Monday, December 20, 2010

Pico Cribs #25 with AyuHime!

Our poor Peggy Hill is still a bit under the weather and has asked us to continue with Pico Cribs. I hope you enjoy my selection!

Room Owner: Redmoizzelle

Redmoizzelle's Bloodyred Palace is quite a sight! Hopefully you're not colorblind, because you're missing out on the splendor of this place. The entire room is dripping in red and certainly has an Asian Palace feeling, complete with throne and seating chamber. The owner has put so much work into make every little detail perfect and making sure it is in fact RED. Stop by and give her some rings!

Room Owner: Samantha你好想放假

Samantha's sky church is beneficent. With details abound, you're sure to be blown away at the beauty. The columns, staircase, altar, and balcony are simply stunning. No matter what you're celebrating, you will find this heavenly abode a lovely place to be.

Have a fun time ringing and exploring, loves!

AyuHime xoxo

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