Friday, December 24, 2010

Profiles #22

Time to squeeze in the last Profiles before Christmas is upon us in North America.

Peggy is awake and helping Santa and I to bring you today's second Profiles. Without her it just wouldn't be the same.

Featured Profile:

With 2 introductory posts under its belt thus far, Life☆P Magazine is promising to be an interactive reader experience. And they want you to be involved.

L☆P "will offer you magazines, news, photos, etc. about this popular virtual world". Sounds fun and exciting, doesn't it?

Right now, the editors are looking for you to send in your Christmas and New Years messages for their first edition. See the L☆P blog for more details.

Don't forget to visit the room of L☆P editor Kelie☆ケリー 『LP』 to give her a ring and prop her when you see her roaming around the Pico world!


(1) Christina, you're not foolin' anyone. We know your name is missing another 6. I guess you're gonna go post on our message boards now that we've written this. Catero and Peggy Hill look forward to hearing from you.
Profiles #22

(2) The rough translation of this guy's profile is: The Prince Charmings (are?) has-beens; I am an a**hole, unfaithful and foolish.

Good guys usually finish last in the dating scene. Marsupials realize, obviously, since he's opted for the bad boy image. Deep down girls like bad boys who play with their hearts and they deny that it's going to end badly, despite the apparent signs. Don't give it all away, Marsupials. Keep them guessing just how a**holey, unfaithful and foolish you are.

(3) You are "the glass is half empty" type of gal, but your poetic spirit and profound words make us love you for it.

So young and yet so tragically+romantically philosophical. We love it.

(4) Yaoi? Peggy doesn't know how she feels about this.

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  1. #2 actually says : Princes charmings are has-beens. I want an unfaithful and foolish a**hole x)