Thursday, November 4, 2010

Celebrity Sightings: Disney Edition

Disney Castle copy

Disney. Just saying the word can flood your mind with feelings of joy and fond memories. That is unless you have no soul. You do have a soul, don't you? Anyways, whether it be from going to one of the many theme parks around the world or simply watching one of Disney's movies, chances are you have a good understanding of how inspiring the characters are. Everyone has a favorite, and there's no better place to show off your inner Disney fandom than on Pico. I've come across many of these "celebrities" whilst venturing around, as well as some great rooms inspired by certain Disney characters. Without further ado, here are a few of them!


Snow White. This is probably the single most impersonated character I've seen on Pico (don't forget about the Snow White Premium Gacha!), and with good reason. It was Disney's first full-length animated movie. Not only that, but it literally changed the landscape of what hand-drawn animation was at the time. We owe a lot to this movie for that alone, never mind the timeless characters and songs to go along with it.

pico snow white 3
snow white 5
snow white 2
snow white 3


Aladdin and Jasmine. If ever there was a "greatest couple in cinema" list, I'm sure those two would be up there somewhere. She was a princess. He was a street rat. No one thought they could be together, but we all know how that turned out...

Aladdin is personally one of my all-time favorite Disney movies, so imagine how excited I was to see both of these characters at the same time!

aladdin and jasmine 2
aladdin and jasmine


Woody. "There's a snake in my boot." Now, I've never known what he meant by that exactly... but maybe I don't want to know. I mean, come on, that's coming from a guy named WOODY for crying out loud. All jokes aside, though, Toy Story is similar to Snow White in a way. How? Well, just like Snow White changed the outlook on hand-drawn animation, Toy Story completely changed the outlook on computer animation. Now 3 films in, this series has given us some of the greatest characters and stories in movie history. However, you wont find any of that goodie-two-shoein' with this Woody.


There he is, gambling away. He also has quite a mouth on him whenever he loses. This must be what happens when toys get thrown away...


Do I even need to introduce them? No, I don't think I do. In Pico, I've seen many allusions to some of these well-known characters. For instance... there are players who have come up with the idea of putting two black, round blocks just above the entrance of their room so that when you enter, you instantly have the trademark Mickey/Minnie Mouse ears. Some people, though, take it to a whole other level.

mickey minnie donald

Probably one of the best groups of people I ever randomly stumbled upon. Here you have Donald, Mickey and Minnie. But I noticed someone was missing, so I quickly walked over and solved the issue.

mickey minnie donald goofy



As I said, some people have dedicated their rooms to Disney characters in brilliant ways. Here are just a couple that I managed to take pictures of.

mr potato head

Character: Mr. Potato Head (Toy Story)
Room Owner: Donald Duck

No, really... that's the owner's name. I highly suggest checking his room out as often as you can, because he's always building neat things.

winnie the pooh

Character: Winnie the Pooh
Room Owner: sara.nichk

Very creative use of blocks here. I always enjoy ringing this room and being greeted by this big honey-obsessed bear.

If you enjoyed this installment of Celebrity Sightings (or if you have some of your own Disney memories you want to share), please feel free to leave a comment below!

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