Monday, May 31, 2010

Pico Cribs #9

Pico Cribs' Room UPDATE!

I love checking up on my favorite interior designers. Among my top pics are itoyarn and JUON... these two are quirky and continue to impress and dazzle me with their creativity. You can always expect itoyarn to come up with something that shows off her green thumb. The little pond in her room is stellar with it's border that resemble logs. JUON is still on her haunted room kick and it amuses me how she is able to work herself in so nicely with her decor. JUON, do you ever leave your room? :P

itoyarn's room:

JUON's room:

These two new rooms appeals to my funky side. The song Happy Shiny People comes to mind when I enter their rooms. I wished I could have gotten a name for the room with the airplane (below, left)! The clouds and the puffs of smoke stairs are the perfect finishing touches. sweetie2's room made me so hungry I went out and bought a burger! I want to try to make my own burger block display as well (below right).

Pico Cribs. sweetie2

Gacha's back!

Gacha's back but you're not going to find it in your Pico's interface. It's at Beginner's Plaza and I'm sitting right next to the cutesy new Gacha vendor. Which makes me wonder... are they bringing scratch cards to Pico?! Hmm... I NEED TO KNOW! Anywho, I'm just glad they didn't do away with Gacha completely and that it's still only 100 Gummies to play.


Day 1: Allieeee & Etsuo♥.

Just like how I have Catero and Gem Rock... Allieeee and Etsuo have each other. This hyperactive duo never fails to make me laugh and smile at their witty banter. Not only are they comic geniuses they also have a knack for styling! So this week I'm happy to feature them and their remix outfits on Picostyle!


Allieeee & Etsuo
Me, Allieeee & Etsuo.

Newsboy Cap/pk - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
UK Traditional Glasses - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Pastel Color Scarf/or - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Useful Simple Vest/br - 600 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Pompon Border Dress/gr-bk - 700 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Black Beard's Pirate Uniform Bottoms/bl - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)
Border Leggings/bk - 800 Gummies - Shop Catalogue
Time Machine - 1 Token

Newsboy Cap/sb - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Oval-shaped Sunglasses/bl - 50 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Shop Catalogue
Gothic Lolita Bow Box Handbag/bk - 80 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Downtown NY (Vivienne's Shop)
Warm and Stylish Hoodie/wh - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Cute Checkered Gingham Camisole/bl - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Flea Market (Mary's Fashion)
Skirt/wh - Default Inventory
Suede Boots/bl - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)

Note: The Newsboy Cap colors shown here are no longer available. I've notice that RO80 vendor randomly updates a few items in new colors every once in awhile. This has its pros and cons... I mean it's always great to get the items you love in new colors but it also means that older colors become discontinued. My suggestion is if you like that item in the color available... snatch it up before it's too late!

Sunday, May 30, 2010

Fashion: Day 6 & 7



Peggy Hill
Colorful Headband/rd - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Flower Button/bl - 100 Gummies - Shop Catalogue
Pico T-Shirts P/pk - 200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Marine Border Design T-Shirt/nv - 400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Skirt/wh - Default Inventory
Ribbon Shoe/pk - 500 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza

Gem Rock
Pirate Eye Patch/br - 120 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Caribbean Seaport (Abel's Shop)
Pico T-Shirts I/bk - 200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Bohemian Belt/rd - 300 Gummies - Flea Market (Mary's Fashion)
Giraffe-hide Dress - 70 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Stone Age
Vintage Engineer Boots/bk - 50 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Shop Catalogue



Peggy Hill
Ribbon Knit Beret/rd - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Glasses/bk - Default Inventory
Classic Ribbon Blouse/wh - 1,500 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Butterfly Designed Leggings/bk - 400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Colorful Polka-dot Socks/bk - 300 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Lolita Enamel Ankle Strap Shoes/wh - 1,500 Gummies - Downtown NY (Vivienne's Shop)

Gem Rock
Elegant Monotone Hat - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Pirate Eye Patch/br - 120 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Caribbean Seaport (Abel's Shop)
Pompon Border Dress/gr-bk - 700 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Ribbon Shoe/wh - 500 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza

Love is in the air.

It's that time of year again... where everything smells like roses and LOVE is just oh so sweet.

NINkumPoopp & Mortie.
NINkumPoopp & Mortie.

(01:43) Mortie: my SOULMATE
(01:43) NINkumPoopp: are you talkin to me?
(01:44) NINkumPoopp: we share one soul?
(01:44) NINkumPoopp: lets take a pic my soul mate
(01:44) Mortie: i took it!

A few minutes later...

(01:48) NINkumPoopp: why do u slouch?
(01:48) NINkumPoopp: stand up straight
(01:48) NINkumPoopp: haha
(01:48) NINkumPoopp: thats better
(01:48) Mortie: yes ma'am!

She gets comfortable quick. LMAO!

Mortie's not the only one whose been bitten by the LOVE BUG. As we all know wedding season is fast approaching... and Peggy of course is the first in line.

The Wedding.

& Honeymoon!

-Merl- & Peggy.

Know of any impending nuptials? Wanna give a shout out to your favorite poopie or sugar lips? Let's us know at and we'll post it on our blog.

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Ancient Egypt is coming to Pico!

Egyptian Shrine (facade)My Grade 5 science fair project was an in-depth look at the practice and cultural significance of Egyptian mummification. Amongst other props I made canopic jars from clay and a diagram of the route one traveled to the Afterlife.

High school art class studies in ancient art prompted me to make a clay replica of the Palette of Narmer as my assignment. It was A+ work and I've kept it in near-mint condition since.

The 1932 film The Mummy with Boris Karloff is one of my favorite movies (despite all the historical inaccuracies). And I have love for the more recent adaptations with Brendan Fraser and Rachel Weisz too. Who doesn't love the paranoid antics of pilot Izzy Buttons?

Most recently, I salivated in the halls of the  King Tut and the Golden Age of the Pharaohs Exhibition for many hours as I pressed my face up against the display glass and mustered every fiber of my inner being to not touch.

Why am I rambling on like this? Because I am a longtime ancient Egypt freak and you need to know this to realize how excited I am to see those new "Coming Soon" images in the Time Travel menu! The fact that Pico players will soon be able to travel to ancient Egypt has me jumping for joy.

I have to admit, as an Egyptophile, when I traveled through ancient Egypt in Pigg I couldn't wait until it was brought over to Pico.

The new travel destination will have 3 rooms: a palace, a temple/shrine labyrinth and a small desert.

Pico in Egypt - like the Valley of the Kings - holds many treasures. Soon, we will be privy to those lavish furnishings, wallpaper and garments. I'm certain I'll log in one day to find Peggy as a belly dancer.

Take a look at the screenshots from Pigg's Egypt below (which includes composite images of the shop vendors) and don't get too annoyed with how elated I am.

No photos of the shrine, though. I'm not going to give it all away. ;-)

Egyptian Palace
Egyptian Palace - shop 2
Egyptian Palace - shop 2

Egyptian Desert
Egyptian Desert - shop 1
Egyptian Desert - shop 2

Fashion: Day 4 & 5



Gem Rock
Tied Kerchief Headband/bl - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)
Layered Camisole Dress/pr -1,400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Bohemian Belt/rd - 300 Gummies - Flea Market (Mary's Fashion)
Colorful Polka-dot Socks/bk - 300 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Lolita Enamel Ankle Strap Shoes/rd - 1,800 Gummies - Downtown NY (Vivienne's Shop)

Knit Beret/bk - 1,000 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Bow/bl - Mystery Box Item (Facebook Gift)
Puffy Hooded Vest/bk-bl - 60 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Catalogue Item
Pompon Border Dress/gr-bk - 700 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Sailor of the Seven Seas Stoking/bk - 60 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Caribbean Seaport (Abel's Shop)
Colorful Sneakers/bl - 400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza

Peggy Hill
Check Patterned Hunting Cap/rd - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Loose Fit Cotton Dress/gn - 1,800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Pants/khaki - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)
Fringed Gradiation Purse/gn - 2,500 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Low Heeled Court Shoes/yw - Default Inventory



Gem Rock
Aka Oni Mask - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Nakamise St.
UK Traditional Glasses - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Hand-hold Ume Blossoms - 30 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Sensouji Temple
Pastel Color Scarf/or - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Japanese Kimono/rd - 80 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Nakamise St.
Lolita Enamel Ankle Strap Shoes/rd - 1,800 Gummies - Downtown NY (Vivienne's Shop)

Peggy Hill
Knit Beret/rd - 1,000 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Knitted Beanie/gn - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)
Glasses/rd - Default Inventory
Asakusa Fan - 300 Gummies - Nakamise St.
Kinchaku Handbags/bn - 800 Gummies - Nakamise St.
Pastel Color Scarf/bl - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Court Lady Traditional Kimono - 150 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Sensouji Temple

Showcase Your Room!

Mortie's room! (composite)Pico Room Photo Campaign Entry
Pico Name: Mortie

(click thumbnail for full view)

I am so excited about the Pico Room Photo Campaign! If you have a cool room and you think it's prize worthy why not enter?

Mortie has been hard at work saving for blocks and creating his dream room and is going to enter! Check out his room.

Room Contest.
4th & 5th Floor: Garden Seating Area!

Room Contest.
2nd Floor: Bedroom & Study Area.
3rd Floor: Seating Area

Room Contest.
1st Floor: Kitchen & Laundry Room.

Mortie is definitely a slave to his room. You may see him in the Park Pond hustling for Gummies so he can buy more blocks. If you do... don't be shy! Say hello and you'll sure to be given a wave and a kiss hello! Oh! and please stop by his room to ring him and experience his room full force! It's was hard to capture it's essence in just these three snaps.

Friday, May 28, 2010

Profiles #2

Due to popular demand, Peggy and I have scoured Pico looking for a follow-up to the first Profiles post. Peggy says there's been a good response to Profiles so far and that people really like it. I have to trust her since she gets all the fan mail (and I get all the hate mail).

If you've got your own Profiles of funny Picos you've collected. Please send them to us and we'll post them here for you (details below)!

And now, without further ado, here are 4 more exceptional Pico players that you absolutely must give props to, if you see them in your travels.

(1) This aspiring Samantha Jones has 43 buddies/date prospects despite her primitive "dating" technique, inability to use letter case and bad grammar. How does that make you feel about your dating life?
Profiles #2

(2) Sean "P.Diddy" Combs and Timmy Turner ... fight to the death for the girl of your dreams!

(She is 10 kinds of adorable.)

(3) Mike, don't lie. The only reason why you wrote that you don't endorse prop flirting is because no one wants to flirt with you in the first place. Using reverse psychology won't work for you. Better luck next time. ♥

(4) We don't know what *any* of that means ... but we're completely intrigued. Take us with you!

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us  at with:
  • your caption
  • your Pico/Pigg name
  • your blog (if you have one)
If it's cute, funny or downright 'WTF?' we'll post it and give you full credit!

If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Pico Cribs #8

The Garden - mini cafe
The Garden - mini cafe
mamila's Room.

Pico Cribs.
SherlockHolmes' Room.

There's something really peaceful about waterfalls and Pico residents are well aware of this. These two rooms have been designed so beautifully! I can totally see myself chilling at mamila's room with friends. If you're lucky she'll be there posing nearly naked for you like a statue in a water fountain. SherlockHolmes' room is even more impressive with the most amazing waterfall I've yet to see in Pico.

Fashion: Day 2 & 3

-Nayana- is having a few bad hair days so Gem Rock and I are flying solo. Check out our looks!



Peggy Hill
Knit Beret/rd - 1,000 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
UK Traditional Glasses - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Useful Simple Vest/bk - 600 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Buttondown Checkered Vest/rd - 1,200 Gummies - Shop Catalogue
Double Studs Belt/gd - 80 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Downtown NY (Paul's Shop)
Butterfly Designed Leggings/bk - 400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Vintage Engineer Boots/bk - 50 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Shop Catalogue
Time Machine - 1 Token

Gem Rock
Embroidered Design Cotton Dress/bg - 700 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Bohemian Belt/rd - 300 Gummies - Flea Market (Mary's Fashion)
Trendy High-heeled Gladiator/bk - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Hand-hold Ume Blossoms - 30 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Sensouji Temple



Peggy Hill
Simple Earmuffs/gn - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)
Pastel Colorful Scarf/bl - 800 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Loose Fit Tubetop Dress/bl - 1,600 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Marine Border Design T-Shirt/bl - 400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Black Beard's Pirate Uniform Bottoms/bl - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)
Kinchaku Handbag/bl - 800 Gummies - Nakamise St. (Takeya)
Suede Boots/bl - 100 Gummies - Old Gacha Item (given at random)

Gem Rock
giraffe hide dress - 70 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Stone Age
pirate eye patch /rd - 120 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Caribbean Seaport
aka oni mask - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Nakamise St.
fresh mammoth meat - 70 Ameba Gold or 1 Token -Stone Age
low-heeled court shoes/yw - Default Shoes

Protect Me.

This is definitely a Pico first! Quite frankly if you're going to have a second account I think this is quite a clever idea. Meet -Merl- and his bodyguard... sometimes it's just better to create your own entourage! -Merl-, may I borrow him sometime :X He must be really good to be a one-man security force.

I love it!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Profiles #1

It's inevitable. You click on an interesting looking Pico to give them some Props ... and their profile text catches your eye. What they type in those 3 or 4 lines of text gives the reader insight into their psyches, you might say. Their inner selves are revealed - what they value and find important, what drives them. What their profiles say may make you smile, laugh, ponder or (more often than not) wonder 'WTF?'.

These noteworthy Picos bear their souls in 140 characters or less, and we're putting them out there so that you may contemplate their "pearls of wisdom".

For all those who enjoy a good profile read, take a gander.

(1) Riding four-wheelers? Shooting guns? Ride or die chick, FTW. 'Nuff said.
Profiles #1

(2) On the flipside, ordinary non-human music is not so likable. (We get that you're human by the fact that you're operating a computer and have the gift of language.)

(3) Memorize this face. And then avoid it. Aside from being a phallus-lovin' gentleman, he says in Spanish ("mis pasatiemos son caminar descalzo y teñir gatos") that his pastimes are walking barefoot and cats dying. Charming, isn't he?

(4) The first rule of not being stalked is to not use your real full name online, Rachal Woolet (if that is your real name!).

If posting these profiles doesn't piss off all the wrong or right people and result in a massive amount of hate mail letters and malicious message board posts in my room, we'll make "Profiles" a regular feature.

Lots to do ... people to see!

Hey Guys! Peggy here... I remember when there wasn't that much to do in Pico. I'd go Downtown and hang out on the streets of NYC, get my eat on at the Park Pond and then head back to my room. Times have changed... in a little over a month Ameba has really stepped it up and filled Pico with new fun places to visit and given us many different places to shop for clothes and home furnishings.

I really enjoy the social aspects of Pico, making new friends hanging out with old ones... but Pico definitely has more to offer. I find myself logging in to build up Peggy's and Mortie's rooms, feed my doggies and to play dress up. If you found this blog randomly and you're looking for a cutesy social game where you can meet people from all over the world that doesn't require a high-tech graphics card... I highly recommend checking out Pico. Anywho, enough with the free advertising!

I just noticed this seating area behind Nakamise St.! It's a great area to take a friend just have a nice chat under the cherry blossom trees.

The World Community Parks are fun places to mingle and make new friends. There are a handful of languages to pick from. I met this nice chap at the Japanese Park where we engaged in a non-verbal animation dance off!

I spend a lot of time visiting rooms of those who have propped and rang me. It really helps me get ideas for my own rooms and sometimes if you're lucky... there will be nice treats left out for you to snack on.

Hanging out with friends probably take up about 99% of my time. It's always a lot more fun to warp around town with a friend. Shopping buddies are a must! That way you're less likely to make a fashion faux pas!

I LOVE TO BUILD! Many have ask why I have two Pico accounts and the answer is because Peggy is such a lover of clothes! I created Mortie so that I could satisfy my creative side. Peggy can't save gummies if her life depended on it! Mortie saves all his gummies to buy the blocks and furniture pieces he needs to have the ultimate Pico room.

Thanks Ameba! You're doing a fabulous job! Now just bring over the French Bulldog so I can buy one!

Monday, May 24, 2010

Work It, Girls!

My girls Gem Rock, -Nayana- and I thought it would be fun to chronicle a week's worth of fashion for kicks. We're all slightly mad about shopping (okay, I'm really a mad about it) so it's always fun to see what each other has come up with whenever we see one another. It's also kind of a wallet-buster since we end up wanting each others' outfits :X Here's our first looks!



From left to right:

Gem Rock
Elegant Monotone Hat - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Detective Shades/bk - 80 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Catalogue Order
Useful Simple Vest/bk - 600 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Sexy Metallic Dress/bk - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Downtown NYC (Rinarina)
Trendy High-heeled Gladiator/bk - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza

Layered Camisole Dress/pr - 1,400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Heart Printed Skirt with Suspenders/yw - 1,000 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Ribbon Knit Beret/pr - 1,200 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Default Flats/yw - Free

Peggy Hill
Ao Oni Mask - 100 Ameba Gold or 1 Token - Nakamise St.
Ribbon Bow Headband/bl - 100 Gummies - Gacha Item (given at random)
Academy Jersey Jacket/gr - 900 Gummies - High School Gym
Academy Jersey Pants/gr - 700 Gummies - High School Gym
Colorful Sneakers/bl - 400 Gummies - Beginner's Plaza
Haircut & Dye Job - 300 Gummies (face lift is optional)

It's funny that the word sexy is censored but they can name an item sexy metallic dress... just to tease us. Well the jokes on you Ameba! You forgot to censor the word sexual :X

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gacha Renewal. Wah?

So I'm pretty sure most of you guys have checked out Ameba's About Gacha Renewal post. The first time I read it I was pretty drunk so I thought it was normal that it made absolutely no sense to me... but after re-reading it a dozen times it STILL doesn't make any sense!


I really hope they're not doing away with Gacha... and/or implementing the Scratch Card system like in Pigg!!! That would be kind of a bummer.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


Pico. Pico. Avatar.

There is SO MUCH new stuff to buy and dress yourself in! GIRLS! If you've been waiting for the right time to spend those tokens this is it. From the beautiful kimonos that are available in the Japanese areas to the way kawaii pink Lolita-wear in Downtown NYC... you really can't go wrong! THE WIGS!!! I so badly want to buy the wigs that are available -cries-

Check out these snapshots of the beautiful ladies of Pico!

Ladies Pico. Pico. Pico.

From Gacha to Asakusa Mystery Boxes to Lolita-wear..

We be stylin'!

Jesus And His Fan Girls.

The Jesus*' Room
It's awesome that I can say that Jesus* is my friend. Yeah, that's right I know Pico Jesus... in fact I think I know four Pico Jesuses but that's besides the point. THIS Jesus* has a mad amount fan girls! A few nights ago when Jesus* logged on I went to his room to ring and prop him like a good friend would and in a matter of seconds his room was packed. The devoted followers of Jesus* (mostly girls) love to visit with him in his room where he stands on his stage and fields questions. He'll cure the sick, feed the hungry and help explain to you who Happy Oliver is. Jesus* will totally be your pal.

How-to: Logging into 2 Pico accounts at one time
In other news, a lot of people have been asking me how I am able to log onto Peggy's and Mortie's accounts at the same time. It's really easy!

After you've created your two Pico accounts what you have to do is just open two different internet browsers (ie: internet explorer/mozilla firefox/opera/etc.)... from there just open up the Pico login page ( and log into your two accounts. It's a bit tedious to play on two different accounts at the same time but I'm typically just trying to max out both of my Pico's at the same time. If you happen to run into Mortie or Peggy and I'm not responding to your hellos it's most likely because I'm actually playing on the other browser. That's the only drawback... otherwise I say make as many Pico characters as you like! Sometimes it's fun to have more than one persona <3

Read on (or not)

duck pond

The internet has been a forum for pointless drama and an outlet for people acting like 9-year-olds since 1996. It's almost a requirement these days. Having been ushered into the crappiest generation of spoiled idiots, it's easier to toss around infantile insults than it is to exercise critical thinking and organize one's thoughts in a coherent and constructive way.

In general, if you don't agree with what you read in a print or online publication, see on TV or hear on the radio - and you're not able to express your thoughts and feelings in an adult manner - simply don't read, watch or listen to that material any longer. Is it not common sense to save yourself from unnecessary exposure to things that are very difficult for you to process; things cause your world to crumble around you? Avoid knowingly putting yourself into situations that will cause you stress. Be good to yourself.

This blog is a collection of thoughts, opinions and experiences from Peggy (and Mortie) and myself, respectively.

If you don't like what you read in these pages, we're not holding a gun to your head. Use that mouse and click the little red "X" in the top right of your browser window. Then open a new browser window or tab and register your own blog ... if you dare.

For those that enjoy how goofy, nonsensical and satirical we choose to be ... read on.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Beastie Boys Would Be Proud.

Gym Wear. Gym Wear.

Gem Rock and I are shopping maniacs, me more so than her. When I heard about the new sportswear available at the High School Gym I grabbed Gem and we were off to get our sports gear on and shoot a few hoops! Coach McCallister was so proud, fitness is important! These Academy Jersey jackets and pants are uber cute and easy to style. We both bought a whole set but if you're not into being matchy-matchy just buy the top or bottom. Pico is blowing up with new releases! Have you been to the Asakusa - Japan Area and World Community Parks?


I love the Japanese Chayagai themed tea rooms! They're wonderfully decorated and surprisingly, those who visit the themed rooms actually are interested in discussing the topics listed (at least that was the case the few times I've visited)! Everywhere you go, you'll be noticing the new Japanese goodies. Pico residents are enjoying showing off their kimonos as well as decorating their rooms with the pretty Japanese wallpapers and feeding their friends the yummy Japanese food. If you have a Facebook you can even win Japanese outfits and furniture by participating in the Asakusa Mystery Box Campaign.


I've been pretty excited about the changes being made in Pico. It's good to know that Ameba is actively upgrading Pico so that the residents here have just as much to do and buy as those in Pigg. I'm logging less and less into Pigg because of the improvements being made in Pico are super stellar.