Friday, May 20, 2011

Petition to remove abusive player in Ameba Pico

As of Thursday, May 26 at 9:54PM EST, this nuisance player has been removed from the game. Read more »

Picostyle resurrects briefly to bring you an important public service announcement.

Those of you who hang out in Japanese Parks may have come across this 55+ aged gentleman who has a habit of flying off the handle at those who have the misfortune of sitting or standing "too close" to him.

This angry man changes his name very regularly and has recently made his name がばまんJAPAN 中森ヴァギナ.

Get too close to him, misstep or misspeak and he will call you an "ass", "idiot", "moron", "stupid foreigner" or something equally as insulting. He will swear at those who offend him, without considering that it may be a child on the opposite computer screen.

Peggy and Catero have witnessed this (and Peggy has experienced it first-hand). We have reported him many times, providing with detailed chat logs and photos of his abusive behavior. Still, nothing has happened. Ameba Pico support does nothing to protect you and your friends.

If you are a concerned parent or member of the Pico community*...

Bahasa · Español · Tagalog · عربي · ภาษาไทย · 中文 · 日本語 · 한국어

By signing you will be asking Ameba Pico to permanently remove him from the Pico community based on the grounds that he has repeatedly violated Ameba's own Terms of Service for Online Conduct, in which all Pico users have agreed not to:
5(b). Harass, threaten, abuse, disparage, libel, slander, embarrass, or engage in any other disruptive behavior involving another member or Company or affiliate’s employee or agent.
This man degrades the quality of the enjoyment of everyone's Pico experience.

For a company that claims to protect the online safety of its players - particularly children - Ameba Pico is doing a poor job with this case.

Hopefully, with your signed support we can give Ameba the push they need to do something.

Let's band together to raise awareness about and stop instances of bullying in Ameba Pico with the No Amebullies Facebook group.

Do you have a Pico blog? Click here to copy and paste this text to re-post on your blog.

Show your support in Pico by adding the URL of this post to your profile URL.

Need proof of his abuse?

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

So long, farewell

Sєxqυιѕιтє threw a party for Picostyle writers

One year ago today I decided to start a blog about Pico for my own enjoyment. Little did I know that many months later - no doubt due to Peggy's social nature - that Picostyle would grow to be the voice of 7 writers that caught the attention of many Pico players.

To the writers, you grew this blog beyond my expectations and really churned out fun and exciting content that, I believe, set a standard. Whatever you choose to do in Pico beyond this, I hope it's exciting and that you use your talents to their maximum.

A special thanks to Peggy, who really became the heart and soul of the blog and drew the interest of writers and readers. You're a force to be reckoned with.

To our readers, I think I speak on behalf of Ayuhime, Gem Rock, Ora18, Peggy, Pinkerton, and sweet_mom (who left and started her own blog many months ago) when I say we hope we inspired you to see Pico from another perspective - funny, ranty, thoughtful, loving, criticial ... but always enjoyable to read. We appreciate you.

You ring our rooms, bring us food, leave us friendly messages and letters, feed our pets, and say "hi" when you see us out and about in Pico. You are super friendly and supportive, and you have made it all worthwhile. You even put our blog URL in your profiles! Words can't express the gratitude.

This past weekend on March 19, 2011 @ 10PM EST, Zye (Pico ID: Sєxqυιѕιтє) even threw a party for Picostyle writers! That was very generous. Thanks for that.

We'll still be around in Pico ... and this blog may very well alert you to other projects that Ayuhime, Gem Rock, Ora18, Peggy, and Pinkerton may be starting up in the near future.

And with that, we pass you on to the current generation of Pico blogs.

Other Pico Blogs
Updated as of January 1, 2011 · Bold = good reads

Oh, Mama!

sweet_mom having tea

Before I start my world tour I'd like to give a special shout out to sweet_mom who continues to win me over. I am glad you branched off and did your own thing when you did because if it wasn't for you Catero would probably be retiring with me.

Your brave lil' Pico heart deserves acknowledgement and also a slight plug however unnecessary it is!

Kiddos, if you're looking for something to tide you over when you're feeling Picostyle abandonment pains, check out Pico Perfect where you'll see at least two familiar Picostyle faces. I myself, look forward to reading and seeing how this blog will transition in Picostyle's absence.

I'm expecting great things from you Mama, and I know you will deliver.

Thank you, sweet_mom, for all that you've contributed not only to Picostyle but to the Pico community. You're loving spirit have touched at least one person and no, I'm not talking about Catero.


Time To Holiday.

I know my darlings, let's go break some hearts.

Where's my baguette?!

They can't resist the charms of Peggy Hill.

But my first love will always be FASHION!

Okay, maybe it's actually food...


It's been fun kiddies but I am going to take this show on the road. It's time for Peggy Hill to go on a much needed holiday. If you catch me on the Pico streets livin' it up, please don't call the Pico Paparazzi. I'm just there to mingle with the locals, flirt with all the cute boys and eat... a lot. Much love to all my fans and of course to my Picostyle team mates. Picostyle is what is because of all of you and by you I mean everyone, including the fans. Catero, you know I'll be around to scream Britney Spears' lyrics at you while doing the Volcano dance. I don't like goodbyes so let's just say, until next time.

Peggy Hill

Our 1st Anniversary!

Picostyle turns 1 today! (white background)

Picostyle turns 1 today!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I know, that title might not be enough.

But, this is my goodbye post. I just wanted to tell you guys, that you have been an amazing audience. While we were putting on a play with comedy, laughter, tears, hangovers, and being drunk-- you guys were with us, laughing and watching our shows. I just wanted to say, that it has been an honour writing for Picostyle, and it was an honour having you guys reading my posts. Of course, I can say that all of us tried really hard to please all of you-- And I think that we have done an amazing job.

I know all of you guys are upset about Picostyle closing. But just like a good show has a good run, and good website has a good run too.

We know we're closing the curtains much too soon, but all of you know that we love you... and we're always thinking of those good times.

I just wanted you to know, that you can always find me.

Of course on Pico.

Here's my Tumblr (It's not Pico related, lol):
Here's my art blog:

I know the curtain's closing ...

... but I still love you guys!

I know this might be a bit cheesy, but I thought that maybe we can have a "song". Whenever you hear it, think about our good ol' times :*

Love you guys!! 

We Want To See Japan's Cherry Blossoms Bloom Soon!

Hey everyone! This is a reply post to "We Want To See Japan's Cherry Blossoms Bloom Soon"

We had two entries ... right? Right.

One was from ☆chihiro☆! This entry 1s beautiful! It showed the kawaii-ness and the Japanese spirit that We/I (lol, I really don't know) wanted. This shows an incredible sense of fellowship towards our neighbors in Japan.

And the second entry was from me! I quite wanted to show my solidarity to Japan.

This was painted with watercolors.

Unfortunately, Japan's situation has not gotten any better. Please pray + donate to help the land of the rising sun.

Thank you guys!


Pico Cribs #27 - Peggy's Dream Room.

Nunasarang's room: full view
nunasarang's Room.

I've been saving this room for my last Pico Cribs. nunasarang is so sweet! I met her when I logged briefly to get props at the Japanese Park. She was quirky and fun, we danced together and then went to ring each other's rooms. When I got to her room I almost died. If I could live anywhere, I would live here! Catero says it's like a "kawaii wet dream" in here and he's right. It's so CUTE, Hello Kitty would approve.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Face of Picostyle Winners!

We received a handful of entries for the Face of Picostyle contest. The votes have been tallied and after much deliberation the judges have spoken!

Each and every person who entered submitted an absolutely adorable entry and we want to thank all those who entered from the bottom of our little pixelated hearts.

We want to encourage all the "faces" who entered to continued to shine in whatever you choose to do in and out of Pico - blog, take beautiful photos, build unique rooms, socialize and make people feel at ease. Your confidence was so refreshing!

Not everyone could be the overall contest winner (in fact, Peggy wanted every single person to win because she was absolutely delighted by each entry), but you're all winners in our books!

Read on to see the winners and our title choices for honorable mentions. 

Insta-Party in Pigg!

Copico's room.

She's the life of the party, every time she warps to me I give it about two minutes before her loyal posse shows up. Look how kawaii everyone is! WHY do Pigg players seem to have so much more personality and spunk when compared to Pico players? Is it because we're running around with mostly Japanese people in Pigg and they're known for enjoying showing off their street style? (Want proof? Check out the Japanese magazine FRuiTS and it's counterparts.) Is it because Pigg players are older and wiser, having already made all their fashion boo-boos in their youth they now know how to dress cool? Or could it be just simply the fact that Ameba Pigg offers more clothing and accessories?


Sunday, March 20, 2011

Profiles #32

This is a momentous day for Profiles. Yes, it's the last one you're going to see here on Picostyle.

Profiles has always been a forum for us to poke fun at the quirky, cute and sometimes offensive things that people place in their profile space for all of the Pico world to see. We've loved every moment of it! Your eccentricities have fuelled our creative fires, allowing us to bring you week after week of sarcastic thoughts.

Thank you to everyone who read, laughed and sent in profiles from around Pico (FYI, to those who sent in their own profiles expecting to see them posted: no, we don't roll like that). Picos who sent in profiles and captions include サミ☆, ☮♥Sammi♥☮, ~*Peachie*~, Allieeee, Bow-, butthead ☆, Cristina♫Apple, Dorphi, Єlena Gilbert, ♥Ericaxx, GracieGracie, Мαгϊε Jапз εїз, Meskhene, pineepineapple, ѕαмαηтнα ♡ and Zonna.

Going out, we had to stick with our people, the weirdos. The oddballs who spice up our lives. In small doses, of course. Over exposure to their personalities can cause unpleasant headaches.

It's been a blast, ya'll!

(You'll see that we've provided the URLs to some of the images. Click 'em and check out the sites.)

Madame Butterfly, your mood doesn't match with your bright, cheery outfit. Nevertheless, Peggy seems to feel your pain. Not me so much.

Peggy's message to you is: know that life does not get any easier either.

My message to you is: it's the 21st century. You're supposed to be Miss Independent. Buy yourself a puppy for companionship and forget about that guy or girl who has toyed with your emotions.

Spanish to English translation: "I'm cool and I do not like rude people"

Bella, at first we thought that you didn't like people with bad educations ("educadas" threw us off until we consulted Google Translate). It's cool we get, we watch Reading Rainbow too ... but then I actually realised that you don't like rude people, still cool. But why don't you like to speak English? We find this to be no bueno.

I guess now you will consider us to be rude English speakers, which puts two strikes against us. It's okay. We can live with it. We walk on the wild side and live la vida loca.

Oolon, how exactly do you "beat rude ppl on pico"? There is no actual physical contact, just words when you are interacting online

Peggy is very curious to know which kung fu action(s) you use and what is the most efficient way to combat rudeness?

She asks, "Is there like a secret action combination sequence? I am glad you want to take on this great fight but sometimes it's better to just say, 'Hey stop being a butt head, you're rude!'"

Remember, Oolon, there are always consequences to your actions. Take a lesson from Casey Haynes's book. Casey is the Aussie kid who laid the smack down on his bully last week and got suspended from school.

Let this be a lesson to you. Use your words to stop conflict.

Whoa! Serious case of rage-a-holism on the loose! She looks so cute that you want to pinch her cheeks ... but watch out, sister, she'll cut you like a summer ham!

Just remember, it's better to remain zen about life's troubles. Don't be impulsive and act out your anger, let it pass because it's totally not worth it. At the end of the day, you know you're way cooler than this person.

When your panties are getting bunched over something that someone has said or done, remember this Taoist saying: "Anger is like drinking poison and expecting the other person to die".

We're guessing that the "wrong person" you're referring to is you. So, what's the deal? What did she do to wrong you?

Wait. Never mind. We looked at her blog. We find her whole color scheme and the neon highlighting to be agitating.

Where's she at?! She's goin' doooooown!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

12 hours left to enter Face of Picostyle

This is a friendly reminder that you have 12 hours to enter the Face of Picostyle contest.

We are looking for the ultimate Picostyle fan. If you think you've got what it takes, prove it by sending in your submission.

The 3 lucky winners will appear on the blog and the overall Grand Prize winner will get the chance to meet a few members of the Picostyle writing team.

Want to enter? Read more »

Friday, March 18, 2011

Independent artist wants to help you help Japan

Written by:


I want to do something to help Japan and I can’t hold it in anymore! If you’ve donated to The Red Cross or The Salvation Army, email me:
  1. The receipt for your donation (I am not accepting direct donations except optionally for postage. A stamp is 44 cents.)
  2. Your address
In return, I will send you an original and tiny drawing, of something random, in the mail.

I’m not representing anyone, it’s just me and my tech pen and some stamps.

Here are some examples of tiny drawings that I have done on other tiny pieces of paper. They resemble what you will receive when you donate!

Falling slowly in Jokamachi

Written by:

Hi there, Picos!

I have to tell you all about a little GLITCH!

While you are doing your Ninja Quest in the Jokamachi  room Sasuke first asks you to do the roof challenge to get the flag. Well, here is the part where the GLITCH happens!
FIRST: Try to step on a broken tile.

SECOND: While you are falling make sure you do not reach the ground!

THIRD: Press TAB on your computer keyboard.
Look at my pic! I'm doing it!

Photo Credits: Photo 1: Sasuke image © CyberAgent America Inc. • Photo 2: Photographer - LunaLocket x3

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Hello, Goodbye!


What you see above is the very first picture I took in Pico, dated March 6th of 2010. This was back during a time when I had no idea what to expect when signing up for this so-called "Americanized version of Ameba Pigg." It was also at a time when, after making an account, the only person I knew was chikemuri. Besides her, my buddy list was a barren wasteland. Sure, I got the occasional "OMG UR AVATAR IS HAWT CAN I PLZ ADD U" request, but those were denied quite quickly. As time went on, though, I began to make friends with some fantastic people. This eventually made me realize exactly how big of an impact little games like this can be on people's lives.

pico sexy

During the course of one year, I've met a variety of mixed personalities. Some of them may have been, well... questionable, as the above picture suggests, but that doesn't make me any less glad to have been in their presence. In fact, those types of quirky personalities are what attracted me to a little blog that went by the name PicoStyle.


Catero, Peggy and Gem. Something about reading their posts helped spark an interest in me. I always enjoyed the humorous and insightful views on their daily gaming adventures. As we all became close friends, and as the ranks in PicoStyle's staff slowly grew, I just knew I had to take the chance to offer my own skewed view of Pico right alongside with them.

After writing my first article, I found this sort of thing just felt natural to me. I know it was far from perfect, and I know I still had a lot to work on, but that is what pushed me to do better and go the extra mile in the posts that followed. As I said before, it's the little things like that which had a big impact on me. The other big impact, of course, was the friendships I've made!

Through the holidays and through the birthdays.

picostyle skeletons
Thanksgiving PicoStyle

And through all the, um...

pico purple
dance king
PC 2 - toilet
pico centipede
pico centipede 2

... I'm not sure, but I just wanted a reason to post these pictures.

All of this may seem a little dramatic, but with good reason. Although I've only been writing for 7 months out of PicoStyle's year-long run, I still feel as if this has been a rather large part of me. I assume all of our fans and my fellow writers would agree with that statement. At the same time, as much as I'd love for this blog to remain open, I also realize that things change, people grow and time keeps ticking. Yes, yes... I know that's deep and all, but it's true! So, as one chapter for us closes here for the time being, another will open and we will all move on with our lives. Before you put down the book, let me just say it's been a pleasure writing for the blog and I've enjoyed the friendships that have been created through it. I will continue to play on Pico as often as I have the chance, and for as long as it holds my interest. As I've expressed before, our fans have been some of the best around and I hope you choose to follow us in whatever internet journeys we choose to embark on after this. I'm humbled by the endless support and for all of my true, lasting friendships. Just remember that this isn't the end. I don't know why you say goodbye, I say hello!

Now, go on. Grab a tissue and dry those tears. Me? No, no. I... I just got a piece of dust in my eye. That's all.


Happy St. Patrick's Day!

st patrick

Hear the stomps of buckled shoes dancing in unison? See the endless bouquets of clovers? No, Happy Oliver didn't create an army of clones. At least, not yet he hasn't. All of this could only mean one thing... it's St. Patrick's Day!

We here at PicoStyle want to wish all of our fans and friends a great day, but please remember to enjoy it responsibly. If you are deciding to stay in to play Pico, don't forget to head on over to the Green Fountain park and splurge on all these green goodies.

st patrick park
st patrick park 2

Now, pardon me while I go celebrate by picking out all the marshmallows from this box of Lucky Charms...


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

3 days left to enter Face of Picostyle

This is a friendly reminder that you have 3-and-a-half days to enter the Face of Picostyle contest.

We are looking for the ultimate Picostyle fan. If you think you've got what it takes, prove it by sending in your submission.

The 3 lucky winners will appear on the blog and the overall Grand Prize winner will get the chance to meet a few members of the Picostyle writing team.

Want to enter? Read more »