Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Peggy and James.


Gemmy's favorite pup is definitely Mignon and lately I find myself falling more and more in love with my baby Boston Terrier, James. Maybe it's because ever since I've been on Pico I've had my heart set on owning one and after faithfully waiting for more than several months... I was able to purchase James <3 She is the sweetest epileptic doggy around!

There's something special about James, she does something that I never notice George or Zeus ever doing. She snuggles me! I have noticed on several occasions after returning from being AFK that my idle Pico is snuggling James on the floor. This has happened more than 10 times and Pico/Pigg pet owners know that if you're standing or sitting on the floor and you click a pet action, your pet will just come over and perform that action.

So why does this happen? Maybe it's true love!

James James

Does this happen to you? I'd like to think I'm special but lemme know!

Wedding of the Year

Early morning on August 28, I was up and dressed in my new red dress and ready to attend the wedding of the year here in Pico. I couldn’t miss this wonderful event for the world- my dear friend ![[ChOl0]]! was getting married to the beautiful nom2.

The ceremony was held at ![[ChOl0]]!’s place and as I arrived I realized that getting into the third room wasn’t going to be easy. There was a waiting list of 12 people trying to get in. ![[ChOl0]]!, being the #1 romantic man that I know, had built the most breathtaking church in the third room to marry his bride. It reminded me of the Taj Mahal, (The greatest monument of love). ![[ChOl0]]!’s church reflected his immense love for nom2 as well.

Finally I made it in…![[ChOl0]]! and nom2 lovingly received me and I couldn’t help but notice how amazing they both looked in their wedding attire. I was sincerely happy to be able to witness their loving union. As a true romantic, I couldn’t help but cry during the ceremony for I too felt their love for each other. The ceremony was performed by the priest pedro pending.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Pico Cribs #15

Pico Cribs
Pinkerton's Room.

Hey guys! Peggy here, bringing you another edition of Pico Cribs! This one is rather special to me ... because I'm featuring my friend Pinkerton's room. My battle partner (Kung Fu moves, dance offs... you name it! It's onnnnn!!!!) knows interior design and fusses over his room like it's his first born child. I remember his early days when I'd catch him scoping out Mortie's room. Always quiet, never invasive.

Pico Cribs
Pico Cribs

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Profiles #14

We've had our fair share of pessimists and oddities in Profiles, haven't we?

It's time for something different. In today's Profiles, we are bringing balance to your Qi with a walk on the brighter side of life along with the Gurus and Zen Masters we've found. Look no further than the Profiles we've collected below.

Just because your character walks like a duck and looks like a kawaii bobblehead, doesn't mean there isn't wisdom in those noggins.

Read. Meditate. Reflect.


Profiles #14

Saturday, August 28, 2010

In search of pandas

Written by Ayuhime

Hullo~ It's Ayuhime.

Last night I had a dream that I found a PINK panda at the Pet Farm! Yeah I'm a loser an addict and dream about Pico, but those Pink Pandas sure are cute :3

So, tra la la, I log onto Pico and make my way over onto the Pet Farms... only to realize that coming across a panda is going to take time, not to mention a PINK one... URGH!

My life for the next few weeks @_@

No offense dog, cat and turtle, but you're just not a pink panda.

 So now I'm trying to get into the inner workings of Pico here ... because there's got to be some sort of formula involved for when pandas arrive and what color they will be. I notice most of the colored pandas are with Japanese players, so do they appear mostly during Japanese daytime? Somebody's gotta know something, do if you so, SPILL THE BEANS! Do I park my butt on a bench and wait? Do I jump from farm to farm hoping to spot one? Agh the frustration! I'll keep you updated on my (possibly never-ending) search for a Pink Panda.

PS: lulz

Ayuhime xoxoxo

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

It’s goldirocks!

Written by sweet_mom

When it comes to this interesting character, one thing is for sure - 25 yr. old goldirocks from the Philippines is getting lots of gummies (with props especially) in no time.

After reading his profile, which challenges you to use your head and read between the lines , I decided to ask him straight out the obvious question… “Are you a boy or a girl?” Politely he responded, “Cross-dressing my character was only just another crazy idea =)”.

Our conversation didn’t end there. After talking with him for a while, I discovered he is one of the nicest picos I have met, and though the mystery surrounding his true gender still remains, one thing is certain… goldirocks will never go unnoticed, and surely I admire his courage to be different in our Pico land.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


Written by Ayuhime

Hi Picozoids!
This is Ayuhime~ xoxo
This is my first blog as a guest writer for picostyle. Please welcome me :)!

This entry is going to be a little long, so I'll get to the point.
Here's a fun little tutorial anyone can pull off and it really grabs attention.
It will remove your torso. BAHAHA!

Step 1: Get in a comfy spot for your first try. After that, you can do this anywhere.

* I can't tell you the googly eye secret, but it's pretty easy to figure out ;)
Step 2: SIDDOWN!

Type /sit to sit your butt down.

Don't forget the darn slash /
Step 3A: Open your pocket and take out a FOOD item. It's very important that you choose food, because choosing a DRINK item warrants a different result (I'll explain later in Step 3B),
Step 4: This step requires a fast hand, so pay attention! First, type /stand into your chat bar, but DO NOT hit talk just yet. Start eating your food first, then hit TALK before your Pico has finished eating. Your Pico will stand in the middle of eating, resulting in this →

Step 3B: If you choose a DRINK item during this step instead, the instructions don't change. The only thing that will change is the result, which is this →

Gorgeous. I even have my hand growing out of my face now.
Aren't glitches fun? :D

The look of love

Serenading the dogs, while they look lovingly into each other's eyes.
Let the purple dogs over populate pico
Peggy demands a mic stand for her next performance.

Nice glasses



pico stylin


Peggy is the odd man out.


Sunday, August 22, 2010

Just a humble fan

Gem, Peggy and I recently got this email from a reader of our blog and wanted to share it with you.

Ayuhime's Place


I recently came across this blog and read every single article! Your group is too funny and I'm glad to see some fellow adults playing this game as well :)

As a pico player, I've always been finicky about my stairs, but when I came across Peggy Hill's "elevator" stairs tutorial, I immediately went to work! I'm very pleased with the results. Thanks soo much for the awesome step by step! I've attached a picture of my fancy new room and all are welcome to come and visit~~

Pico name is:

Thanks for reading!

Pico Afterhours

Late at night.. while your children are sound asleep.. there's a shady night club, it's still open... It's pumped with energy as young adult Picos gather to mingle. They are looking for company.. they are looking for love.. some of them.. are just waiting for YOU to come look.


--- You have moved to Club Esplanade

(03:40) mhonic_cUtE: props
(03:40) Trina Trivia: loses bra
(03:40) xMissMollyx: U Got A Fan club atm
(03:40) 9897: u ok
(03:40) 9897: x
(03:40) Trina Trivia: oh no im just drunk
(03:40) Georgia babes: heyy
(03:40) 9897: hi
(03:40) elijah10192: yucydoodles
(03:41) 9897: lol
(03:41) elijah10192: yukydoodles
(03:41) Georgia babes: heyyaax
(03:41) Georgia babes: heyyaa
(03:42) Trina Trivia: hi
(03:42) ChelseaRose X: i think i found u a bf
(03:42) Georgia babes: they dont respond bakx
(03:42) ChelseaRose X: follow me
(03:42) xMissMollyx: Thats Cuz He's Mine
(03:42) xMissMollyx: =]
(03:42) ChelseaRose X: fuc off
(03:43) Georgia babes: luv u 2x
(03:43) Trina Trivia: looses shoes
(03:43) 9897: w the hell are u dowing
(03:44) Trina Trivia: tequilia makes her clothes fall off
(03:44) Trina Trivia: tequilia makes her clothes fall off
(03:44) Trina Trivia: loses shirt
(03:45) Gem Rock: this girl is getting naked :/
(03:45) Trina Trivia: have bra n undies to loose lol
(03:45) Trina Trivia: im drunk
(03:45) Trina Trivia: tequilia makes her clothes fall off

Well.. maybe she's just working this job on the side to put her through Pico University.

Profiles #13

Peggy and I are back from break ... and back to Profiles.

We would be remiss if we didn't turn today's Profiles over to our loyal readers who (according to Peggy) have been sending her messages asking for Profiles since we went on vacation.

With some comments from Peggy and I, here are images and captions submitted by your Pico peers!

(1) Profile image submitted by an anonymous reader

Peggy and I have questions:
  1. Is your paralytic "power" only effective on men?
  2. Wouldn't it be more worthwhile to hypnotize women to fall in love with you?
  3. Can we see a demonstration of how your eyes cause gonad paralysis?
Peggy thinks your profile should say "Look at my balls", but that would require you to go around without pants ... but that's not possible in Pico.
Profiles #13

(2) Submitted by butthead ☆
Is he kinda coward or what? I don't get it what it means with 'buddy n go'. Uhmm ... or it means people better not be his best friend. I really don't get it.

Peggy and Catero say: Since English is not his first language and he admittedly cannot speak it well, who knows what he was trying to tell us with his choice of name. Only Google Translate knows.

(3) Submitted by Bow-
I hate it when people release languages unnecessarily.

Peggy and Catero say: You know, we have no idea what "release English" or the "scenery of Pari" are. *types it into a wiki*

candy☆ and Bow- seem to have an understanding of one another that we are totally ignorant of.

Can someone decipher for us?

(4) Profile image submitted by ~*Peachie*~

Ladies and gentlemen, Picostyle is proud to introduce you to the future president of the Greeting Card Writers of America Guild.

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us  at picostylers@gmail.com with:
  • your caption
  • your Pico/Pigg name
  • your blog (if you have one)
If it's cute, funny or downright 'WTF?' we'll post it and give you full credit!

If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Check out the shop catalog and expand your star collection. Take your friends and build your own constellation. :)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Pico Cribs #14

Tired of Hawaii but still wanna play in the water? Visit Sydney♥♬ 's room... this lil patch of land on a beautiful block ocean floor is just stunning. She pulled out all the stops purchasing the outdoor wallpaper guaranteeing a relaxing environment to mingle with your friends. I highly highly highly recommend this room for your beach babe moments!

Sydney♥♬ Sydney♥♬ Sydney♥♬
Sydney♥♬'s Room.

Back in Pico!


Dear Pico readers,

After 2 weeks on the road, touring in over 11 cities/towns, visiting museums and historical sites (and even meeting a celebrity in the most unlikely way) I'm back home!

I took hundreds of photos to remember the trip by and though I'll miss the good food, the friendly people and the break from my everyday routine it's really good to be back in familiar surroundings.

Peggy has already informed me that another installment of Profiles must be on my priority list. So, keep your eyes peeled for more funnies.

While I was away, I really appreciate all the wonderful Picos who rang my room and left room messages.

Last, but not least ...

A big thank you to Gem Rock and sweet_mom for stepping up and doing a phenomenal job while both Peggy and I took time off.

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Sweet_Mom Gets Her Butt Kicked

Written by sweet_mom

I was having a peaceful day in my room playing with my pets (Picolly and Mr. Tickles)when....

...Suddenly adorable Ora18 appeared at my door eager to show me her new fighting skills.

Not knowing what I was getting myself into, I joined her in what I thought would be a "pretend" demonstration.

It was a little too late when I realized little Ora18 meant buisness.

She chased me around the room; my poor pets were paralized with fear.

Soon she caught up to me and with a single kick...up in the air I went!

When she realized she had been a "little" too rough on poor me...she apologized.

Ora18 with her sweet smile just melted my heart again, even though she left me with a black eye.

BEWARE: If little Ora18 offers to demonstrate her Renkan-Ken skills to you...be prepared for you might just get your butt kicked, like I did!!!

Vacation was lovely but it's good to be back.


Did you guys miss me? Don't worry... Peggy Hill is back! As you can see, I've been productive. Catching up with friends... shopping, getting my hair did. Yeah. Peggy Hill is really back!

LOL James Sabraaa

I even found time to teach my pups how to Soul Train with me.

Conga soultrain

When I came back from holiday, I was really shocked at how fat George was. He over eats when he misses me... But turns out I'm not the only one with a doppelganger...



Catero will be back soon and be excited! Pico Profiles will be hitting the press!

Aww! Gemmy said I was missed!

Next theme: Peggy Hill!
next theme is peggy hill
Check all those hats!!!! LOL. xoxo!