Friday, December 31, 2010

Profiles #23

Just like a good New Years party, this week's issue of Profiles starts out with the sweetest of sentiments and then spiral into nonsensical debauchery.

Before we send you off into a brand new year we would be remiss if we didn't share these eccentric and unforgettable Picos with you.

However you choose to spend it - wholesome or hedonistic ...
Happy New Year!

(1) baby Lemond, I see a bright career for you at the Hallmark greeting card company. First, you'll fail as a dramatic novelist, but don't worry. Hang in there and you'll definitely go on to make the big bucks writing religious inspirational cards.

Love, Peggy Hill.
Profiles #23

(2) Didn't your mama teach you not to put things in your mouth?

This profile has us hoping that you didn't have the misfortune of tasting Skittles' ill-fated cousin, Sh*ttles (which is only popular amongst scarab beetles).

Peggy believes you will be a scientist when you grow up. Catero believe you will be featured on the new TLC show My Strange Addiction.

(3) Photo and caption submitted by ѕαмαηтнα ♡: Who's gonna die? And when I do what? o_O

Catero says: Is this you taking a passive aggressive shot at someone, Crystal? Methinks yes. Just be direct in the future and speak mano-a-mano to the person this message is intended for. Putting this veiled threat in your profile just makes viewers think you're bat sh*t crazy. Like we all do right now.

(4) Photo and caption submitted by Мαгϊε Jапз εїз: When am was in the English Park I someone chatting in Japanese and clicked their profile and read their intro. I think he/she is CRAZY! (I don't know if she/he a boy or a girl)

Peggy and Catero say: A slurpee drunk is serious business. 'Cause being a smart mouth and starting fights is a slurpee drunk's M.O. That's what cheap liquor gets you. As you can see, no one has asked her for any info about her alcoholism. She's volunteered it. Yet she's all aggressive.

We don't wanna know her. We just want to pay for our purchases, leave the 7-Eleven in peace and go home to drink something that doesn't taste like anti-freeze.

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