Monday, February 28, 2011

Pico in Color

Spring Fashion.

Does anyone remember the Colorful Series clothing, Ameba Pico's answer to the simplicity and affordability of American Apparel-style clothing essentials?

Each month in Beginner's Park and the World Community Parks, the orange RO80: Type G robot vending machine was stocked with an array of clothing item sets that were available for purchase in 2 colors for a limited time:
  • Tanks
  • V-neck t-shirts
  • U-neck t-shirts
  • Newsboy caps
  • Headbands
  • Simple pants
  • Short pants
  • Simple skirts
  • Camis
  • Sneakers
  • Low-heeled pumps
Items were priced from 500 to 1,800 Gummies each. Picos who had saved up could easily afford them - even very new players could snag a few items if they had completed 30 or so of the easy Star Book challenges. Otherwise, accumulating Gummies through the daily clothing change, props, rings, and sharing/eating food was a simple enough task to accomplish in month's time to afford a few items.

I always felt that the unisex Sneakers and the Headbands for girls were the most practical and good-looking items. The Newsboy caps just never seemed to fit on the head quite the way I like it.

I have to admit, I didn't catch on the the usefulness of Colorful Series (I just ignored the information posts on the official Pico blog) until Peggy snowed off her Sneakers and admonished me to buy some. I missed some great colors because of my ignorance. :-(

The Colorful Series campaign ran from April (pink and sky blue), May (red and blue), June (orange and yellow), July (white and gray) and  August (purple and dark gray) of 2010.

Colorful Series items have not been available since the end of August 2010 - 5 months and 29 days ago from today's date (that's 15,724,800 seconds, or 262,080 minutes, or 4368 hours, or 26 weeks)! For now, Pico players are resigned to receive Colorful Series items randomly through regular Gacha as well as through Mystery Box gifts (typically the "Alice" boxes) which are now available through the Ameba Gift, Chocolate Pico and other blogs that use an exploit in the gift-giving system designed for Facebook users to provide gift links.


Will the Colorful Series ever return? Perhaps in April - just over a month away - to mark a year since the campaign began.

It would be nice to have Colorful Series items available the whole year through.

Ameba, can you: (A) add 12 more colors to the Colorful Series palette or (B) offer 1 color each month with your existing color options so that the options run year-long? I've still got some colors that I need to collect.

More info about past Colorful Series':

Pico Baby Language: Kwill Mwe Nwow

I get it, I get it. Picos like to role play. Some Picos are moms, some Picos are dads, but some Picos are babies and children. Somehow, someone, somewhere decided that babies and children MUST speak a certain way to signify their status as such. I know you've seen it... I know what the intention was, but I don't think it translated well among international languages... resulting in a very annoying trend.

Oh dear God...
Pico baby language works like this; place a "w" after every first letter. Swo twhis iws hwow iwt lwooks. Dwon't ywou jwust wwant two kwill mwe? lwol

In English, a baby-ish accent is to sometimes replace a 'w' sound in some words. Like "Mommy, pway with me!"
"I want ice cweam!"
"Pwease gimme my teddy bear."

The thing is, the 'w' replacement only works in words where the 'w' replaces a similar sound. Play and pway sound similar. In most cases, I could say it's only appropriate to replace r and l, as you can see in the examples above.

I went to a baby-speaking room to take a picture, and come to find, these people aren't very nice. They seem to be very clique-y.

--- You have moved to The Anime Room! :)
(13:31) Bwaby Katie: pwop hwer (meaning me)
(13:31) Bwaby Katie: >>
(13:31) Bwaby Katie: swo she wont bwe ugly anymore
(13:31) あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」: HAHA whoa there
(13:32) Bwaby Katie: who r u?
(13:32) あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」: Ayuhime
(13:32) Bwaby Katie: watevew
(13:33) shelly1991: u can leave
(13:33) あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」: o_O
(13:33) Bwaby Katie: swissy
(13:33) Bwaby Katie: >
(13:33) Coco♫☆。◕‿◕: ☜♥: huwh
(13:33) Bwaby Katie: kwik hwer (meaning me)
(13:33) Coco♫☆。◕‿◕: ☜♥: owk

I left before I got kicked, but sheesh! How rude!
Take it how you want, but I'm not a fan of baby language.


Ayuhime's Doppelganger

Click here to see larger image

Ayuhime, you may just have a twin in Pigg. I couldn't tell for sure since she cleverly concealed her identity as soon as I was onto her. But try to squint hard and look at her profile image! Coincidence? I think not.

Pico Cribs #26

I know, I've been very bad... not bloggin' Pico Cribs. I've just felt very uninspired and erm... lazy lately.

I gotta get out of my slump and this room has done the trick!


TOMHIKO proclaims in his profile that he is a story and I totally believe it. When I warped to his room I was awe-strucked! Bigger isn't really always better and TOMHIKO does a good job proving this. His room reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds for some reason. Haunting and very artistic... what he must have paid to earn all these premium gacha items or did he just had the misfortune of winning the same things over and over again? So he had to wrack his brain... leading to this creative room design... one will never know.

Either way, me likey! Check TOMHIKO's room <3

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Happy Birthday!

No, no... I am not wishing our beloved Ameba Pico a Happy Birthday, although it has turned older recently. I am talking about a much more important day of birth. That, my friends, is the birthday of Chikemuri!

Today, Chikemuri turns a whopping 21. She has expressed to me that she now feels "old," so I can only imagine what that makes the rest of the PicoStyle team. And, speaking of Pico, today comes just a few days after Chike was graced with the honor of winning the 1 Year Anniversary Happy Oliver campaign. That alone was a nice, albeit unexpected, present. However, I think it would be even better if all of you could drop by and leave balloons or some nice messages on her wall. Take note: ice cream cake is Chike's weakness. Here's to hoping it's a good one for her!

As an added bonus to celebrate both Chike's birthday and Pico's 1 Year Anniversary, here are some pictures I've taken of Chike and I over the past year... along with some good friends of ours!

pico black and white
Fall - Interior Showroom 3
back to the future
nakie party 2
PC 2 - mako
PC 3 - pizza 2
pico pirates 8
rock and roll pico
update 11-11 food
reindeer hoodies
clover cloud

And, to top it all off, here is the strangest Pigg picture I have of us which was taken 2 years ago.


Meeting fov in Pigg

Grapheme and fov 02

Yesterday I was in Pigg (my Pico ID is grapheme) trying out my new pink space suit (are you jealous, Peggy? I know you are) in the new spaceship room when I noticed that MissLindaK was online. Since I hadn't given her a ring for the day, I went to her room and found that she had company over. She was having a friendly chat with several English-speaking Pigg players who were attracted to a room event she had started.

While I was teasing Linda a little about the difference between Americans and Canadians fov (Pigg ID: fov1984) entered the room wearing his very trendy murse. Little did I know he would be one of the most awesome people I would meet in Pigg.

It turns out that fov is from Hokkaido, Japan, has played the drums for 10 years, and works in a supermarket as well as organizing music events; specializing in traditional enka music and J-pop.

Grapheme and fov 01

Why, fov has even been to Toronto - my beloved city! - and he is dying to get back because Japanese restaurants in Toronto have shrimp rolls, something that is not typicallya part of authentic Japanese cuisine. He really likes those shrimp rolls! Yum yum.

fov loved Toronto so much that his initial visit turned into a 2-year working vacation (with the proper documentation needed, of course). I'm sure it was not just our shrimp rolls that kept him here ... although he did say talking about it brought back good memories.

fov and I talked about lots of things. I wondered what he thought of our primitive North American toilets, since toilets in Japan are very technologically advanced. He said our urinals are high on the wall and our toilets have low water pressure. Good to know. Cultural considerations are important.

I would love to visit Hokkaido. After all, it is the birthplace of Sapporo beer, home of the Sapporo Beer Museum and a brewery still operates here. It already sounds like I would have a lot of fun in Hokkaido.

Looking up the city online, I found that Hokkaido has many leisure activities during the year as well as theme/amusement parks, zoos and aquariums, museums and more. Not to mention the beautiful Sōunkyō gorge and many hot springs for relaxation. There would be lots to do and see besides enjoying much Sapporo. I envy fov a little.

So, while fov dreams of shrimp rolls and I dream of Japanese-style inns with hot springs ... hopefully fov will convince a savvy Hokkaido restauranteur to make the seafood roll he loves, I will enjoy a tall glass of Sapporo at the all-you-can-eat Japanese place across from where I live, and you can visit fov in Pigg, give his rooom and ring to thank him for his kindness and hospitality.

I hope to introduce my English-speaking friends in Pigg to fov soon so they can enjoy his great personality and conversation too.

Another fish story

Pigg fishing - Amazon River 1

Somehow, fishing is exhilarating, yet relaxing. For me, whether it's in a video game or I actually have to find someone to put the wiggly worm on my hook it's a calming and totally fun experience. When I fish in real life I am always the first of the group to catch something first. It's my gift in the world. :-D

It's no secret that your Picostyle writers a bit hooked on fishing (enjoy the pun) in the Pigg game. We've written about it many times.

Currently, there are 5 fishing areas as well as a shop area where you can redeem your fishing points. You'll need to save up 100 to 5,000 points to afford sashimi display cases or fish cubes, and at least 20,000 points to afford anything else worthwhile. More new shop items have been added since Pinkerton wrote about his experiences in December.

Of course, everyone wants the penguin pet ... but can you save up the 1 million points needed to purchase it? Well, we can dream, can't we?

Pigg fishing - Shop till you drop

Each fishing area requires you to use different rods and baits (you may get lucky and be able to use the same rods and baits in different areas ... but its rare). The more fish you catch, the more fishing points you'll receive; you can redeem these points for rods and baits. The better your fishing equipment is, the bigger fish you will catch. And big fish bring big points.

You don't need to spend any money (AmeGold) to enjoy fishing ... though it helps to buy shiny things that would give an advantage. Everyone starts out with 9,999 extremely basic rods and 9,999 extremely basic baits. They will catch you lots of sea grass, sea poop and tin cans. So, it's best to upgrade as soon as you possibly can.

As you gain experience, you will unlock new and more advanced areas.

Pigg fishing - Amazon River 2

Recently, the Amazon River area unlocked for me. I was a little intimidated to fish there, but finally mustered up the courage to cast into the muddy waters and see what would take a bite. I had visions of piranhas ... and maybe an arapaima. Those are the fish that immediately come to mind when I think of South American fish species.

I purchased my fishing gear from the indigenous man (is he Bororo, I wonder) and chose a spot close the the wading capybaras and waited.

With much concentration and a bit of luck I was able to catch the colourful fish below. Every time I catch a new fish I copy and paste the name into a translator (Google Translate) to figure out what it is, then I look up information about it on Wikipedia. Jeremy Wade is one of my heros, didn't you know? ;-) I watch all of his River Monster shows with great anticipation. In fact, today there is a River Monsters marathon on Discovery Channel Canada ... so, I'm feeling a little fishy.

Pigg fishing - Amazon River fish (lvl.1)
Row 1: (left) Astronotus / アストロノータス; (right) Discus / ディスカス
Row 2: (left) Dowafushikuriddo / ドワーフシクリッド; (right) Neon Tetra / ネオン・テトラ
Row 3: (left) Okishidorasu / オキシドラス; (right) Ron Terai / タライロン
Row 4: (left) Tambaqui / タンバキー; (right) Valverde / バルバード

Want to learn how to fish in Pigg? Read this simple and informative fishing guide in English.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Cookin' with The Black Eyed Peas in Pigg

This week - for those who follow what's going on in Pigg (Pico's older Japanese-language brother) - The Black Eyed Peas made an appearance. Yes, the real Black Eyed Peas.

The event was scheduled when most of the rest of the world outside of Asia was sleeping. Altough, if you are like ♥DQ姫系♥ you would have set your alarm clock, rubbed the sleep out of your eyes and logged in nonetheless.

In speaking to Rex_A yesterday, she said she attended the event and took video! So, for those who missed the event, here's a brief snapshot of and apl.d.ap flirting with the girls in Pigg while getting direct help at their laptops to navigate Pigg. Thanks, Rex_A!

You can read some of the chat transcript provided by ten.ten. here.

The Black Eyed Peas in Pigg
Image copyright © CyberAgent, Inc.

Pigg frequently has musicians appear on the site to promote their projects (album/single releases, tours, etc.) to Pigg's audience of Japanese users. Players are encouraged to send in questions for the musicians in advance, which are then answered during the special event.

In fact, Avril Lavigne will make an appearance in Pigg on February 28 (info in English | info in Japanese).

More info:

The Profanity Filter: Too strict?

I'm not one to use swears on Pico very much, but I'm finding the profanity filter to be a little annoying in some circumstances.

Ugh, I have to type out that LONG sentence again!?
I swear that little annoying pop-up is going to get it someday. Here are some situations where I don't think it's appropriate for the profanity filter to be angry at me.

"Oh, that's exciting!" << Your post was caught by the.... OMFG WHY!?

that's exciting

( ̄へ ̄)

Honestly, that's pushing it a little.
Jerk is another word caught by the filter. Althought it's not a nice word, it's certainly not profane. Perhaps it's subjective but I really think the players on Pico can handle words like jerk. It's not like that's the only insult word ever.

Here is a controversial issue with the filter. Lesbian is filtered out. Gay isn't. Hmm... Is there something profane about being a lesian, Ameba? I certainly don't think so. If someone wants to be a lesbian, let them. We support free love!

Of course, the male and female words for genetalia are filtered. But I ask again, what exactly about them is profane? Everyone has them (well, except certain special people. We still love you!).

So what's the real problem here? Kids nowadays know every swear that's in the book, so what are we trying to hide from them? Plus, the ones who caused the need for the filter in the first place were the crazy kids obsessed with the word F*&K and S#%T. If it's not one thing, kids will think of another way to insult people, so eventually by this logic, all words will be blocked by the profanity filter.

I just want to be able to type "that's exciting" without being scolded by the pop-up, dang it! LOL


Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 1st Picoversary!

Picoversary boogie

There are times when squireling away your Gummies really pays off. Of course, sometimes you may work towards saving up for specific planned goals, like affording that much-desired room expansion. Then there are times when planning ahead to have something in the piggy bank for the unexpected comes in handy.

For those Picos who like having shiny new things, today is definite one of those days; Ameba rolls out with the first wave of Pico's 1st anniversary celebrations.

Starting today, Gacha is filled with festive green, orange, yellow and pink items to help you celebrate this momentous occasion. Party hats, ribbons and badges, and cookies are amongst the available loot. Even more exciting is the fact that this anniversary edition Gacha will have special Daily Gacha items (available for 24 hours only) - like the novelty glasses framed with cake candles and the yummy tiered cake!

Don't have enough Gummies to play Gacha? Get out there and get propped!

More good news! If you take a spin at Gacha and get double, triple or more of the same item - never fear! Ameba has relaunched the popular 50 Gummies Recycling campaign. From now until March 3 you will get 50 Gummies instead of the usual 10 when getting rid of unwanted clothing or furniture items. This may afford you a chance to have another try at Gacha without emptying your pockets too much.

For the duration of the celebrations a 1st Anniversary Park has been created complete with candied trimmings - cupcake bushes, cherry-topped trees, biscuit benches and candlestick streetlamps. Park your keister in the candy wonderland or take a photo to remember the special day in front of the picture wall.

However you choose to commemorate the event, have fun ... and do it with your gang of friends.

Are you as excited as I am to see what else is in store? This is surely just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned to the official blog for more goodies information.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

A New Way To Start!

Being happy to be officially 'working' with Picostyle!

Ah... Hello hello! This is Ora18☎! (I hope I'm blogging at the right time. >3> )

Now, by starting to read this ... you guys are probably guessing that without the proper heading as in 'This is one of Ora18☎'s new posts!' That I'm something more now!

I mean, not to brag or anything.

You might know me from such posts as 'Forever Alone?' and that Love Note. Guiseeeeee.... that was supposed to be a Troy McClure impersonation, but it failed.

But anyways, this isn't an official post... but I just want you guys to know that I'm going to be one of the associate writers for Picostyle for its final month!

Personally, ever since a year ago (when I discovered Pico and Picostyle), I have fallen in love with both Picostlye and Pico! So this is a great honor!!!


Countdown to closing on March 23, 2011

Dear Readers,

I’d like to think that Picostyle was the first Pico blog, though I’m not sure if this fact is 100% true.

Back in March 2010, Picostyle was created as a fun way to journal my fun and outlandish explorations of Ameba Pico. I thought that this relatively new online social game would hold lots of humor and adventures … and I was right!

Since that first post, I dragged my good friend Peggy Hill into Pico and she began blogging on Picostyle with me as well. The blog grew as more writers came along - Gem Rock, sweet_mom, Ayuhime and Pinkerton - who provided us with really quality writing on subjects like fashion, events, new rooms, interiors. Most importantly you came along for the ride. Yes, all of you have given us lots of reasons to post about the wonderful and not-so-wonderful things that are (officially and unofficially) being done and said in Pico.

Over the many months, we’ve garnered many fans ... and some haters. And whether through praises or criticism, our readers have been the motivation to keep us sharing our stories, perspectives and opinions.

All good things must come to an end, my friends. And as of March 23, 2011 - exactly one year from the date that Picostyle started - the blog will produce it’s final post and power down.

Whether this will be the end or just an extremely long hiatus, I'm unsure at this point.

Until then, we will continue to give you the same quality of writing that you have come to expect from us.

Picostyle Founder

Overheard: Japanese Park 2

Broken English has never been cuter. I totally died when she went "ups".

(left to right) bebetok & Meygi chan

(21:17) Meygi chan : u re pretty
(21:17) bebetok: hm?
(21:17) bebetok: no
(21:17) bebetok: i think
(21:17) banbis: ご馳走様
(21:17) bebetok: im not pretty
(21:18) Meygi chan : =='
(21:18) bebetok: i think u so tall
(21:18) Meygi chan : u wrobg
(21:19) Meygi chan : ups
(21:19) bebetok: hm
(21:19) Meygi chan : wrong
(21:19) bebetok: why
(21:19) bebetok: ?
(21:19) Meygi chan : cause i'm not tall
(21:19) bebetok: ah
(21:19) bebetok: me too

Meeting MissLindaK


It's not tricky to rock a rhyme (get it?) with <MissLindaK>. This former feature of Profiles #25 is and 80s rap aficionado. Who'da thunk it? We should have known from the Ice Cube lyrics in her profile at the time.

We all know that rap is no longer just a boys game and Pico-D.M.C. (aka MissLindaK) is making sure everyone knows it. She spit out lyrics like ... like ... a cobra; deadly and hypnotic.

I met Linda not long after we found her profile and posted it. sweet_mom and I saw her in one of the Japan Parks and I ran up to her and said, "OMG! I SAW YOU ON A BLOG!".

Linda invited us over to her room where she was a gracious host and provided us with yummy foods an interesting conversation.

Since that time, we've also met Linda's partner in crime, Chayannie (who I, unfortunately, do not have a photo of at this time). Linda always entertains a room with great conversation about music.

If you see her in Pico (she likes to hang around the Casino and Japanese Parks), try to stump her with some rare or little-known 80s rap lyrics. She might surprise you.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Pigglish: Help for English-speaking Pigg players

ten.ten. / ☜ღαηgєℓღ☞

Written by:

The topic of Pigg (Pico's older Japanese-language brother) has come up a lot in the past little while. There's a lot of cross-over, what, with Pico being derived from Pigg as well as the many people who play around in both communities. Learn your history ...
Inside Social Games > CyberAgent’s Ameba Pigg Virtual World Comes to Facebook as Ameba Pico: Japanese internet company CyberAgent is bringing its popular virtual world, Ameba Pigg, to the U.S. market, and to Facebook, as Ameba Pico. (Read more ...)
The mucho mentions probably have a lot to do with the anniversary festivities going on in Pigg right now. There's are many new rooms and features being rolled out that has players excited.

English-speaking and reading players like me sometimes fumble around as we try to find our way around in a Japanese language environment. In my early days playing Pigg, I remember wandering from one Hawaii room to another for quite some time, asking if anyone spoke English so I could figure out how to swim (this was long before Hawaii came to Pico).

Well, fumble no more! Pico user, ten.ten. (Pigg ID: hapibirthdaytomi) has started an invaluable resource for those wanting to know about what's going on in Pigg.

To keep you informed, ten.ten. has taken on the task of translating the official Pigg blog entries from Japanese to English at:
Ameba Pigg blog translations

The blog includes FAQ from the Pigg blog as well.

We've added ten.ten.'s Ameba Pigg blog translations feed to our sidebar so that English-speaking Pigg players can keep up to date. Subscribe to it, bookmark it, do whatever you've got to do to keep up-to-date with happenings in Pigg.

I know I'll never forgive myself for missing last year's Ne-Yo event (I missed out on getting his trademark fedora!), but, hopefully, with this new translation service it will never happen again for me.

Thanks, ten.ten.!

Bazooka my room!

In the midst of Pico frustrations, I logged onto Pigg to find many an update!

First of all, I warped to my friend's room to ring, as I usually do in Pico. Instead of the little bell dropping out, my Pico pulls out a FREAKING BAZOOKA and shoots confetti into the room.

Of course, it's to celebrate Pigg's 2nd anniversary. But can you imagine instead of people begging you to ring their room they instead asked "BAZOOKA MY ROOM! I BAZOOKA BACK!"? LMAO!

Just a thought, really.  

Secondly, Pigg also has some really exciting places to go, too. Come to think of it, Pico hasn't gotten a new area in a while, has it? I'm not talking about the parks, they don't count. I mean... I think the last "new" place was Asukasa, am I right? Did you know that Pigg has outer space!?

Control Room!

You're killing me here, Ameba. Can we at Pico have an outer space? Or is Pico world still considered flat by Pico scientists? OH WAIT! I've figured something out!

Japan is considered years ahead of many countries as far as their technology goes, so is this Ameba's way of imitating that through Pigg and Pico? Pigg, because it is the Japanese version of the game, gets advantages and privileges while Pico is stuck in the past until we sail to Japan and force them to trade goods with us.

Conspiracy theory? Pinkerton is getting to me ...


Sunday, February 20, 2011

The many reasons I love Pigg

Written by:

Hello everyone this is ten.ten. and to coincide with Ameba Pigg: 2 year anniversary celebration I'd like to congratulate the Ameba Pigg team by sharing what makes Pigg special. For those of you who may not know, Ameba Pigg is the older sibling of Ameba Pico. While Pigg is older than Pico and has a Japanese interface that's not the only difference between the two. With over 2 million players there are good reasons as to why the numbers keep growing.

Get style.
First, I'd like to mention the fashion and shopping aspect of Pigg. One of the largest aspects of Pigg is the number of items it offers. There are new items added and rotated out fairly quickly! For the shop-a-holic it may murder your Pigg wallet but remember it's not in vain. Pigg frequently collaborates with real life companies and artists as well, such as Sanrio (including Hello Kitty), AKB48, Disney, BAPE, AnCam, Doraemon, and even Gundam Wing! Pigg has over 50 shops and definitely meets the demands of the Pigg fashionista or interior designer.

Get loaded.
If you're over the age of 18 in Pico you may be familiar with the casino. Pigg being the older sibling takes things to a whole different level. Pigg allows players to purchase gems and when used during the game it gives the player an advantage unique to the game. For example, if you use a gem in Blackjack you will always receive an ace as one of your cards. Pigg recently opened the VIP area complete with new VIP items. You must be a Gold card member to even enter the area and maximum bets are up to C$25,000!

Get game.
Say you are under the age of 18, the Tsuri (Fishing) Game gives you a great sense of accomplishment. This game allows you to choose from 5 areas and 4 levels to play in. If you catch all the fish in an area you can unlock wonderful prizes and if you prefer you can even buy a pet penguin! If gambling isn't your thing then fishing gives you another niche to fit into.

Get involved.
Last, but not least, are the players and the company. Pigg works very hard to constantly provide items and hold events to keep their members logging in frequently. Even Japanese celebrities play the game. Ne-Yo held a fan meeting event through Pigg, and on February 23rd The Black Eyed Peas will hold a Q&A session! Currently there are 3 events being held. Very recently Pigg will be opened a new area which NASA/Space themed! Please applaud Pigg for doing such a great job and if you ever find yourself bored on Pico remember Pigg is just an URL and a click away!

Join me!

Trials and Errors: A Saga of Pico Frustration

Peggy here, reporting to you live from Pigg ... 'cause Pico is ... well, I don't quite know what's going on with Pico! Catero and I have been scratching our heads wondering what all these error messages are about. Some of them we can read others are weird possible geek speak, that we cannot decipher.

Check this out:

Yes, we can see that an error has occurred ...


Ameba Pico! You're killing me! [insert angry fist shaking here!]

Yesterday there was an "unscheduled" - I'm guessing - emergency maintenance session which I had hoped would resolve the weird lag and error messages that I still get quite frequently. But whatever they're doing has only lead to more problems which have forced Catero and a few other Pico residents including myself to retreat to our second homes in Pigg.

Just like one would get dating tips from their big brother to learn the art of finesse ... I plead with you Ameba Pico to talk to your big brother Ameba Pigg and see what they are doing differently that makes Pigg playing so much more pleasant and error-free.

Pictured: left to right (Pigg IDs): grapheme (aka Catero in Pico) wearing tan tam, uverkuu (aka uverkuu in Pico) wearing grey bunny hat, peggyhill (aka Peggy Hill in Pico) in blue baseball cap, sweetlaura (aka sweet_mom in Pico) in pink Pigg beanie.

We do enjoy our occasional holiday in Pigg but seriously Ameba, what gives? I need to feed my dogs!