Tuesday, November 30, 2010

We've Been Cheating.


I bet by now Ayuhime and Pinkerton are wondering where Catero and I have been. Since work has been increasingly exhausting and stressful, I've found myself a new way to become more zen without putting a dent in my wallet (I love online shopping).

I want FISHING in Pico!!! Pigg.

Dear Our Ever Beloved Pico,

Catero and I have been cheating on you with Pigg. I know.. how can we do such a thing but the fact of the matter is... Pigg knows what we want and need! Pigg teases us with Hello Kitty items and penguin pets. -sobs- Things we can't buy but dearly covet! True, you're slowly making fashion items available that make us look stylie but it's just not enough to hold our attention right now. We demand you bring the fishing game to Pico! This is not a request... Until then expect to see less of Catero and I... cause we've both gone fishin'.

Still Slightly In Love With You,

PS: Pigg fishing is totally a zen experience!


  1. i want hello kitty items in PICO!!!

  2. i only play pigg for fishing. /thumb

    i want pico to have fishing ady :|

  3. I want fishing in Pico too, it's really bugging me that it's not there! Do you know if they're planning to incorporate it eventually or at all?

  4. We Americans are lazy (STEREOTYPE!). That's why the people who made Pico, thought it was a bad idea to incorporate fishing. If Pico Staff doesn't create fishing and hello kitty stuff on Pico,I'm out to cheat more often. >:U

    -Ora chan

  5. C'mon, guys and gals; calm down. ;-)

    Pico is still growing. There are lots of things we have in Pico that they don't have in Pigg and vice versa.

    Peggy and I like fishing in Pigg A LOT. If/when it's brought over to Pico we'll gladly play it there.