Thursday, April 29, 2010

Peggy's Puppy Love

Peggy's Puppy Love (it's a bit eerie)
Have you all been keeping up with what's been going on around here? Peggy has completely lost it! She is in total puppy love mode ... and when you see her in Pico she rambles on about purple canines and equality for all. For all fur colors, that is. It's pretty intense.

Peggy is always smothering her "chubby little sausages", as she calls them, with love and attention and letting them run amok in her room. Sleeping on the kitchen counter. The very mention that they are merely pixels will send her into the shakes. She is so worried about whether they are eating enough and if she's taking them out for walks long enough and the fact that she can only take one out at a time - thinking that she's a bad "mother" for not being able to do both even though Pico's programming prevents her from doing so. One at a time, sister!

Regardless of her nutty behavior, it's good to see Peggy getting so much enjoyment out of her little pups.

That being said, pet's have definitely added another layer to Pico that's quite entertaining! Their cute shenanigans, not to mention the fact that they seem to put people in a good mood.

I wonder if the developers of Pico will eventually incorporate turtles and French bulldogs like there are in Pigg or give us entirely new little buddies to romp around with.

Only time will tell.

In the meantime, I will just have to put up with Peggy's creepy mutt lovey-doveyness.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

The Grand Poobah

Avatars: Barack Obama
Taking time out of his busy schedule, President Obama addresses students in Pico. The key points of his message for a brighter future were:
  • When someone props or rings you always return the favor
  • When you spread the Gummies around, it's good for everyone
  • Spammers, like Kanye West, are jackasses

Complete offers to gain Ameba Gold.

I know a lot of you are wanting a pet of your own and just like me you either don't want to or can't pay for Ameba gold. Anywho, did you know that you don't have to pay for Ameba gold? You can just earn it by completing free offers! For the past few days I've been slowly building up my Ameba gold stash and I now feel comfortable in giving you guys a brief how-to guide.

Note: I log Ameba Pico using their direct website at for so Facebook users these instructions might vary slightly.

1. Click on your Ameba gold icon/amount. I've indicated where you need to click with a yellow arrow.
Survey Info.

2. Wait patiently while the Ameba gold screen loads. It takes time! Once it loads it should pull up your purchase history and right below the snowman image is the Get Ameba Gold link... click that link.
Survey Info.

To My Balloon Bandit(s).


Dear Balloon Bandit(s),

Thank you very much for leaving balloons in my room! I use to be jealous of those who received balloons as gifts and now I can be happy that I have them too! I've moved them upstairs so that when I lie in bed I can admire them before sleep. Thanks again!

Lots of Love,

PS: My dear friend Xephy left me a balloon and candle and they've disappeared! If anyone knows why these things have gone missing please let me know!

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Even Purple & Pink Pups Need Love.

Pups. Zeus.
Verona, George & Zeus. (pictured above)

(13:50) GuFi: one of your dogs need to get laid
(13:50) GuFi: it's turned purple..

Comments like these should not deter you from buying one of these rare colored pups! I, Peggy, want to make sure that you know that even pink and purple pups need love! Since I cannot become a dog lady due to Ameba's three pet maximum rule.. I encourage you to snatch these guys up before I start off on a crusade for equal love for strange colored dogs :X

Anywho, meet Zeus!

I didn't intend on buying another dog so soon but I couldn't help myself. This lil purple dude just was running around the Pet Farm and no one wanted him! I kept hearing people coo over the black pup even though he was a narcissist yet no love for this social puppy! I finally gave in and snatched him up. He's a keeper! The only set back I'm having now is that I'm suffering from multiple pet owner stress... LOL!

I don't really understand why we can only bring with us one pet at a time. I feel all guilty leaving either George or Zeus at home when going out to hang with friends or when I make my usual rounds for props and rings. Which leads to my next dilemma... do I buy a third pet?! OH-MAI-GAH!!

PS: My Pico-Stylers compadres better start blogging soon so it doesn't look like it's the Peggy Hour 24/7 on here! You know who you are -coughs-

Monday, April 26, 2010



I'm really falling hard for George. He seriously cracks me up and gets me into a lot of trouble! I take my pup everywhere and on one of my ringing tours my lil butterball ate someone's dog food. What killed me was that it was their expensive premium dog food that you have to buy with Ameba gold :X! AND the owner was there!!!!! In a matter of a minute after exchanging polite hellos and bows with the owner my little pup managed to eat their dog food. What surprised me was a) pets can eat other pets' food and b) the owner had both the regular dog food and the premium stuff and Georgie went straight for the good stuff! Let's just say we bolted really fast after that.


I love you Georgie! If you guys any cute pet stories you wanna share lemme know!

Pet Lovers.

Peggy here, do you guys like my new 'do? I feel like Jenny from the block! Just hanging out with George who btw... is going through the terrible two's.

He's getting into everything! But I do really love my lil butterball!

Things to Know About Owning a Pet:

If you have a pet already, you know that if you click on your pet it pulls up it's profile quite similar to your own. On it, it lists four things: Personality, Gender, Mood and Relation. The more you interact with your pet the higher your Relation number. I am pretty sure your number updates daily.

There are also two buttons that enable you to pet or lift your pet. Only the owner can lift their pets. Strangers can only pet your animal. If you want to pet someone's pet the key is to get really close and then click the pet button.

Owners can also call their pet over to them. It's case sensitive, for example, I've named my pup George, if I type "george" he will not come to me because I did not type the G as an uppercase.

George eats A LOT! Catero says the same about his Verona. It seems the more you log the more often you have to feed your pet. Our pups eat 2-3 times a day.

You can have your pet follow you around at all times or if you prefer, you can leave them at home. I've noticed that your pet aren't allowed in certain areas like in NYC Downtown or at the Pet Farms. Even though you can own up to three pets you're only allowed to bring one pet with you at a time.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

I think I love you.

Ameba, I think I love you and Cat... I KNOW I LOVE YOU!!!

Look what Catero got me:

When I logged onto Pico today I nearly peed my pants! Someone had put Ameba gold coins into my account and I knew there could only be one person sneaky enough to do that. Catero knew I've been dying to get a doggy ever since I've seen them in Pigg. I couldn't get coins so of course he came to the rescue! I spent about 30 minutes picking out a doggy and finally picked a brown one. Meet George! He's affable and mysterious LOL. Thank you so much Cat! Me love you long time!

Pico. Pico. Pico.

In other news... Ameba has just released a HUGE mess of clothing for guys and gals at the Newbie Area. You can buy everything with gummies and I'm happy to report that it's all cute goodies that have been previously released in Pigg! Just look at all this STUFF!!! I'm officially broke but that's okay cause I'm doing it stylin'!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Reasons to visit the Newbie Area.

Newbie Area.
I am so squeeing over the unexpected releases at the Newbie Area in Pico. My friend Zin Kaozin aka Asian James Dean told me he was saving up to buy a sofa which is totally odd cause this boy plays gacha til he's broke... so I had to see this sofa worth saving up for. That's how I was filled in on this huge furniture release! Right now you can visit the Newbie Area (shown above) and Flea Market to shop for new furniture. Ameba, you're doin' me proud with all these updates! I have a feeling that Pico might just be catching up with Pigg's coolness factor hopefully surpassing it ;x

Also... did you know that things sold at the Newbie Area are sometimes discounted?

For example: The colorful border cushions sell for 800 gummies if you just buy it using the "Shop" icon at the bottom right corner of your Pico screen. You can get the same cushion for 600 gummies at the Newbie Area! It pays to check the Newbie Area every once in awhile to see what new stuff they put out for purchase. I took Mortie there and bought a few things to make his room even prettier ;x

Mortie's Room

Pets in Pigg and Pico!

Today, pets have been released in Pico! Visitors to Pigg will have enjoyed them for quite some time. Pets follow you almost everywhere, let you scratch their bellies and are adorable additions to your Pigg accessories.

pets! petting Thus far, in Pigg users have the option of buying 4 types of pets: cats, dogs (Boston Terrier and (nondescript) puppy), tortoises, and the ultra rare panda bears. At this point, only cats and the (nondescript) puppy have been released in Pico.

These furry friends come in a variety of colors - not only natural/neutral tones, but bright pink, yellow and blue as well. There's a pet out there that is your favorite color.

Pet profiles (English and Japanese) When raising pets ... (English and Japanese)

The best part about Ameba's pets are:
  1. you don't have to pick up any poop for dogs or clean litter boxes for cats
  2. there are no unsavory "pet smells"
  3. they won't chew your slippers or scratch your furniture
  4. when the novelty of pet ownership wears off you can send them back to the farm for someone else to enjoy with a simple button-click.
  5. you can never be a cat lady, as there is a limit of 3 pets per owner
  6. you won't be embarrassed by your pets bad behavior (no need for the Dog Whisperer, since pets are pretty mellow

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

P I C O!

After Peggy posted about the crazy cute Pico street style, I just had to post my findings as well.

Seems like the Newbie areas are the best place to find these particular guys (and gals).

I don't exactly understand the purpose of having a few different accounts to stand all next to each other in P, I, C and O shirts to spell out Pico, but apparently lots of people do it.

To each his own!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Happy Birthday, Lied!

Happy Birthday, Lied!

Our dear friend Lied is a big boy. He turns 23 today!

Instead of partying he is pretending to work on his mechanical engineering report (but he is really playing around in Pigg).

While we were wishing him all the best, Peggy slipped and her lips fell on ... *ahem* ... well, pictures speak for themselves.
The Kiss 1 The Kiss 2

Street Fashion!

The image above is just one of the many reasons why I think Pico is totally adorable! Anywho, they've just released Street Fashion for Pico and the must have item of the moment.. BORDER LEGGINGS!

Pico. Pico.

I am pretty happy that these border leggings have made it to Pico. They were one of the few things I picked up in Pigg. And BONUS! You don't have to buy them with your tokens! That is definitely one of the pros in Pico... there are so many things you can buy using gummies. The border leggings come in four different colors (I'm wearing the black ones) and cost 800 gummies. I also picked up the Button-down Checkered Vest in red, I was really disappointed because you can't really layer any cute tops besides a long sleeve shirt under :(

Click on the shop icon at the bottom of your Pico screen to view the new Street Fashion.

In other news... -Nayana- is now a Mastermind at match cards. When asked how she feels about her new title she respond, "I feel pretty boss." LOL! I love you girl.

We Be Clubbin'

Helpful Piggies!
For some reason Peggy has befriended people who are the most friendly and helpful members of the Pigg community. I don't know how she finds them. It must be her magnetic personality.

In the photo above from left-to-right you see me Katsuki, Lied, Peggy, Ellie, and 10$ (Peggy tried to haggle to buy 10$ for only 5$ but all he did was laugh ... next time, Peggy). All of them were so helpful in assisting Peggy and I solve a mystery that we had been working on for a week (arigatou!): how to create a club.

Pigg: create a clubPigg allows users to make interest/hobby clubs. Clubs come with a message board and a club room (which can be public or private). Since neither Peggy nor I can read Japanese, finding out how to create one has been a challenge.

A streak of luck (sometimes, it pays to click without reservations) led me to the tabs in the Travel menu where I found the screen for creating a club!

I clicked on the hungry little panda (that's what he is, right?) to create my club settings in 3 easy steps (click for photo):

1. Choose your club name and add a description and visibility setting (public or private)
Pigg: Name your club

2. Select a room layout (1 of 4 options)
Pigg: Club room layouts

3. Customize your club logo with ...

A. An icon
Pigg: Club logos (42 total)

B. A crest shape and color
Pigg: Club crest shapes

C. A banner shape and color
Pigg: Club banners

Now that we have set up our club, please join us! In your clubs tab search for Pigglish.

Things to know about clubs:
  • cost 50 Gummies to create
  • you can join 10 clubs maximum
  • can have a maximum of 100 members
  • rooms hold 20 people at a time
  • creators (managers) can appoint a deputy director
For more info, see Pigg's clubs FAQ page (translated with Google)

Monday, April 19, 2010

Match Card Genius Trains To Become Mastermind.

I always thought I was pretty good at match cards and memory games but today I was proven to be just another rookie. Meet -Nayana- she beat me in under two minutes... I wish I was kidding! After being beaten so fast my bruised ego just had to know who in the world had such mad memory skills. I checked her profile which made me laugh so hard I had to have a chat with her. At which point I learned I was beaten not only in under two minutes but also by a 14 year old! WTF.

Nayana. Nayana.

But you can't really stay mad at -Nayana- she's too charming. She's fast as a whip and her latest goal after figuring out that she could indeed build that second floor she's always dreamed of is to become a mastermind at match cards.

Her Goal: Win 300 matches and lose less then 100 at which point she states, "I'll be a happy camper."

If you aren't convinced that this kiddo is just THAT good you can find her at the match card tables weekdays around 5PM EST where I promise you, she'll whoop you so hard you'll won't want to play match cards for at least a week! Just kidding!

It was pretty cool to meet a Southern Belle. I'd like to think every girl I meet from the South is a Southern Belle. I got to ask one of those burning questions I just had to know. Are guys from the South all they're crack up to be? Are they really charming and true gentlemen??

-Nayana- (22:33)
I live on the beach side, so there aren't many rednecks down here. In my opinion, Southern Charm is just a sterotype because when I think of southern people I think of alcohol! Not a good thing. But the guys that live i nmy area are very charming. And cute. :)

Okay, so apparently -Nayana- is not a Southern Belle. She lives beach side so don't start calling her one she might murder me for misrepresentation.

My Alter Ego is a Lady's Man.

The Man.
He knows how to charm the ladies by participating in events like Let’s make a “HEART” together which goes on til this Thursday (April 22). It's quite hard to make a heart!

Make a Heart. Make a Heart.

My Date With Frodo Baggins.

It started off innocently enough. Girl meets Hobbit at the match card tables. I asked him over to my place and he starts telling me his story. About how Hobbits wears shoes in Pico and that my oranges are the size of pumpkins to him. I said he may have one but he insisted they were too big to eat. I think he quite fancied me... asking me if I could cook, explaining to me how Hobbits only ate things raw because the axe was too heavy for them to carry to chop wood to make fire.

Frodo Baggins. Frodo Baggins. Frodo Baggins.

He finally worked up the nerve to ask how tall I was and when I asked him the same he responded, "Half of you." Our date lasted only a few minutes when I was rudely disconnected by my internet provider and so sadly I cannot tell you if a Hobbit kisses well. But if you're ever interested in dating Hobbits they are polite and very well mannered... he even offered me a cup of Hobbits Tea.

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Pico Cribs #5

It's time for another installment of Pico Cribs with a special report on Peggy's FABULOUS Pads!!!
Peggy's Room (Pigg)
First up... my humble room in Pigg. Where it's pretty much luck of the draw (scratch card! love me long time!) My pink palace is decorated with goods won from daily scratchings and whatever I received with this default room choice. I've painfully organized it in what I hope to be a pretty layout.

Peggy's Room (Pico)
Here's my room in Pico, always under construction... this room changes at least once a week. I LOVE playing with my blocks! Pico Peggy is always poor cause I'm constantly buying up new items for my room. Ameba! I want a fridge and rice cooker for my room in Pico. -wink wink, nudge nudge-

Classroom Antics

Hey guys! Per Xephy's request I'm reporting to you live from a classroom in Pigg. Just as I've suspected, no one's paying attention to our lovely teacher... instead it's a huge flirting playground. Where you've got the usual players. Emo boy band wannabes, their adoring fan girls, the fashionistas, a girl who showed up to class in her PJ's (quite stylin' I might add) and of course a classroom would not be complete without the heartthrob which in our case is a prince not so much incognito.

Did I mention we have a snowman princess in our class? Yeah, we're the fun crazy class.

Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg. Pigg.

Must Have:

Headphones. Please... as if these kids would ever show up anywhere without their tunes! The fan girls would be the first ones to lead their classrooms in protest.