Friday, December 17, 2010


Does anyone remember that I was enduring a tireless journey to find a Pink Panda a few months ago? I ended up putting my search on hold when I lost my patience.

Well, per Pinkerton's advice, I started hopping empty Mushroom Forests hoping that miraculously a Pink Panda would somehow show up.

HOLY SH*T IT DID! But alas, I only had 540 gold! (Pandas cost 600) so I immediately started freaking out, knowing that I was doomed to lose her. Then, I immediately opened another browser, logged Ayuboy, warped to AyuHime, and tried covering the Pink Panda until I could get enough gold XD

As my heart was racing, I reluctantly bought 500 gold and reset that baby as fast as I could. The Pink Panda was still available! OMG! THAT MOTHER F&%@$NG PANDA IS FINALLY MINE!

Sorry, I'm a little excited n_n I hope Peggy and Catero don't kick me off of the team for my rampant swearing XD Oh and I'm sorry that I'm posting on a day that's not mine! THIS IS TOO IMPORTANT!

LOL Love youuuuuu!

I don't even know what to name this panda yet... I just picked something quickly. (LOL Look at Ein back there "Dammit no more attentions for me...")


AyuHime xoxoxo