Thursday, December 23, 2010

Overheard: No love in the club.

Pico Clubbing
Pictured: lex5 (left), Mysterion? (right)

Have you ever wondered what the night club dating scene is like in Pico? Apparently, it's fleeting and an exercise in futility. Just like in every day life.

I don't exactly know what happened with this potential couple in Pico Night Club/Pink. Perhaps the lady is looking for a less "cool" and more immediately affectionate beau. Is she playing a hard-to-get game, with the one desperate boy who finally runs after her and begs for her not to go winning the right to her time and attention? Whatever the answer may be the whole scenario gave me a chuckle and hopefully it will for you too.

(20:48) lex5: heeyy
(20:49) lex5: hi
(20:49) Mysterion?: hi
(20:49) lex5: my name is le
(20:49) Mysterion?: kwl
(20:49) lex5: i mean lex
(20:50) lex5: wats ur name?
(20:50) Mysterion?: Mysterion?
(20:50) lex5: do u know why i come to the night club?
(20:50) Mysterion?: no
(20:50) lex5: to meet a guy tht i might  be able to spend a life with on pico ameba
(20:51) Mysterion?: kwl
(20:51) lex5: so ur obviously not thhe one
(20:51) lex5: bye nice meeting u
(20:51) Mysterion?: nope

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