Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mysterious Prank

With all the hubbub of the New Year Japanese items, Tokyo Japan is busting with Picos ogling at the shiny new things. Nakamise street of course has a few full servers, but I was curious when I saw that Sensouji temple was full with a waiting list of 75 people. Clearly, something big must be going on! I waited a good 15 - 20 minutes before I got in.

When I arrived, people were lined up at the stairs of the temple, bowing their heads off. I went around asking what they were doing and they explained that someone told them that if they bow to the Sensouji temple, it will give them Ameba Gold. Knowing it couldn't be true, I took a second look at Pico's official information releases and discovered in fact, no information about this event was mentioned. It's a fake.

This is quite a grand-scale prank! Whoever started it convinced enough people to make a mad rush for the temple and cause a substantial waiting line. Of course, Picos started disbursing once they figured out they've been scammed, but I'm quite impressed. The entire prank probably lasted a good two hours, but I consider that monumental in Pico history! A few users claimed that "Sugar Boy" started the rumor, but the only "Sugar Boy" I was able to find in a search had 0 friends and noob clothes, so he is probably not the culprit.

Let me make an official statement:
Bowing at the Sensouji Temple does not earn you Ameba Gold.

Sorry folks!

Lots of love,
Ayuhime xoxo


  1. Hahahaha! thats CLASSIC! What an awsome prank! I feel bad for the picos who actually fell for it tho....

  2. How can people actually fall for that?? :O

  3. Ah so that's what it was all about ^_^; I actually waited 87 people to get in~ so good prank!

  4. Your right I only waited 9 people to enter the temple and people bowed in the temple and someone said "CLICK MY URL!!" and I clicked it and I want those people to stop bowing in the temple.I searched for "sugar boy" and the only "sugar boy" I found is a newbie (or NOOBie).Or "sugar boy" has a cool version of his name.