Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Quest

reindeer hoodies

  • Added information regarding a way to always get into the Secret Forest.
  • Fixed some details about the main quest.
  • Daily Gacha has a new weekly item!
  • Making a .gif out of the seizure-inducing action when you find a black mushroom, just to preserve its greatness.
  • Added a picture of the final gift for completing the main quest.
Hot off the heels of the Pirate Quest comes an entirely new Pico adventure, and just in time for Christmas. If you weren't a huge fan of the previous quest, there's a chance you might not be so enthusiastic about this one either. I think you should still try it out, though, because some of the items you win along the way are nice. In my opinion, at least.

Since the only other update today involved the Daily Gacha being stocked with a new weekly item (make sure you get the Candy Cane Stick with Christmas Holly Leaves before they're all eaten), I decided to make a quick and simple guide... just in case anyone is having some issues with certain aspects of the quest. Be warned, though. THAR BE SPOILERS FROM HERE ON OUT! And no, not the "Sleepy Elijah is Luke's father" or "it turns out Chloe was dead the whole time!" type of spoilers, but spoilers regarding secret areas and specific items you can win. Let's begin!


christmas quest letter

Start by clicking on this letter, which should be laying around near the entrance of your room. A screen will pop up and briefly explain what this new quest is all about.

christmas quest letter 2

After that, head on over to the Pet Farm area.

christmas quest - 1

To begin your quest, you will have to click on Shepherd. Who is that? He's the one who looks like... well, we'll save that for later.

christmas quest - 2
christmas quest 1 - 1

He'll inform you that your first mission is to collect mushrooms for the reindeer, but we know that he's secretly selling them to Sleepy Elijah. I'll leave that discussion for another update.

Quest 1: Collect the Mushrooms

Travel to the Mushroom Forest to start collecting the mushrooms. See? No subtlety here.

christmas quest 1 - 2

Here, you'll start by talking to... erm, this guy:

christmas quest 1 - 3

Now, for the sake of keeping this guide short (and because I honestly can't remember every single thing these people said), I'll leave out the dialog unless there's something important to discuss. The TL;DR (too long; didn't read) version is as follows: go around and click on the little pieces of grass and stumps to uncover mushrooms, but watch out for the black ones because they are poisonous.

christmas quest 1 - 4

Once you find 7 of these mushrooms, head back to the Pet Farm area to talk with Shepherd. He'll inform you to come back in 12 hours to do it all over again.

christmas quest 2 - 1

If you do this another 3 times between now and December 27th (which makes that a total of 4 times), you will receive a special gift from Shepherd. Just remember that you have to wait 12 hours before restarting the mission. In case you were wondering what the final prize is and if it's worth going through all this trouble to get, now you can judge for yourself!

christmas quest prize - reindeer doll

No, the prize isn't chikemuri! It's the little Reindeer Doll that she is holding.

Side-Quest: Search for the Golden Mushroom

While taking care of what needs to be done on the main quest, you will probably come across information regarding "golden mushrooms" and a "secret room." If you choose to delve further and partake in this side-quest, there are some neat items to collect towards the end. To begin, head back to the Mushroom Forest.

christmas quest 1 - 2

Talk to Jonny (the one wearing the blue hat) for some hints about the golden mushrooms and secret room. To get these hints, he'll show you a picture of an animal nearby and ask you what its gender is. Simply click on the animal pictured, see if it's male or female (no in-betweens here), tell him the gender and you'll receive the information. Another interesting thing to note: there's a higher chance of spotting pandas in the Mushroom Forest than at the Pet Farm... "rare" pandas, especially.

Continue on your quest for the golden mushroom, which is located in the Secret Forest. I previously thought stumbling upon the entrance to this room was random, but I found out that there's a guaranteed way to always be warped right to it. In order to do that, you will have to stand directly to the right of these two pieces of grass and stump:

christmas quest - secret forest entrance

christmas quest - secret forest

Once inside, click on the sparkling white stumps. You'll probably get quite a few black mushrooms, but keep at it and you'll eventually come across a golden mushroom.

christmas quest - golden mushroom

Head back to the Pet Farm, and walk over to the huge door on the side of the house. Stand in front of it and use the "Hello" action to wave. The door will open, and you'll finally be able to see what all the hubbub is about.

christmas quest - secret room

Pro-tip: You really don't need to go through all that trouble to get inside. If you stand nearby while someone with a golden mushroom waves to open the door, it will let you enter inside. Make sure you are quick, though. Also, be aware that this shouldn't be done while you are on a quest. You'll still need to get the golden mushroom to exchange it for a gift. This solution is only ideal if you feel like going inside quickly to look around or buy something from the shop.

So, we went through all this trouble and we're finally in. What's the big secret?

christmas quest - secret room 2

Santa's Workshop is inside! Shepherd was Santa the whole time! Exclamation point! Once you click on Santa, he'll tell you to choose a present. Whatever's inside is yours to keep. Here are just a few of the items you can win:

christmas quest prize - golden mushroom chair
Golden Mushroom Chair

christmas quest prize - white stump
White Stump Chair

christmas quest prize - poisonous mushroom chair
Poisonous Mushroom Chair

[There's also a chance of winning various Christmas food items, which are already stocked in the Daily Gacha as a prize.]

While there, don't forget to check out and/or purchase these limited holiday items.

christmas quest - secret room shop

Are you enjoying this 'quest' feature so far? Do you think the items have been worth going through all that trouble to get? Wouldn't it be nice if one of the prizes inside Santa's gifts was golden AG instead of a golden mushroom?! Leave your thoughts in the comments section.


  1. I think the whole thing was tedious, but the black mushrooms was priceless with all of us laughing about it. Though it does screw my screen for a bit. I think we should have got more items offered, then a golden mushroom hidden actions or seats we can choose from.
    I think you should make a post on the black mushrooms LOL

  2. thanks for hints!!

  3. I wish they made the poison reaction an action we could purchase XD

  4. Ahh awesome :D
    Im liking this mission and hope theres more sprakly items than just the chair which I got twice now
    and even after we do the mission, I wonder if we can still get mushrooms for the secret room?

    The special prize better not be a pet, Ive alreay got 3 lol, I wonder what it could be
    I felt a bit cheated by the bandana after working for days on the ship :(

  5. Hey pinkerton i have been trying it but Johnny said that theres a shinning stomp so i clicked the white one and it gave me a black mushy :(


  6. Awwwwww. I wanted my own Chikemuri! I have gotten my second gold mushroom in a row, it's extremely annoying. :(

  7. Nothing happens when I stand directly to the log and those plants

  8. @Erica: Oh, sorry to hear about that. Don't listen to Jonny, though. He's got a few screws loose in his head. Let me explain it: if you click on the shining white stumps in the normal Mushroom Forest, there's a very slight chance of getting a golden mushroom. More often than not, you'll get a black one. That's why your best bet would be to travel to the Secret Forest, which has many more white stumps to click on. Each time one of them shines, click on it. If you get the black mushroom, wait until another one starts shining. Like I said in the post, just keep at it and you will eventually get one!

    @Anon: Yeah, I realized that picture wasn't entirely clear on how to do it properly. The thing is, I couldn't get a decent snapshot of the exact spot I was referring to since it would always warp me right to the Secret Forest if I stood there. That's why I decided to just circle the approximate area and describe it the best I could, so there'd be no confusion. I'll try to update the picture and make it easier to understand.

  9. With my lightning quick Pico reflexes I managed to take a photo of myself standing in the exact spot you need to be in order to warp, for anyone who is still confused. (though it seems as if everyone on Pico knows where the secret forest is now :()

  10. Hi pinkerton i finally did it!!!!!!!!! thanks u rock! and Take care God bless ,

    Thanks - Ericaxx