Monday, December 20, 2010

Fishing Expedition

pigg golden fish

It's no surprise that the writers here at Picostyle love virtual fishing. You've read all about Cat and Peggy's adulterous relationship with Pigg, and even Ayu has been getting a little somethin'-somethin' on the side. A few weeks ago, I decided to finally try it out for myself. Once I got the hang of things, I was hooked! And yes, that pun was completely intentional.

Along the way, I've come across some strange glitches...

pigg fishing glitch
pigg fishing glitch 2

... I've won some amazing hats...

pigg octopus hat
pigg fish hat 2

... I've lusted for the items in the fishing shops...

pigg - fishing 3
pigg - fishing 4
pigg - fishing 5

... but, more importantly, I've fished. As my friends have described it once before on the blog, it is such a serene and fun experience. There's nothing like relaxing to the sound of waves or the thrill of reeling in a brand new fish. My main goal, though, was to slowly work through each area by completing the cards for each skill level (beginner, intermediate, etc.) in that specific location before moving on. For a while, I had all but one rare fish caught in the "Sea of Japan" boat area. Today, though, all of that changed.

Piggerton - gold fish

I was ecstatic after catching it. Not only because of the generous amount of fish points it gave me, but also because it meant that I had finally completed my card for the first skill level!

Piggerton - boat card completed

I've since moved on from the days of green buckets to the new era of yellow buckets.

Piggerton - yellow boat

All this time, I expected it to have the same fish from the previous skill class but with a raised difficulty level. However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out there were entirely new fish to catch.

Piggerton - yellow boat card

If you don't see me on Pico for a while, you now have a good idea of where I might be. I've gone fishing.


  1. fish fish :)w

    congrats on fishing the level..

    it can be addicting ...or frustrating
    at times waiting that one last fish
    you need to complete the set lol :) happy fishing!!!

    maybe i'll see you around :)


  3. @Empress. Her room is NOT a mess, that's how she likes it XD It's not been shrunk either, and she's not been hacked. She's just been busy. RELAX!

    LOL Good job catching meshi, Pinkerton-san!

  4. LOL Washee wa desu (Yeah I have no idea what I'm saying)?

  5. ^--- Yeah that means nothing LOL

  6. Great post, Pinkerton. I think I need a tutorial from you on the best way to save up fishing points to be able to buy some of the cool prize hats. I am, alas, hatless.

  7. The long fishing line cracked me up!! XD

    I only just found out I appear to have like 9999 rods/bait
    I had others too, and now these 9999 ones are so slow and only catching me sea poop :S

  8. where is this fishing place on pico?

  9. pico doesn't have fishing. fishing is only in the japanese version of pico.. called pigg. i don't know if pico will have fishing. i hope so :D

  10. i've experienced that long fishing line i actually thought "someone" from above was fishing too lol
    so far i've caught 31 sea poop (LOL) and 35 blue starfish


  11. @-RMG~Pink: LOL! I hope everyone who reads this blog calls sea cucumbers in Pigg "sea poop". The trick to catching more than just that is to upgrade your rod and bait.

    Depending no the rarity and size, each fish you catch (except for useless tin cans) gives you a certain number of points that you can redeem - like money - for fishing items.

    You get 9999 basic rods and 9999 basic bait ... which will catch you lots of sea poop and starfish. More expensive bait will attract rarer fish. And a more expensive rod will be more stable as you're reeling that sucker in. Rarer fish, are also more points, so you can buy better gear faster (with each big catch) ... and maybe even a cool hat, like Pinkerton features in this post.

    Happy fishing!

  12. -.- I tried fishing in that river place the one with frogs and toads and i accidentally bought 100 rods and 20 bait and I also encountered two Japanese blabbermouths
    Oh, and those blabbermouths can't survive five minutes without talking


  13. Wow... I didn't expect to get any comments on this article.

    @sara: Yeah, I see what you mean. It can be a little frustrating sometimes, especially when you are so close to reeling a fish in but then the time runs out. For me, though, that's part of the "thrill" of the game. Hope to you see around on there!

    @Ayu: Thanks!

    @-RMG~Pink: So I wasn't the only one experiencing that fishing line glitch! Good to know. Oh, and I'm sorry to hear about all the trouble you went through while fishing. Like I said, for me it's usually peaceful. Hopefully you'll have a better experience next time.

    @Cat: Thanks for explaining the basics to Sami and anyone else who was curious. Also, about those hats... you do have the option to buy them with the points, but I actually won them while fishing. I'm almost certain that you have to catch a total of 20 red octopus in the boat area (beginners level) for the octopus hat. As for the other hat, that surprised me because one day I just looked in my inventory and there it was. The description says it's a 'flounder' hat, so that must be the type of fish you have to catch to win it. Those are the only two I know about at the moment.