerton, why are you taking such a long time between Celebrity Sightings updates?!" You can rest assured that I am not losing interest, though, but rather giving these updates some breathing room. The particular photos below have been sitting around for a while, so now it's finally time for me to publish and sell them to various Pico news agencies. Just be aware that I'm raising the price to 500 AG for each picture.


will smith 2

Will Smith

"AWWWWWWW HELL NAW"! Not the most thought-provoking quote for a movie star, but it's one that defines this charismatic actor. Watch a few of his movies and this is a story all about how my life got flipped-turned upside down. Sorry about that. What I meant to say was... watch a few of his movies, and you are sure to hear him yell that out at one point or another. His charisma just seeps through, even in Pico form.

will smith
will smith 3

But the Pico-ized version isn't exactly keen on giving out autographs. Ask him for one, and you are bound to be met with a very hostile demand.

will smith 4

Pay you for an autograph? To that I say, AWWWW HELL NAW.


Dora the Explorer

I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map, I'm the map. I'M THE MAP. Even though I never watched the show, that one particular song will always be ingrained into the back of my mind after seeing a clip of it.


Dora is always going on adventures in her show while teaching kids Spanish along the way, but I think her one sole purpose on Pico is to constantly remind me of the map. POR QUE?!


Hugh Hefner

I understand that having someone like Hugh Hefner in the same update as Dora the Explorer is like putting peanut butter and tuna together on bread, but I had to mention him sooner or later! While it was difficult to take a picture of him without his... er, lady friends... I managed to quickly snap one of him dancing alone before he went back to party at his mansion.


He may be an old man, but women still love him.

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