Saturday, January 29, 2011

News: Clearing RhenJhennel's Name

The Body Snatcher

This is a story of body snatching.

About 2 weeks ago we received an email open that blew the lid off of he whole "Haters" post. In a plot twist like none of us expected, it was a little like an M. Night Shaymalan movie (before he created The Village, Lady in the Water and all his films that have come after); everything we had been led to believe was simply untrue.

Several of us received hateful room posts from a Pico named RhenJhennel ... and Ayuhime was upset enough to post about it.

News got around pretty quickly and RhenJhennel* himself contacted us - not with the same hate-filled rants on the room posts with his name, as one would expect. Instead, he replied to the whole situation calmly:
January 1, 2011 – 7:43AM
rhenjhennel* said ... hello owner sorry for that happen im rhenjhennel original rhenjhennel* in pico i didnt remember isend bad message against your blogs can you check correct spelling of rhenjhennel* Many rhenjhennel in pico using my character. I show your blogs when i search my name. I apology let me investigate this person. thanks and more power. sincerly rhenjhennel* Proud to be Pinoy Hotel2 Ps. to all follower of this blogs sorry for what happen.
He has very similarly named Pico accounts - RhenJhennel and RhenJhennel* are just two of the many. RhenJhennel, who left many mean-spirited messages in rooms of Picostyle writers, is a shared Pico account that many other people use. Bad, bad, bad idea.

In the email we received, a person who had the login email and password to the RhenJhennel account confessed to logging into it, and leaving the messages in order to discredit the guy behind the Pico and have people dislike him. We'll call this person "The Confessor".

The Confessor knew that rooms of Picostyle blog writers probably get a lot of visitors who read and leave messages on their room boards and that these visitors would notice mean-spirited messages ... and likely get uspet. The Confessor did not expect the incident to be published on the blog, gain more attention, and get a little out of control. But ... who ever does when they get caught up in a trail of lies?

Let this be a cautionary tale of what can happen when you share your account information with another person. Not only your account and all its clothing, furniture, and Ameba Gold get stolen, but your reputation can be trashed as well.

Do not give the email address and password of your Pico account to anyone.

Now, The Confessor contacted the team by email to confess. As a team, we have decided to publish this information, not only to follow-up to the whole incident, but to clear the name of RhenJhennel*.

We will publish the email from and the parts of the chat conversation with The Confessor. We have gotten permission from The Confessor to do this.

The Confessor's name and parts that they mention their identity have been removed to protect their anonymity. This person has sincerely apologized - not only by email to the team, but in a Pico-to-Pico conversation with Peggy Hill and Catero as well. This person has also said they will confess directly to RhenJhennel*. It takes a lot of guts to own up to wrongdoing.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Profiles #25 and #26

You get "more bang for your buck" with this week's Profiles - 2 in 1. We've got lots and lots of quirky profiles to publish and in an effort to get them off our desks we're giving you more.

We've grouped this week's collection into two themes for your enjoyment.

Theme: Quotes

(1) This well-read  and soulful Pico pairs a quote from the great playwright George Bernard Shaw  with sentiments mirrored from the late music legend Bob Marley (No Woman No Cry). Two of the great minds of the 20th century!

How did she come up with this correlation, we don't know but we think you're a winner.
Profiles #25

(2) You are like Peggy, chen. I consider you to be a victim of the boy band era, brainwashed by songs like Get Down, I Want It That Way, and Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely.

It's profoundly strange and sad that this wise quote comes from a song crooned by the Backstreet Boys ... but you get a big thumbs up for targeting in and quoting the only deep and meaningful thing that any of them will say or sing. –Catero

(3) This quote is undoubtedly an invention of this slightly disturbed little Pico's mind. A million tiny insects caged in your body?

Sounds like you need Billy the Exterminator. Also ... it sounds like it would be really itchy in there and unsanitary with all those bugs writhing about. We hope there are no roaches! Yuck!

Regardless, some eugenol oils should help alleviate that bug problem.

(4) MissLindaK has been pondering the lyrics of rapper-turned-actor and screenwriter, Ice Cube ... though Peggy feels she looks like a young Madonna. She's sassy and adorable in a Raven-Symoné on The Cosby Show sorta way.

Theme: Oddities

(1) It might help if you get out of the house every now and then to make real social connections. Meeting people on the internet is no way to go about feeling "less alone", as you desire. Take the bus to the library, the museum, the art gallery, wherever you feel comfortable spending your time in a public space. Don't look emo (frowny and sullen). Try to remain open to meeting people ... and give yourself a decent chance to get to know them.

If all else fails, get a dog like this one.
Profiles #26

(2) We're not even gonna touch this one. Karma will handle it in time.

(3) Disturbing. Peggy wants to report you.

(4) Is there some Korean cultural nuance that we're missing? Do Korean 20-somethings share their astrological sign, blood pressure and body temperature as a turn-on? Is this desirable? We get that most will want someone who has a normal body temperature, that's a given; it means the person is still alive.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meeting Rex_A


When I click on someone's profile to  Prop  them I usually click on their URL if the address leads to a blog.

This weekend I saw a very festive-looking  Pico and clicked on her URL to visit her Pigg blog. Though, I don't read Japanese, I was instantly impressed by the layout graphics and the design of the blog. The "Comment" button for the posts made me giggle. I tried to leave a comment, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. I kept getting an error message in red ... but I don't know what it means (全角文字を含まないコメントは投稿できません。 ), so I gave up.

The effervescent Rex_A has dedicated her Pigg blog to journaling her Pico life and new developments to the game for those who read Japanese.

When I saw Rex_A again on Tuesday I ran up to her to tell her how much I admire her blog layout. I buttered her up with some food so she wouldn't think I was too strange. She said she has created all her blog graphics herself and that she loves making custom graphics for her layout.

I must say I am very impressed by - and a little jealous of - how the edges of her custom graphics look. She took a photo of us with the green grass as the background ... and when she posted it on her blog, the green was completely and perfectly removed. I don't know how she does it and keeps the edges looking so clean. One day, I will ask her what her trick is.

To my surprise, Rex_A said she knew of Picostyle and follows this blog. It was mutual blog appreciation.

I was very honoured that she asked if I would take a photo with her ... and then she posted about our meeting on her blog.

When asked whether she liked Pico or Pigg better, Rex_A replied that she likes both, but loves Pico more, since there are more things you can buy with Gummies. I imagine that the deeply tanned skin also has something to do with it. Snooki would be jealous, Rex_A.

If you happen to see Rex_A in your Pico travels, please be sure to say a very kind hello, give her Props and maybe even share some food (she has a healthy appetite). She is very nice and friendly.

Photo Credits: #2 (Coment image), :# (Catero and Rex_A) from

Monday, January 24, 2011

Meeting [aNm]Shamps™

meeting [aNm]Shamps™

Last night I was hanging out in Japanese Park (again) and doing some people watching when I saw the familiar face of Pico blogger [aNm]*Shamps™.

Before I knew of Shamps' blog I had seen him in the Parks, and he was very friendly and polite. So, I decided to go over and say hello. :-)

(00:08) [aNm]*Shamps™: wow
(00:08) Catero: shamps
(00:08) Catero: i read your blog
(00:08) [aNm]*Shamps™: you
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: from
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: picostyle
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: wow
(00:09) Catero: nice to meet you
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: nice to meet you
(00:09) Catero: your blog is goofy. i like it :-)
(00:10) [aNm]*Shamps™: imma post picostyle on my URL
(00:10) Catero: thanks :-)
(00:11) Catero: i have your blog on our blogroll
(00:11) [aNm]*Shamps™: Yeey
(00:11) Catero: i will let you get back to your goofing around
(00:11) Catero: keep blogging, shamps :-)
(00:11) [aNm]*Shamps™: Let's Pic
(00:11) Catero: you want a pic?
(00:11) [aNm]*Shamps™: For Blog
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: OK
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: Done
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: :)
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: Thanks
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: again
(00:12) Catero: yw. i got one too
(00:13) [aNm]*Shamps™: ok
(00:13) [aNm]*Shamps™: DONE
(00:13) [aNm]*Shamps™: : )
(00:13) Catero: cool
(00:14) Catero: bye shamps :-)
(00:14) [aNm]*Shamps™: say hello to pinkerton
(00:14) [aNm]*Shamps™: from shamps
(00:14) Catero: i will :-D
(00:14) [aNm]*Shamps™: bye

[aNm]*Shamps™ also posted the photo he took of our meeting.

Check out [aNm]*Shamps™ blog if you'd like a good giggle or chuckle.

Friday, January 21, 2011

A case of content theft: cute_pauline

Sometimes wolves come in sheep's clothing. Young or old, age is not an excuse.

Very recently I became aware of posts from Pico Perfect and Picostyle that are being re-posted on cute_pauline's blog. Since credit has not been given to the original authors, cute_pauline is claiming the posts as her own - whether she realizes it or not. This is plagiarism.

In talking about the situation with sweet_mom, she asked that I write a post about intellectual property for those who read the Pico Perfect blog to make them aware of the issue (See: Ahoy, mateys. Beware of internet piracy.).

At this point I am posting my view of the situation because cute_pauline doesn't seem to take it seriously. I tried to talk to her in a civil way about it, so she would hopefully come to understand why it's not acceptable.

I was hoping she would change the posts she has re-published to include links to the original posts. cute_pauline chose to not listen. I even asked her to email us at so I could discuss it with her (her Pico profile did not allow me to send her a letter). cute_pauline said she would right away, but has chosen not to communicate (a week later ... I'm still waiting).

I have no patience for lies and theft since my bullsh*t tolerance level dropped, so, I'm calling her out on her theft of content from other blogs.

There's nothing "cute" about stealing other people's content.

As of last Friday I filed a Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA) against cute_pauline by clicking the Report Abuse button on the top bar of her blog. As part of the DMCA process, a copy of the DMCA claim was automatically forwarded to cute_pauline at the email address she registered her blog with. Since she probably chose to ignore it ... this is what happened:

This is what you'll see now if you visit her blog.

Posts that cute_pauline stole:
Better info menu and more Gachas
How-to: Report Abuse in Ameba Pico (click to see image of stolen post)
How-to: prevent your Pico from being hacked (click to see image of stolen post)
How-to: Make Elevator Stairs (click to see image of stolen post)

Conversation with cute_pauline:
On January 14, 2011, I left a room post in cute_pauline's room, since I am not able to send her a letter or contact her in any other way. Not long after, I received a notification that cute_pauline was in my room, so, I went there to talk to her. She seemed more concerned with getting my room guest (whose name hasbeen removed to protect anonymity) and I to follow her blog and drum up traffic.

--- You have moved to Catero | The C@ House
(19:05) cute_pauline: hi
(19:05) Catero: pauline
(19:05) Catero: hey
(19:05) Catero: we need to talk
(19:05) cute_pauline: plz follow my blo
(19:05) cute_pauline: blog*
(19:05) Catero: i do
(19:05) cute_pauline: w8
(19:05) cute_pauline: hayley's online
(19:05) Catero: ok
(19:06) Catero: hey [Another Pico (name removed)]
(19:06) Another Pico (name removed); : hey
(19:06) Catero: every time i see you, you look different
(19:06) cute_pauline: yes
(19:06) Another Pico (name removed); : i know
(19:06) Another Pico (name removed); : wait
(19:06) cute_pauline: 2 guys
(19:06) cute_pauline: plz follow my blog
(19:06) Catero: i do, pauline
(19:06) cute_pauline: k
(19:07) Catero: i need to talk to ou
(19:07) cute_pauline: [Another Pico (name removed)] follow my blog too
(19:07) Another Pico (name removed); : me too
(19:07) Catero: you
(19:07) Catero: about your blog
(19:07) Another Pico (name removed); : i did
(19:07) Catero: can you email, plz, pauline?
(19:07) Catero: can i can talk to you thru email
(19:08) cute_pauline: plz take a picture
(19:08) cute_pauline: and add my blog
(19:08) cute_pauline: to picostyle
(19:08) Catero: isn't it already added to picostyle?
(19:08) cute_pauline: take a pic
(19:09) Catero: do ... you say please often?
(19:09) cute_pauline: yes
(19:09) Catero: when you ask someone to do something you should say it with a please
(19:09) cute_pauline: u'll post the picture
(19:09) Catero: no
(19:09) cute_pauline: in the new post
(19:09) cute_pauline: [Another Pico (name removed)]?
(19:09) cute_pauline: gtg
(19:10) Another Pico (name removed); : huh
(19:10) cute_pauline: bye!
(19:10) Another Pico (name removed); : sorry afk
(19:10) Catero: pauline
(19:10) Catero: email us
(19:10) Catero: UGH

cute_pauline leaves my room.

(19:10) Another Pico (name removed); : why?
(19:10) Another Pico (name removed); : whats wrong?

Seconds later, cute_pauline comes back to my room, says for a couple of minutes, then leaves when I ask her about the posts on her blog.

(19:10) Catero: [Another Pico (name removed)], can you plz give me a minute
(19:10) Catero: to talk to pauline?
(19:10) Another Pico (name removed); : k
(19:10) Catero: thx
(19:10) Another Pico (name removed); : i'll be afk
(19:10) Catero: lol ok
(19:11) Catero: pauline, do you have a few minutes to talk?
(19:11) cute_pauline: yes
(19:11) Catero: i noticed that on your blog ...
(19:11) Catero: there are some posts that you have taken from other blogs
(19:11) cute_pauline: changed the name
(19:11) Catero: like picostyle
(19:11) Catero: yes?
(19:11) cute_pauline: w8
(19:11) cute_pauline: bye!
(19:12) cute_pauline: gtg
(19:12) Catero: i am reporting you

Poof! cute_pauline was gone again.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A warning about scammers from ten.ten.

Not long ago, Ayuhime wrote a very important post (How-to: prevent your Pico from being hacked) about carefully guarding your Pico user account from hackers. It's an important message.

Hackers will likely target people who have flashy avatars and beautiful rooms - people who have nice things.

Sometimes hackers will use means to silently crack into your account without you even knowing. At other times, they will come to you like a wolf in sheep's clothing, presenting themselves as very friendly. To put a very real spin on how hackers try to go about winning your confidence, please read another Pico's experience.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who is approached by a scammer to report them

Ironically, this particular scammer has a message on her Pico blog warning against - of all things - scamming.

Written by:

Hello ... I am emailing you because I think you are a very well known Pico blog and can potentially warn many people of the dangers that can be found on Pico. I have recently been contacted by a Pico by the name of [ßυииiε cнαи]. I added her with the pretense of her being another kind Pico player but immediately she started asking me if I would like Ameba Gold. I told her that I don't need it hoping she wouldn't ask me what I thought she would.

She gave me the story that her mother was letting her give away 1,000 gold to a Pico friend and she chose me". I asked "Well, how will you give it away?". She said she just needed my email and password. I signed off after that.

I signed on again later in the day and she immediately asked me once again if I wanted Gold. Most was over private messages, but here is a bit of the conversation from chat.

(21:32) ten.ten.: What do you need to give gold?
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: password and email
(21:32) ten.ten.: o
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: xD
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: LoL
(21:32) ten.ten.: ok no then.
--- You have moved to ♡♥♡♥Pico Lounge♡♥♡♥♡
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: r u on facebook
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ???
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥:
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: or
(21:33) ten.ten.: ameba pico
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: .net
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: o
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: do you want gold
(21:33) ten.ten.: No
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ?????
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: do
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ya
(21:34) ten.ten.: no dnt need it
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: its 3,000
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: i am over limit
(21:34) ten.ten.: i can get gold any time so i dnt need it
(21:35) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: plz take it
(21:35) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: I just need e-mail and password

Please warn fellow new and old Picos of this person. She's extremely convincing. Here is her Pico ID and photo.

My url is:
My Pico ID: ten.ten.

Photo Credit: taken by ten.ten.

Update: January 21, 2011: Pico Official Guide: As of today, Pico administrators have released a statement on the official blog today. They have banned *one* person who was trying to steal others' Pico accounts. Read more ... »

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Unleash the dragon ...

Brought to you by the same producers as Crouching Panda Hidden Oliver.. Picostyle is proud to announce a brand NEW ninja-packed film...

Ayuhime plays the perfect Ninja Princess as she fights off the undead villains who want to steal her Ninja Magic Gem in order to steal her father's throne!!

Gem Rock is the Dragon Warrior Queen who is after the Ninja Magic Gem for
her very own in order to rule stealth through dark shadows for her own benefits and evil misdeeds.

Together they star in an action packed thriller with more than 12 new never before KUNG FU actions and 2 secret underworld locations!! In 3D now!! >o

Monday, January 17, 2011

Pirate Blues

It's day 5 of swabbing the poop deck.. Ship life is rough. It's hard to keep a manicure, my co-workers are not friendly, pirate food is awful ! ... My romanticized thoughts on jolly pirates, sailing the seven seas, stealing from the rich so's I become richer.. it's all falling flat. When do we become fat, and drunk, and me pockets lined in gold??

I was looking for a new time job.. so Captain sent me to Dogg so I could earn my weight. Are the extra gummies worth it, swabbing this filthy deck all day long?? I don't even get paid any over time!!

Swabbing, and sweeping, tying the sails, and sobbing at night in my tiny cott in a shaky room shared with 40 billion other shipmates .. This is slave labour!
Where is the rum?
Where is the pillaging??
Where is the Ameba Gold?

Friday, January 14, 2011

aleちゃん is a party animal!


Yesterday, I was enjoying some quiet time in my room, chatting with sweet_mom when ... aleちゃん came to my room to ring and ended up bringing her posse along.

(You may remember aleちゃん from Profiles #18 where she was praising her love of pig farts.)

Have you ever had someone visit your room and then all of their friends warped to them ... then the friends of the friends warped in too ... and before you knew it you were hosting a party without even knowing it?

Well, that's what happened.

First Juampo came along and showed us his Journey to the West items (damn, I want that floating cloud). Then Cotekun(。ゝω・)ノ popped in (she's aleちゃん's Pico daughter ... though the look pretty close in age to me).

aleちゃん, Cotekun(。ゝω・)ノ, Juampo and sweet_mom started speaking in Spanish and I had no idea what was going on. Something about "burros" and "callate".

Then before I knew it Gem and Peggy crashed in and pandemonium ensued. They didn't say much, but they were doing lots of actions and jumping around. Later on, they started serenading one another with lyrics from The Boy Is Mine over Christian Louboutin shoes.

After that a flock of girls came in and yelled, "OMG, YOU'RE FROM PICOSTYLE!" They were really fun to hang out with and used big words (like "denizens") - which I like - and chatted about totally random and odd things, like questioning whether the Picostyle writers were from another planet. C'mon. Everyone knows that we're from Jupiter's moon, Europa - known for its devastatingly stylish Picos.

There was such a flurry of activity at one point, I had no idea what was going on. I just tried to make sure everyone was well-fed with pudding.

Well, they were so fun that I decided to give them a shout out on the blog. Thanks for reading!

When things started to quiet down, as people left, aleちゃん had to sit down and take a breath. What a party animal.

Left to right: aleちゃん, ♥AritheSinger♥, brobrother, Cotekun(。ゝω・)ノ, Gem Rock, Hope&Happiness, Juampo, musicalgirl, Peggy Hill, sweet_mom

Profiles #24

Every single one of the profiles this week offers A+ comedic value. They're all absolutely awesome.

A big thanks to those who submitted profiles with their catchy captions.

(1) Photo and caption submitted by GracieGracie: Am I the only one who doesn't know who Hazel is?? Anyways this guy was in the English park and he was hiding behind a tree, people were trying to make him talk but he simply wouldn't.

Peggy and Catero say: This young entrepreneur was likely looking for the perfect hazelnuts to sell to Godiva Choclatier, Inc. This requires a lot of concentration, so, we can forgive his silent commitment. Brazilians are very passionate about their nuts.
Profiles #24

(2) Photo and caption submitted by Dorphi: I've seen this oddball of a girl lots of times with really weird sentences in her profile, but this has got to be the most random one yet. I think she just can't hold in her pee this time.

Peggy says: I, too, wish for bladder control since I'm "getting on" in age. But, dear, what's the paddle for? I can only guess you use it to intimidate people in the restroom line so that you can get to the front of the queue faster.

(3) Mike is the ultimate playa, and we respect that he just puts it out there ... and his bare chest with suspenders. Only a man who is confident in his sexuality can pull that off.

This is a man who hungers for all that life offers. Ladies (or gents), you can't be mad when the food goodies you put out to attract Mike run out ... and he moves on to his next fleeting love affair without even a backwards glance.

(4) You know what, mo mo? It's about time that the little white people got stepped on. What's so special about the little white people that makes them exempt from feeling the squeeze, huh?

The brown, red, black, yellow and beige people have all had their tough times under the boot. Geez, some still do!

Just keep it classy while you're under pressure. Chin up!

(5) Go ahead. Bite me.

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us at with:

  • your caption
  • your Pico/Pigg name
  • your blog (if you have one)

If it's cute, funny or downright 'WTF?' we'll post it and give you full credit!

If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Winter Fashion!

I don't know about you guys, but outside of the Pico realm it's hit below minus 35. I've struggled to combine my cutest layers and still remain snuggly throughout the cold and harsh winter.

Peggy Hill and I got together to throw winter up your wonderland.. just like old times :) welcome to... the winter fashion issue! We have each created five looks. Don't be afraid to cozy it up... you can be warm and still live in style and luxe.




Peggy and Gem!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Journey to the West

Hello my friends, I'm back and I'm reporting LIVE.. from China! Here to recieve an exclusive sneak peak and the new Journey of the West gacha.





I for one cannot wait to see Peggy to start Piggin around in this pig ear/nose/hat combonation wig!!


Better info menu and more Gachas

Chinese Gacha @ the Chaulin Temple room
Wednesday's epic server maintenance brings an epic to Pico.

Picos logging in today will find that, as we have come to expect, new things have been brewing during Pico's down time. Will you be excited about ...?

The Revamped Info Menu
You can now access the latest information posts in a more dynamic visual pop-up box. I'm sure this was developed to entice people to keep abreast of happenings in Pico.

The newly redesigned info box boasts eye-catching icons for each news item and stresses ease-of-use with the "Go To Area" button. As always, you can click the snippets of text to warp to the official Pico blog.

Did you tend to ignore the info box in the past ... and does this adjustment make you more likely to click and read on?

The Revitalization of the Chaulin Temple
New life is breathed into the Chaulin Temple with the introduction of  two new Gacha vendors - Premium Gacha for 50AG a spin and Gummie Gacha for 100 Gummies a spin.

Gummies Gacha contains those goodies from last springs Chinese Mystery Box campaign.

Premium Gacha is filled with wigs, costumes and props associated with characters from the Chinese classic story Journey to the West (西遊記 / Xī Yóu Jì), considered to be one of the four great novels in Chinese literature.
Journey to the West has a strong background in Chinese folk religion, Chinese mythology and value systems; the pantheon of Taoist immortals and Buddhist bodhisattvas is still reflective of some Chinese folk religious beliefs today. Enduringly popular, the tale is at once an adventure story, a spring of spiritual insight, and an extended allegory in which the group of pilgrims journeying toward India represents an individual journeying toward enlightenment. — Source: Wikipedia

Photo Credit: Pico Official blog

From left to right (pictured above) the characters are Sha Wujing, monk Xuánzàng, "Monkey King" Sūn Wùkōng, and Zhū Bājiè.

Was it all worth the lengthy wait? You be the judge.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We may or may not have broken Pico.

This morning around 11AM (EST) a lull in what I was working on and boredom drove me to try logging onto Pico to get a head start on maxing out my earned Gummies for the day.

I was a little surprised, but not overly surprised to be met with the Server Maintenance page. I didn't remember a notice for scheduled server maintenance for today. But okay.

Almost 8 hours later, Pico was still down!

Usually, maintenance takes an hour or two. Something is definitely amiss. What could it be?

Here are some of the scenarios that Gem Rock, Peggy and I think are likely for causing the mess:
  1. Some intelligent and devious Pico completed the newly released laboratory set and created a bomb. Pico moderators had to shut down operations and call the Bomb Squad to diffuse the device. Teams are still working on it.
  2. Since Peggy Hill's head has been gradually expanding since she joined, it's reached the limit of the Picoverse and can no longer be contained. This cranial expansion has locked down the servers. Pico has top geeks working to solve the problem.
  3. Pico developers are preparing for Gem Rock's glorious return and are pulling out all the stops! Rumor has it there is parade in the works with a large Phở bowl float.
  4. Distressed by her bad luck at Premium Gacha, Ayuhime is holding the Gacha machine in the Chess Field room hostage until she gets her crown. To ensure no one is hurt during her mad rampage, all Picos not involved in the stand-off must go offline.
  5. In an expression of her undying love, chikemuri began sculpting a statue of Pinkerton in the most noble of poses. The statue reaches so far up into the grey abyss above her room that it overloaded the server circuits. Sources claim that a falling block maimed Pinky's trusty companion, Flapjack.
  6. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Picostyle team, Catero is the leader of the guerrilla rebel group, Los Picos de la Libertad, charged with a mandate to force Pico developers to give us more inventory space. The group's planned hostile take-over of the Pico headquarters backfired when a stray bullet damaged the server.
  7. The people who run Pico are taking a secret day off to play chess.
What do you think was going on behind the scenes? Let us know in comments!

Note: I can't claim all of these ideas as my own! Peggy Hill and Gem Rock came up with them too.

Friday, January 7, 2011

Forever Alone? by Ora18☎

Written by:

H-hello? Wait.. Where-- a-am I? It's so empty here! HELLO!!! ANYBODY HOME?!

Where is everybody? Weren't all my friends on LAST WEEK?

YES. People like you and I (if, of course, somehow ... *whispers* aliens have a contact with Pico...) have been probably asking that question to yourselves. Where is everyone? Could our Pico population GROW EXTINCT?! [Cue dramatic music]


No ... no ... we aren't. I feel like we keep descending into the darkness, losing each other one by one ... but we aren't! Are you missing one certain friend? Maybe they're a student (stupid school). Or maybe simply, they have abnormal things called lives duration (Yes! Muahaha! You'll never understandddd ... NEVER).

And remember, Peggy is also busy preparing for the next holiday season, 350 days or so away. Pinkerton is probably shoveling out snow, to get to his computer (very nostalgic, think about it; to see a man, trying to get to his computer, shoveling out snow with Mario Kart music playing in the background). Catero is probably out buying milk in a bag. Ayuhime is probably twinkling and singing kawaii Ayu songs with her brand new Rilakkuma.

And me, I'm suffering from strep, which has let me off the hook from the first day of school - after break, trust me, it's not cool having a knife in your throat.

But anyways, off topic! ...


There will be fishing (I hope)
There will be more stores (hopefully)
We will get a trading system (pleeasee -.-)
There will be stuff (What else, pleasee -.-)

But, for now we just gotta BELIEVE. AND HAVE HOPEEE!

Happy Birthday Ayu!

Fiesta! Fiesta!

These maracas came out just in time because it's fiesta time! It's Ayuhime's birthday! Happy Birthday Ayuhime <3 Since you're super kawaii Gem Rocker and I thought what better way to celebrate your birthday then with purikura! Here's to celebrating another year of you!

Ayu Ayu

So eat cake, drink lots and hopefully there is some drunk karaoke!!!! I'll make sure to pick up a whole pie in your honour! Mmm.... Birthday pieeeeeee <33333 I love you!

Happy Birthday to youuuu----- o/` o/`

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Celebrity Sightings #6: Corporate Mascots Edition

Okay, before we go any further with this new installment of Celebrity Sightings, I want to address the elephant in the room: Dumbo, please excuse yourself for a moment. Alright, since that is out of the way, allow me to address the question that might be on your mind: "what do you mean by corporate mascots?!" Well, it's no secret that large corporations go out of their way to create many different ways to connect with their customers and, as a result, further sell their brand. One way it's done is through friendly, often anthropomorphic characters to represent the company and its ideals. You see them on cereal boxes, billboards, TV ads, and now they are even in Pico.


Ronald McDonald

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that Ronald McDonald is one of the most recognizable corporate mascots in the world. In fact, I'm sure there are some fancy studies and actual numbers to back that up... but for now you can just take my word for it. I first ran into this joyful clown a few months ago, and in my excitement I managed to take a picture of his house.

ronald house

I'm sure a certain king of burgers would be offended by the house, but I was lovin' it! I didn't see him around for quite some time after this, but just a couple weeks ago I spotted him again and went to pay his room a visit. His business seems to have expanded significantly since the last time I was there.

ronald house 2

He also has a 2nd room now:

I covet thee.


I find it a little... okay, I'm not gonna lie... a whole LOT geeky that I want to play the new chess premium gacha many many many times! I don't think I've really have felt this way about any other premium gacha.

The added incentive of getting the bonus room items once you've collected all 12 chess pieces is genius. I might actually have to buy gold...


AYU!!! Why you gotta tease gurl---?

Ayu Ayu

Ayuhime is our own premium gacha junkie, for reals. Go to the Chess Field and get your BATTLE ON. For now I'll have to be content with my two pieces.