Saturday, July 14, 2012

Re-post: A friendly reminder to never give out your password to anyone

Ameba Pico's support team will never contact you to ask for your password. This is an important message that needs to get out to players.

There have always been attempts by players to scam others out of their accounts - especially players who have many premium items.

There's a new scammer among us
This month a player named Pico Sυpport™ has popped up and is contacting many people under false pretences. "She" is claiming to be an Ameba official. Alert!: this person is not a member of Pico's support team. Do not send your password information to this person if you are contacted.

Ameba Pico says:
  • Change your password and ID frequently
  • DO NOT tell anyone your password and ID
  • DO NOT type in your password and ID in other applications
"Account information should be kept in the utmost secrecy, the Ameba Pico team will never ask for their passwords or account information." - Parent Friendly Guide: We have key safety tips for our players

Protect yourself
Many players with blogs are getting word out about this scammer. Chimikat, Lavi Shieru, the Pico Grammy Awards team, TLA Family, and the Sakura Sisters are a few who have posted on blogs or Facebook about it. Please do the same in your own way. You might want to consider warning those you know and care about. In fact, if you receive this letter, take a screen cap of it and send it to the real Pico Support at

People will always set their mind to scam your out of your account; they'll find new ways to be devious. Scammers will use phony web sites, bogus Facebook accounts/pages and even approaching you in the game to make themselves look "official" and convincing. Be aware.

- AF

Source: RO80 Type Mag: A friendly reminder to never give out your password to anyone