Thursday, October 21, 2010

Celebrity Sightings: Halloween Edition

Celebrity Sightings - Halloween

As promised, here's a brand new installment of Celebrity Sightings! Because of the time of year and everything that has been going on in Pico lately, I couldn't help but do a Halloween-inspired edition. If you weren't in the mood for the holiday before, this might kick your spirit into gear. However, if you are easily frightened or don't care much for Halloween/horror movies, you might want to look away. Just remember to lock your doors and shut all the windows tonight...

Still with me? Good. Put your eyeballs back into your sockets and take a look at a few of the more 'unconventional' celebrities I've recently spotted.


Ju-on. The phrase alone may evoke a chill in some people. It roughly translates to "the grudge" or "the curse" in Japanese, and it's also the title for a successful series of horror films released in... wait for it... Japan. However, outside of Japan, many people might better know it as "The Grudge" due to the US remake. See? It all makes sense.


I've run into Ju-on in Pico many times before, but it took me a while to actually get a picture of her. Why? She never stays in one spot for too long. Just as you approach her, she usually takes off to another area. Creepy, you say? Yes, very creepy. But if you are lucky enough to get close:


You'll see that she is quite friendly! Or maybe that's what she wants you to believe...


Sadako. Yet another mysterious/terrifying creature that appears in a Japanese horror series known as Ringu (adapted from the Ringu horror novels). The premise seems cheesy: "Ring is about a cursed, disturbing videotape that, when watched, will cause the viewer to die a week after." We obviously have nothing to worry about these days thanks to DVDs and Blu-rays. All jokes aside, many consider it to be one of the most frightening horror films to come from Japan. The same is sometimes said about the US remake.

However, all of that shouldn't make you shy away from the one in Pico.


Just like Ju-on, she's quite friendly.

sadako 2

Don't worry, I saw her more than 7 days ago and nothing has happened to me. Yet.

tiffany and chucky

Tiffany. Many of you may be more familiar with her equally psychotic husband, Chucky. That's right, I said husband. That alone should give you a good indication of how campy this horror series has become. I mean, they even had a child together.


In any case, despite her small stature, she's certainly not someone (er... something?) you'd want to mess with anytime soon.

Random evil killer clown. Yes, you read that correctly. And no, I don't have a specific picture for this character. To me, this is pretty much every single terrifying clown you've seen in any horror film fused into one single frightening avatar.

killer clown

The dilated eyes. The insane rainbow fro. The needle in its hand. The pose in which it's ready to attack. Basically everything you hate about clowns. Remember... they ALL float down here.


Betelgeuse. Betelgeuse. BETELGEUSE. Everyone who has seen this movie knows what happens after you say that name 3 times. You summon the horrifyingly hilarious entity known as, well... Betelgeuse! The title of the movie is only called "Beetlejuice" because it's the phonetic spelling of the character. If you haven't seen the movie, I highly suggest you do at least once. It's not a horror film, but rather a 'dark comedy' of sorts.


Unfortunately, I wasn't quick enough to snap an actual picture of this charismatic bio-exorcist before he left. The best I have at the moment is this profile picture. I'll see him eventually, though, and hopefully it's not in the desert with those sandworms.


Oh, before I finish talking about this, quickly take a look at these two scenes from the movie:

Those songs are now stuck in your head. You are welcome.

Have YOU seen a celebrity on Pico? Did you get a chance to take your camera out in time and grab some snapshots? If so, send them to (minimum of 500 pixels in width) and they might appear here!

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  1. I love the Tiffany! Looks so cool

  2. I also saw a Lydia from Beetlejuice hanging around the Japanese Park...~