Tuesday, November 30, 2010

How To: Have a Healthy Romantic Relationship

Picos everywhere are desperate for love! Maybe it's the winter season upon us, but the need to be loved and have a companion is very strong. Sadly, heartbreak comes easier than not, but it can be a little easier to avoid with a few simple tips to keep in mind!

lol "meats"

First, DON'T BE DESPERATE! You know what I mean people! Going about and advertising your single identity is not the way to go about it! That's what classifieds are for, and those are kind of sketchy... Jumping at the first person to show any interest in your plea is weak. Are you even getting what you want?
If you have any respect for yourself, play hard to get. This means having people BEG for you! That's right, you can MAKE that happen! Don't believe me? Well, just keep reading...

We've Been Cheating.


I bet by now Ayuhime and Pinkerton are wondering where Catero and I have been. Since work has been increasingly exhausting and stressful, I've found myself a new way to become more zen without putting a dent in my wallet (I love online shopping).

I want FISHING in Pico!!! Pigg.

Dear Our Ever Beloved Pico,

Catero and I have been cheating on you with Pigg. I know.. how can we do such a thing but the fact of the matter is... Pigg knows what we want and need! Pigg teases us with Hello Kitty items and penguin pets. -sobs- Things we can't buy but dearly covet! True, you're slowly making fashion items available that make us look stylie but it's just not enough to hold our attention right now. We demand you bring the fishing game to Pico! This is not a request... Until then expect to see less of Catero and I... cause we've both gone fishin'.

Still Slightly In Love With You,

PS: Pigg fishing is totally a zen experience!

Monday, November 29, 2010

Pico Cribs #24

俺の名を言ってみろ's Room.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! 俺の名を言ってみろ, can you build another room with Godzilla? :D My favorite part, the spaceships! Any room with spaceships has a place in my heart, I still dream of one day piloting myself into space.

This room is totally right up my alley, go check it out!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Premium Gacha: Love it... Hate it? What's your take on it?

Premium Gacha

Personally, I'm not a real fan of Premium Gacha for two reasons, I'm not big on games of chance and I hate having two of the same item. Especially when it's something I dislike and/or clothing I can't even give away. There's a reason why there's no Premium Gacha in Pigg!

Don't get me wrong, I've spun Premium Gacha many many times. Tried my luck to see if I'd get that one or two items I REALLY want. There have been times I've been lucky but more often than not I end up regretting spending that 50AG or more. I get that Ameba Pico probably thinks we like the fact that we can spend 50AG and win a limited edition item, most of us probably do. I just happen not to be one of these Picos.

I MUCH prefer if Ameba would just sell us these limited edition items! Like what they did the first time around with the Alice Nine stuff. I would gladly pay more than 50AG for items I want if priced correctly. The thing is, half the time I hear Picos spending a ridiculous amount of gold trying to get that ONE item they really want and sometimes it's a fruitless game of luck. Regular gacha I get, we don't pay real money for Gummies. But I don't see much of a point spending gold that I have paid for with real dollars on two Premium Gacha spins to get a Monkey Figured Totem twice over.

Maybe I just have really bad luck... whatever the case, I don't like Premium Gacha.

Friday, November 26, 2010

My new frog!

Meet the dark-spotted frog (トノサマガエル) I caught in Pigg today! I've named her "Heqie" and she's my new favourite catch in Pigg.

Now, normally I am not a huge fan of these slimey creatures, but look at those eyes. How could I resist?

Since n♡Я! helped Peggy and I to figure out how to fish it's been a bit of an addiction for me. Peggy, on the other hand, took a while to warm up to it.

I decided to film a short clip of fishing in Pigg with fish feed and bait, expecting to reel up another sea poop (seriously, I've caught about 3 in a row ... the gods must be angry with me) when I was pleasantly surprised to get this cute little hopper. I filmed the cast that caught her.

To learn how to catch your own fish in Pigg, view this instructional video on YouTube.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving PicoStyle

On behalf of the entire PicoStyle team, I (Pinkerton) would like to wish all of our great fans and friends a very happy Thanksgiving today. Drive safely, and remember to wear stretchy pants for all that food you are going to stuff yourself with. More importantly, though, be sure to enjoy the company of your family because they are the only one you've got! Besides your Pico family, of course.

Do you have anything special planned for today? Also, what are you thankful for? Leave a comment and let us know! Especially leave a comment if you are thankful for me because I need a side order of ego-boost to go along with this heap of mashed potatoes and turkey.

Yar-Har, Fiddle-Dee-Dee

spiffy pirate outfit

You are a pirate! Now that is one spiffy getup, if I do say so myself. Wondering how I acquired it? Well, the answer lies within one of today's two updates.

update 11-25 info

Chances are, if you logged in at all today, you will already know about this. If you haven't logged in, what are you waiting for?! Put that turkey leg down and prepare to have your Pico mind thoroughly blown into tiny pieces of gummies.

When first logging in, you will come across a little letter:

(I forgot to take a screenshot, so just imagine that you are looking at a picture of a little letter on the ground with an arrow pointing at it)

Click on that and you'll be whisked away on a brand new Pico journey, similar to Mario whenever he finds those secret warp whistles.

... um, alright... maybe not literally whisked away, but you get the idea. Video game references aside, this letter will inform you of a pirate quest which you can partake in.

update 11-25 pirate invite

This new quest feature is the first of its kind here on Pico, and even Pigg doesn't have anything like it (imagine that!). When Pico was taking suggestions a while back, I remember mentioning how there should be quests to win special items or gold. Can this possibly be a result of that? Probably not, but it is nice to think about. Either way, I found it to be a fun departure from the usual happenings in Pico so I'm hoping for many more to come. To start, you will have to travel to the Pirate Ship area in order to talk to your newly appointed Captain.

update 11-25 pirate ship
update 11-25 first quest

There's a lot to discuss about this feature, so I am going to simply stop here and save the rest for an upcoming quest guide. If you are having trouble with some of the missions, or if you simply want to relive the experience vicariously through me, be on the lookout for my guide which will be up soon! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the pirate outfit is one of two clothing items given to you for embarking on this quest.

update 11-25 info 2

Today's second and final update is nothing worth writing home about. It simply states that the Thanksgiving Daily Gacha has been extended and will be up for another week. If you haven't had a chance to win the basket of mushrooms yet, this is good news. If you are completely sick of seeing virtual mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie because they remind you of your Thanksgiving food coma, this might not be such good news.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

How-to: Remove drama from your Pico life in 5 easy steps

No More Drama!

We all play Pico because we want to not because we have to. It doesn't have to be a part of our lives. It's a choice ... and people choose to do things that bring enjoyment to their lives.

What is drama?
For most people, personal drama sucks the enjoyment from doing what you like or love. Personal drama, basically, is something that is said or done by another person or group of people that involves you and complicates your life. Common types of "drama" include gossip, betrayal, or spreading rumors or lies.

Why does drama exist?
Drama is prevalent in online environments because people pretty much have the guarantee of anonymity. They can hide behind their computer screen and no one will ever know who they are.

Who keeps personal drama going?
The people at the center of the drama - "drama mongers" - tend to like the attention that stirring up drama brings to them despite the fact that this attention brings negativity, so, they will try to involve as many people as they possibly can in their dramatic activities. Being at the center of the activity entertains them, regardless of who gets hurt or upset.

Sometimes drama mongers create drama intentionally; and sometimes the person just doesn't realize the damage that the things they say or do cause.

Since personal drama can happen at any time, any place and involve anybody we have all been caught up in drama at some point.

How can people who want to avoid drama (especially in Pico) do so?
Here are a few steps to help you out, especially in situations where you consider the drama monger to be your friend.

1. Be polite.
Even though the drama monger may be disrespectful to you in their words and/or actions, you don't have to stoop to their level. In all things you must remember it is important to not swear at people or call them names. Be the more mature person ... because you may regret hurtful things you do or say later.
DO say: "You're not acting like a nice person right now."
DON'T say: "You're a mean f*ck*ng b*tch!"
There is an expression, "fight fire with fire". This encourages someone to responds in the same or similar way as their attacker. This approach will not help in a situation of personal drama. Once you do as the drama monger has done, the drama monger will respond by saying or doing something more extreme and hurtful. Fighting fire with fire will get everyone burned.

2. Don't be a sheep, stand up for yourself.
If you don't want to be involved in the drama that someone else has created, say it. By going along with things and not speaking up you will only become unhappier and unhappier the more it drags on. Don't like the way someone is talking to you or treating you? Be honest and straightforward. Tell the person right away before they make a habit of mistreating you. The longer you remain silent, the more your frustration will build up until it reaches a boiling point and you completely lose your cool.

Tell the drama monger:
  • What they specifically need to stop saying or doing (example: "You keep telling our friends that I'm mad at you when I'm not.").
  • Why you don't like it (example: "It's a lie. You know it's not true and it seems like you're doing it for attention.").
  • How it makes you feel (example: "It makes me not trust you or want to be your friend anymore.")
DO say: "Please stop swearing at me / calling me names / saying (whatever that thing is) about me. I don't like it at all. It makes me want to have nothing to do with you"

Premium Gacha Overload

My dearest Ameba, (by the way, is it ah-mii-bah or uh-meh-buh? I say the latter)

I am very impressed with you lately. The features you have implemented to our beloved Pico game has really given Pigg a contender. And of course, the items that you're spilling out are lovely! But really, I'm going broke. And honestly, I can only do so many surveys before my brain turns to pudding.

I'm really enjoying dancing the Picorena on my epilepsy tiles, too.

Of course, I am very pleased with the cool new stuff! Don't get me wrong, but it's just... too much too soon; the opposite of too little too late... you get me? Look what you've turned me into! A junkie, that's right. JUNKIE! I'm scrounging for gold here!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Pico Cribs #23

[aNm]*niniyo's Room

This one is going to be short and sweet cause I am about to fall over and I'm still at work!

Domo-kun good.
Room with Domo-kun excellent!

Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fan art by ☆chihiro☆

Well, it seems that Ora18 has started a trend! Not long after Peggy posted Ora's wonderful drawing of the Picostyle team, ☆chihiro☆ sent us a creation of her own.

Thanks for your drawing, ☆chihiro☆!

Check out ☆chihiro☆'s blog, PicoWorld, at http://picoworld1.blogspot.com.

img028 - Fan art by ☆chihiro☆

Dear Readers,

Please feel free to send us your Pico-related drawings, poems and other creations and we will post them on Picostyle, giving you full credit for your work. Keep in mind that, depending on the taste of your submissions: (1) they may or may not be published; (2) published submissions may be edited for content.

We will not publish email requests that simply request "put me on your blog!". 

Thank you.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Why Gem Rock and Peggy Hill don't blog as often anymore.


-14 and it hasnt even started
lol what? snowing?
winter lol!
omg omg
they tell me its still fall
i want cake
I feel like going out by myself. DRIVING
ooh and eating cake?
yeah. go buy cake wander the mall
stuff like that
late night drive to the cake store
lmao not really late!!
caking it up
at the cake haus
pls sir im just a girl going wild on a saturday night. 2 cake pls
i'm laughing so hard

Later on that night...

Friday, November 19, 2010

Profiles #19

This installment of Profiles has been coordinated completely by Peggy ... with commentary for subjects 1, 3 and 4 written completely by her! ;-)

She was a bit anxious to do it solo for the first time, but by jove, she's done it!

(1) This Pico's name translates from Japanese to "Devil Cow".

Dear Devil Cow of Unknown Gender,
I am deeply disturbed. Not because I cannot tell if you are male or female, but because I Googled "super super super cow cow". Just in case it was the title of an anime I might enjoy (a funny anime!).  Sadly, all I got were videos showing how breeders genetically modify cows into SUPER cows D: WHY WHY?!! Do you have a cow fetish?! I wanna know!
Profiles #19

(2) Caption and photo submitted by サミ☆
I found this rather amusing. Imagine if you could have a fat Pico?

Rolling around like the Pandas do. Maybe it should be a side effect of eating bad foods instead of apples.

(3) Is this because your glass is half empty? Do you also believe that you aren't complete without your better half D: You can change this!

Step One: Wear more color.
Step Two: Lexapro.

(4) Voldy ...

Are you going to go watch Harry Potter tonight? Anywho, here's one for you:

Bald Pico with spear inspires random seriousness, random seriousness engenders curiosity, curiosity killed the cat. You must know this.

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us at picostylers@gmail.com with:
  • your caption
  • your Pico/Pigg name
  • your blog (if you have one)
If it's cute, funny or downright 'WTF?' we'll post it and give you full credit!

If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gummies: Currency or Creatures?


Gummies. They are what make the Pico world go 'round. Without them, there's a whole lot we wouldn't have right now. My room would be a barren wasteland since it consists mostly of blocks, which have been purchased using Gummies. Yes, we should all be thankful for this under-appreciated online currency. However, there's something about them that's a bit... disturbing. Or cute. Or strange. It's probably one of those, so you'll have to decide for yourself.

Seeing that Gummies are considered a form of currency just as gold is in Pico, I always looked at them as being tiny "coins" of sorts. Plastic, rubbery coins. When you see them from afar, they look like your average penny or quarter except more colorful.

gummies 2

However, when you zoom in a bit...


Turkey Lurkey


Hello, everyone! It's Thursday, so I think most of you know by now what this post will be about. I'm going to briefly discuss the most recent updates to grace Pico's servers. There isn't too much to talk about compared to last week, but I think it's enough to pique the interest of Pico players.

Now that Thanksgiving is merely one week away, they have finally kicked things into gear and released a few additions to coincide with the holiday. The first update you might notice is this:

update 11-18 info

The third hand hold item for November's Thanksgiving-inspired Daily Gacha. Make sure you win it soon, though, because this leaf will blow away (GET IT?!) in 4 days to make room for the 4th and final hand hold item. Don't know where to find it? Sounds like a personal problem to me. Luckily, I'm here to help you. Simply click on this icon at the bottom of your screen:

update 11-18 arrow

Which will bring this up:

update 11-18 gacha

Notice the leaf? That's what you are going for. I'm glad I saved up a cornucopia of gummies during the (now retired) recycling campaign, because I went through nearly 2000 to get it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for limited-edition items.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Pico Cribs #22

Cribs Cribs
Ahnana Banana's Room

Sometimes when you have a winning setup there's no need to change it ever. Ahnana's room reminds me of just that. Her living area and bedroom are works of art, both rooms are decorated in a very distinctive styles that are spot on. Ahnana's room use to change quite often but that has all stopped with this current layout. Hey, why mess with a masterpiece right?

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Birthday, Froofy!

Ladies. Froofybutty.

I hope you get completely wasted XD A quarter of a century is a big deal! Sigh, so young... Happy Birthday my lovely friend!

Love your Hula Aficionado,

Friday, November 12, 2010

I can see it happening all over again.

Gacha Gotcha.

Gacha is pretty hit or miss for me. I cry at my bad luck sometimes! I'm so fearful of Gacha that I won't play the Premium Alice Nine Gacha even though I want a wig so badly. Knowing me... I'll get the ugliest item not once, but twice!

Anyway, the new Thanksgiving gacha items are making me wahh--- because I MUST have that feather headband! My spidey senses are tingling and telling me that this could just be a repeat of the goggled eyed glasses debacle. I wasted so many gummies and in the end... I was still without eye wear. -cries- So far, I've blown 2,000 Gummies and no headband... I didn't even get those damn hand held feathers! WHY AMEBA WHY?! Why don't you love me? huhuhuhu~

Gacha Gotcha Gacha Gotcha

I was waah-ing pretty loudly which got other Picos "gacha enraged" and they joined in. Wait! Why is Pinky crying?! He's wearing the damn thing! -huffs-


In other unrelated news:


Thank you everyone for making me feel so special on my birthday. I am still all smiles from all the kind and lovely messages and comments I received.

SO MUCH LOVE! Mwah mwah!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Pico Cribs: Pinkerton's Picks 2

Oh, hello. Did you miss me? It seems like such a long time since I've updated! Along with talking about the usual new additions to Pico, I always enjoy doing at least one other "fun" update every week. Today, I decided I'd do another installment of Pico Cribs... Pinkerton style. And, this time around, a few of my very good friends decided to venture out along with me.

Like last time, I'll be putting the owner's name directly under the picture of their room. If you are curious and want to visit the rooms yourself, simply copy and paste the name into the buddy search on Pico.

PC 2 - lukinas

Room Owner: Lukinas

This has to be one of the most creative rooms I've come across on Pico. The best part? This dragon is created entirely out of blocks. I actually stumbled upon this room a couple months ago, back when there was a large castle being attacked by a dragon. Now, though, Lukinas has expanded his room and completely dedicated it to housing this mythical creature. When you muster up the courage and climb higher, you will see this:

PC 2 - lukinas 2

Notice the little house? That was one of the prizes for the last room contest. He certainly deserves it. We aren't done yet, though. When you hop on over to the 2nd room...

PC 2 - lukinas 3

... you'll be greeted by a large zombie. Who thought we'd ever be able to simulate and prepare for a zombie apocalypse on Pico? I certainly didn't, and that's what makes this so great.

PC 2 - risader baloo

Room Owner: Risader Baloo

Yet another exceptional use of blocks. Visiting this room is like falling down the rabbit hole all over again. Here, you will see two familiar characters and a table for your very own tea party.

PC 2 - risader baloo 2

There's a whole lot to enjoy about this room, but even the small detail of the way the table is angled is a nice touch. The fun doesn't stop there. You can climb up onto these gigantic characters (and tree) as well!

pc 2 - risader baloo 4

Gobble Gobble

It's Thursday, and you know what that means. Not only are we one day closer to the weekend, but we also have a few new updates which hit Pico early this morning. Maybe they aren't the major updates we've been hoping for, but I think they are still interesting enough to talk about.

update 11-11 info 1

The first update, and probably my favorite of the three, is the addition of a restocked Daily Gacha. The theme this time around is Thanksgiving!

update 11-11 thanksgiving gacha

Complete with food like pumpkin pie and turkey, it's enough to make your Pico's mouth salivate. Usually I question eating food when it's randomly laying around, but it's hard to ignore chowing down on these meals whenever you spot them. 3 second rule? Never heard of it.

update 11-11 food
update 11-11 food 3
update 11-11 food 2

There's much more than food, though. Candles, bonfires and hand hold feathers are among the other items you'll find while playing. Take note, though, that the hand hold items will be changing every week until Thanksgiving. The Handhold Colorful Feathers are the first of four, so make sure you get them before they are gone!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AYUHIME 2.0 / Stargazer

Change is good. You shouldn't be afraid of change.

I'm announcing Ayuhime's change.
Introducing Ayuhime 2.0~
Inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki's new do, of course~

Anyway, onto more relevant (and probably more interesting) news...

THERE'S A NEW PREMIUM GACHA ZOMGGG! Yes, Alice Nine has invaded Pico again with their lovely, sparkly and fancy Japanese clothes. Look at all of the pretty things you can get!

Just who is PS COMPANY anyway?

*ahem* I managed to take a few spins and received all but one wig ...

I'm not quite fond of them XD I think I'll try later for the clothes ...

Regardless, make sure after you spin the Gacha that you take your turn to rock out on stage! Chikemuri, myself, Pinkerton, and Peggy just couldn't help ourselves ... We are stars, baby!

So let's take a listen to "Stargazer," which is the reason for all this Alice Nine hubbub.

I like it, actually. :) Shou has a great vibrato. XD Quite catchy~

Lots of love,
Ayuhime xoxo