Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Goodbye Prom, Hello Motion!

goodbye prom! thanks for the memories!

hello... motion! oh no!!



Don't understand what the freakin' heck we're yelling about here? Go see Mr. Orange.. in the New York Central Park ; West Forest!

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

A woman's "spidey sense"


Do you ever have those days where you find yourself at a shop, because a tingling sense in the back of your braincase tells you there's a good deal lingering in the darkness? That's the feeling I had when I logged in this morning.
So what goodies am I describing today?
Let me show you..


There was a mention of Asakusa being quiet, but since a few days ago (with the Shibuya launch) it's been ever so lively. Look what good finds there are in Asakusa now!
The floor seating is adorable AND ever so affordable; (for you Picos who spend all your hard earned cash on Gacha).


I for one, cannot wait to see how people decorate with these!

Monday, June 28, 2010

Pico Cribs #11

Wow. Domo-kun!!! I want one so badly in my room. Puffin! This is too kawaii <3

Pico Cribs.
Puffin's Room.

Do I really have to write anything else about this room? If you can't see the awesomeness in the above snap. You're so not cool.

Hey Sista.

These two are available for events search for them in the French Community Park!

Soul Sistas.

I almost died as this conversation progressed. Totally adorable!

(17:07) Andromède: Bogart
(17:07) Andromède: we want work
(17:07) Andromède: for you
(17:07) M. Bogart: oh
(17:08) M. Bogart: what type of work?
(17:08) Chise ♥ : we can dance for you
(17:08) M. Bogart: ohh
(17:08) Andromède: me and my friend
(17:08) M. Bogart: very nice
(17:08) Chise ♥ : we can sing for you
(17:08) M. Bogart: what else?
(17:08) Chise ♥ : Heyyy sisters soulll sister
(17:08) Chise ♥ : kitchi kitchi yaya ya yaaaaa
(17:08) Kimmy Marchole: hey that mister miester
(17:08) Kimmy Marchole: on the radio
(17:08) Kimmy Marchole: stereo
(17:08) Chise ♥ : that's totally freeee
(17:09) M. Bogart: wow thank you
(17:09) Andromède: Mocca chocolate ya ya
(17:09) Chise ♥ : we are lady marmelaaaade ;)
(17:09) Andromède: Gitchi gitchi ya ya da da (da da yeah)
(17:10) Chise ♥ : yeaaah sure
(17:10) Chise ♥ : and we'll dance for your events
(17:10) Chise ♥ : ;)
(17:10) Andromède: it's free
(17:10) cesaley: hi
(17:10) Andromède: we're no pico phone number
(17:10) Andromède: but
(17:11) Andromède: we're on the french park
(17:11) Andromède: if you need
(17:11) Chise ♥ : yeah if you want to find us
(17:11) Chise ♥ : call Andro and Chise
(17:11) Chise ♥ : in the French park
(17:11) Chise ♥ : And we'll come to dance
(17:11) M. Bogart: thank you!
(17:11) Andromède: you're welcome
(17:11) Chise ♥ : remind us ;)
(17:11) Chise ♥ : Chise and Andro
(17:11) Chise ♥ : remember ^^

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Good Morning Narutan

Today Peggy and I had the wonderful experience of meeting .. Narutan!


Yes folks, what you're looking at is REAL.
Narutan has created her home high above, in a bed of clouds, on a floating island.
Truly her home is like a watery and lush oasis in a desert. Satisfying and blissful.
We had a good morning with Narutan.. laying in the overgrown green grasses, playing among the plants and forest, dancing on the clouds.

Why.. Peggy and Naru even had a fashion showdown!
Pico Cribs.

Thank you Narutan! I hope we can play again soon!

Profiles #8

Peggy peeled herself away from watching World Cup matches to weigh in on another mixed bag of colorful Pico citizens.

We hope you don't think we're being mean - just sarcastic and exaggerating your foibles. We don't really want to make people cry behind their computer screens or feel like they have to change their name and/or their look to not be recognized in Pico.

You're quirky. Admit it. You put it out there. We're just exploiting it for a few giggles.

(1) With Heggy, imitation really is the most sincere form of flattery. Who knows what would have possessed her to role model her character after our own Peggy Hill with a punny twist.

Though I'm sure she doesn't gamble away her entire week's earnings on Gacha like Peggy, she's just as well put-together.

Profiles #8

(2) For someone who is "super fun" she sure wears a lot of grey, don't you think? But in reality she looks not fun and a fashion mess - like she is trying to believe that she's really hip ("da bomb") and knows that bows over beanies is like all the rage right now, but she uses the wrong bow and it's like a huge fashion faux pas.

Look above, see Heggy's bow. Let it sink it. And try again.

(3) Perrera, FYI: everyday is s e x.

But the fact that you keep your room locked and have the least amount of props out of this week's bunch (we didn't even prop you) makes us think that you're getting freaky with yourself.

So we think you should change your profile to:
Today is for hand-solo.

(4) If there was ever a pristinely perfect definition for TMI, yeah, this profile would be it.

Sex 101, Dennis: cybersex is not real sex. There has to be real physical contact. Not imagined touching.

You're admittedly  19. We admire your resolve to wait for the right person. But we highly doubt that the "right person" is a prepubescent 10-year-old sitting behind a computer screen cybering with strangers while her mom is in the other room watching The Young and The Restless. Well, unless you're into that sorta thing.

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us  at with:
  • your caption
  • your Pico/Pigg name
  • your blog (if you have one)
If it's cute, funny or downright 'WTF?' we'll post it and give you full credit!

If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Friday, June 25, 2010

We're Tinychatting

C'mon in. We've opened the chat a little early.
From 11:59PM to 1:30AM EST (8:59PM to 10:30PM PDT)

Click the link above and come on in.
Enter the room password: happyoliver.
Create your chat nickname.
Have fun!

Read the ground rules.

Tinychat with us!

Chatting in peggy's room

Chat with Peggy, Gem Rock and Catero today @
From 11:59PM to 1:30AM EST (8:59PM to 10:30PM PDT)

Click the link above and come on in.
Enter the room password: happyoliver.
Create your chat nickname.
Have fun!

Though we won't filter out swear words used conversationally, we will be actively moderating chat. Chatters displaying inappropriate behavior - including bullying, use of racial slurs and unwelcomed sexual advances - will be banned from the chat room. Remember, there are young, impressionable people who may be in the conversation.

You won't be able to enter the room until 11:59PM EST (8:59PM PDT).
After 1:30PM EST (10:30PM PDT) we will be closing the room. Don't make us kick you out! :-P

The benefits to using Tinychat versus Pico chat
If you can juggle switching between browser windows or tabs these are the things that Tinychat can do that Pico chat can't:

  • Keep track of the chat history from the time you enter the conversation until you leave it.
  • You can group chat with many Pico players without being in the same room.
  • Allows us to moderate and ban distruptive Picos immediately.

Tinychat, is an internet chat service that allows users to communicate via instant messaging, voice and video chat. It offers thousands of chat rooms and the ability for users to create their own virtual chat room on any topic and category. — Source: Wikipedia

Pico. Why?!

Oh no you didn't!

Why Pico? I know what you're doing...


Tempting us with your Outdoor Trekking Boots!


Bringing back big hair and giving us suggestive tees. -winks- X marks the spot baby...


Basically making sure we all become lil hoodlums! The non-violent fashion coveting kind.


I'm onto you! ...and yet. I still spend and at night I sit in my pool of clothing and cry. WHY PICO?! Why must you make me so fabulous?!!

Thursday, June 24, 2010


Pico just updated with a HOT new release ... and by "hot" we mean this new area spits HOT FIRE.


The queue to get into the Shibuya shopping area might be long, but one of our reporters managed to dodge in and see the sales. Here is a taste of the prices.

In just a mere couple of days you can buy a lot from Rinarina. The selection is both adorable and elegant. Save your gummies girls!




Also does anyone think that this little guy (below) looks like he might be Mortie's ancestor?


Calculation Nation

It's kind of like how that Jackson 5 song once went:

"I'm gonna teach you to sing it loud /let me show you what its all about
reading, writing, arithmetic / all the branches on the learning tree your education ain't complete /T-t-t-teachers gonna show you / How to get an A"

So, Picos, how do we get that honoured A Michael Jackson sang of? Simply by traveling to the "Flea Market" to pick up a tee or two. That or you can even take a nice stroll to the Calculation Park.


Another way of winning your way to the first letter of your name is again, our beloved Gacha. Once again he finds another rhyme or reason to weave his generous love and whimsical wit into our hearts.

With luck one spin of regular Gacha you can randomly win the other letters of the alphabet.

The streets and parks are amassed by young good looking boys and girls all in their lucky numbers. Take Gem Rock and Peggy, for example:

These shirts are said to be limited, and sell at a merely 200gummies a pop. So remember to get them while they're hot!

If you're not convinced, check out some of my favourite street style shots taken just today.


Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Jesus goes vamp and does the Picorena

Thus far, Peggy has been the one who has been blessed by Jesus' presence. Today, for the first time I got to hang with this prophetic Pico and ask him some hard-hitting questions about his new half-vampire look. I can see why Peggy likes him so much.

What's up with the look?
(01:14) Jesus Drack: i got bite by volutri
(01:14) Jesus Drack: but now i become the most powerful
(01:14) Jesus Drack: even all volutri combine become 1 cant defeat me
(01:15) Jesus Drack: the perfect form of mine
(01:15) Jesus Drack: much more perfect than before.
(01:15) Jesus Drack: this half human half God half Dracula

How did the Jesus Drack come to be?
(01:21) Jesus Drack: its not what i decide it
(01:21) Jesus Drack: i got bite
(01:21) Jesus Drack: i clumsy at that time
(01:22) Jesus Drack: now i become lord count drac jesus

Does his blood really taste line wine?
(01:22) Jesus Drack: yes
(01:22) Jesus Drack: very yummy
(01:22) Jesus Drack: sometimes i drank my own blood
(01:22) Jesus Drack: its very sweet
(01:22) Jesus Drack: but when u drink it straight from my body
(01:22) Jesus Drack: u will get stunned
(01:23) Jesus Drack: u will drunk
(01:23) Jesus Drack: for at least 100 years
(01:23) Jesus Drack: so i very feel pity to the volturi member
(01:23) Jesus Drack: he dont know what he did
(01:24) Jesus Drack: but i still have Jesus heart, my pure heart
(01:24) Jesus Drack: so i forgive him

Before he left to spread his cheer around Pico, he favored Peggy with a dance.

Visit Jesus Drack's room and give him a few ring-a-ding-dings.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Profiles #7

What happens when you drink too much and use the internet? Well, Perez Hilton ... but also Profiles #7.

For those who think that we've gone to far and are compelled to send us hate mail, we only ask that you leave Gem Rock off of your recipient list. She may be Picostyle's newest contributor, but she had nothing to do with Profiles #7, aside from humoring us as we wrote it.

(1) Whoa. Hold up, Mr. Prop, did you know that most ladies dig a man who is environmentally friendly? A man who cares about mother nature is more likely to clean up after himself and make his woman happy than a guy who leaves beer cans lying around.

The outfit you're wearing, however, is kinda "gay". Don't worry about your tree hugging habits; be more concerned about your flaming wardrobe. PUT THE FAN AWAY! It's overkill. We get it. You love plants.

Eternally yours,
Peggy Hill
Profiles #7

(2) Sometimes, bearako, hopes and dreams and wishes do come true.

(3) We like you, but we feel you should know that if you don't suck it, you're not really a vampire. That's just the way it is. Vamps who don't suck blood are just vampire groupies.

The fact that this vampire clan allowed a non-blood sucker to join further shows that "vampires" in Pico are a total sham.

Remember, Bunnicula, the first "veggie vamp", wasn't truly a rabbit vampire; just a celery staulker.

(4) Okay, you're totally delightful and your poor spelling/bad English is actually quite cute. "Japanice" - it's like being Japanese but nicer, we're guessing.

But what on God's green earth is a princess analist? Do we dare guess.

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us at with:
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If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Pico Cribs #10

Pico Cribs.

Hey guys! I know, I've been seriously lagging and most definitely being lazy but don't fret I'm back with of course the finest in Pico room decor and interior design! While I cuddle this panda in what I can only imagine to be a panda shaped airplane... let me share with you two more colorfully kawaii room designs! Pico Cribs here we go!

miya's room (composite)miya's room!

(click thumbnail for full view)

Pico Cribs. Pico Cribs.

Gem Rock is in love with miya's room, she went as far as to say that it is her favorite room in Pico. I had a look and indeed... miya's room is Pico Cribs-worthy. It's got a one person duck boat!! What more can a girl ask for? How about a two-seater bird plane?! I'm not sure what's the deal but animal shaped air crafts seems to be all the rage.

miya's room (composite)RIE's room!

(click thumbnail for full view)

Pico Cribs.

But if you're not a fan of the whimsical design that miya's room has to offer check out RIE's room. That's RIE with a backwards "R" (I'm not sure how to type a backwards R, RIE! Teach me!). Her room is colorful enough to keep me happy and has a kitchen, park and first floor entertaining area. Plenty of space to host a party, romantic enough to take your date and a lovely room to take your pet for some peace and quiet. Now if only there was a bedroom I'd move in with you.

Check out these two rooms when you have a chance! They're just too cute! Until then... Gemmy and I would like to wish you happy travels and mucho besos!


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jenneh The Ultimate Pet Lover.

Animal Inc.

This is Jenneh's room. When you warp in the first thing you will notice is the crazy amount of pet food she is storing but Jenneh has no pets... So what's up with all the pet food?!

Her room greeting:

:D Welcome.
This is Jenneh <3 Animal INC.
Leave me a message about the animal food you left.

Animal Inc.

Pure Genius! This Pico has found a way for loving pet owners and dead beat pet owners to come together for the well-being of all pets. It's kind of a symbiotic relationship that benefits well... er. just the dead beat pet owners, I bet the pet owners who donate feel good though! All the food you see in the above photo has been donated, Jenneh merely stores and distributes the food to hungry pets that stop by. Either way, I think she is doing a huge service for the Pico Community, may no pet go unfed as long as Jenneh is around.

So if you ever see a starving pet at the Park Pond or you can't afford to feed your own pet... stop by Jenneh's room. There should be some food for your pet there just remember when you've restocked your own supply to be so kind as to donate some for the next starving pet. Don't use this as your own personal pantry! If you can't feed your pet you shouldn't have one.

Thanks Jenneh! You ROCK <3

Profiles #6

Another batch of Pico's finest for you to silently judge ... just as we do!

(1) We love how detail-oriented you are, Maya. She's just too cute!

If you look up her profile today it says:
  1. hi
  2. i like u to props/ring me plz
  3. add me plz!!!
Though this is a quality that makes you go "awww" now, it will make her husband's forehead vein throb in years to come.

Profiles #6

(2) As if we all hadn't had enough of the antics of Mr. Bean in his 5-year run on TV, his misshapen face and child-like spirit lives on in Pico.

Though some prefer to walk around Pico looking like and named after notorious dictators, world leaders and beautiful celebrities, this player prefers to be a slow-witted bufoon.

Takes all kinds, folks.

—Profile snapshot submitted by Allieeee

(3) A true shy guy would never write this in his profile. He'd be too paralyzed by his introverted nature.

However, a true womanizer pretending to be sensitive to attract the ladies - on the other hand - would. Typical wolf-in-sheep's-clothing ploy.

And for this, we salute you, Nao. Because the girls who fall for this won't know any better.

(4) Just in case you're in the same situation, look her up.

Then get a room.

Have you taken a screenshot of an interesting Pico/Pigg profile that you would like to appear here on picostyle? Send it to us  at with:
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If the profile screenshot you submit is in a non-English language (e.g. Bahasa, Japanese, Thai, etc.) that you speak please provide the English translation.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Kind of like a nudist resort.

Beginners Plaza on a slow connection

For those who don't have as crappy an internet connection as I do, this is what some rooms look like when Pico only loads part way. The street lamps, park benches, vending machines and fountain of beginners plaza are just white blocks. All other details are grey and flat. And Pico players are - more often than not - hanging out in their underwear.

Looks a bit like Greco-Roman ruins.

I kinda like it!

Confessions of a Gacha Addict

Since the beginning of my time in the land of Pico I've been a regular Gacha player.
The alluring magic of Gacha stems from the mystery of "What am I going to get this time?"
Of course not everything that comes from that capsule is going to shine like gold.

(All the items I won from Gacha, piled in a corner.. as I weep with no where to put them)

By the 3rd time you've spun Gacha's arm, you've probably received some balloons, or a single hamburger. You know should probably have stopped.. but it's the thought of "Token!" that might grab at you.
(Limitless layers of clothing won from Gacha!)

Or maybe it's the fact that you've received some expensive items that kept you going, Like that second TV stand, or that third Glitter Princess Gown that you don't have many occasions to wear out to.

But let me tell you a little secret about Gacha. While studying deep within the Pico's ancient libraries we discover that the word "Gacha" is actually the Latin term for "Got Ya" as in "I got ya, sucker!"

Now. I'm not saying you won't get amazing prizes. I've won my fair amount of tokens. But having an abundance of Polka-dot coloured short-shorts isn't quite as liberating as I thought it would be. In short, just be careful to how much you spend and how many times you spin.

You can find different Gacha in different areas, like;

Beginners Plaza
This Gacha gives out items that you can buy in Beginner's Plaza.

Caribbean Seaport
A number of seaside related gifts can be won through Pirate Gacha. Barrel seats, luggage, and if you're lucky.. that Captain's hat you've always wanted.

Nakamise St
Hey remember that place? Not too long ago this little shop town was swarming with tourists and alive in the mass of mad street style Pico kids. Where have they all gone? Maybe Japanese Gacha will bring back some allure. Remember all those items you wanted from the Japanese mystery boxes? They can all be won through Gacha! Don't believe me? Just ask Peggy.

Fourth and finally we have one more Gacha to account for. This Gacha is premium, and not just that.. it severely lacks that same personality was other Gacha machines. This soulless beast is what we refer to as "The Devil's Gacha". With the small deposit of 50 AMEBA GOLD each spin, you can play. Now I've only had a LITTLE luck after spending a total of 200AG, but there's still the chance of winning that luxurious silk Vampire's cape, or the bad purse or bat wings.

Gacha is good for a little excitement, and for winding down from that last 400gummies you might want to gamble.. Just remember at the end of he day.. Gacha Gotcha.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Premium Lolita Gacha at Downtown NYC.

Gacha. Gacha.

Have you guys visited Downtown NYC lately? Well if you're feeling lucky and got Ameba Gold to spare you can play Premium Gothic Lolita Gacha for one week only! I was kind of skeptical about spending 50AG per go but after winning the dress on my first try I felt a bit ballsy and spent another 100 :X These items are really nice! If you think about about it, 50AG isn't bad for a cute Lolita item... seeing that most things cost more than 50AG at Vivienne's Shop. I spent a total of 250AG and out of five tries I only got one double item which isn't bad considering my streak with gacha. My friend Froofybutt and I shall model our gacha prizes for you :D


I love everything I won! Now if only Froofy and I could win some capes and bat wings... Anne Rice would so approve!

Getting cozy in the pharaoh's chamber

Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - room view

Have you found the pharaoh's chamber? In our teaser post about Egypt we intentionally left out the treasures of the tomb, hoping that curiosity would drive you through the long hallways when the new time travel destination opened.

Why bother? Well ...
  • Finding the pharaoh's tomb will get you a Bonus Chance (the star book) star and 100 Gummies.
  • Solving the pharaoh's key (a 3x3 slide puzzle) will get you a Bonus Chance (the star book) star and 150 Gummies ... and open up a shop of his secret goodies.
Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - travel iconFor our eager explorers: to find the chamber, go to Egyptian shrine in your time travel destinations (shown right; icon outlined in red with a + sign).

Once you've appeared outside the pyramid, pass the guards (they're harmless) and click the tomb's door to enter.

Navigate the tomb's hallways
You'll be faced with a long hallway. Do yo go straight at the end of the hall or turn right? Doesn't matter. Eventually - regardless of which direction you turn - you'll end up in the pharaoh's chamber. You can't wander forever.

Now, walk up the hallway, click the arrow that points in the direction you want to go and keep going!

All of a sudden, without any warning, *boom* you'll end up inside the burial chamber ... face-to-face with a large sarcophagus in the middle of the ornately decorated room.

Meet the animated coffin
Have a seat ... and wait. You'll see a little talk bubble appear with a suspenseful "..." over the sarcophagus from time to time. You may have to wait a few minutes or maybe just a couple of seconds before you see the lid of the sarcophagus push back as the anthropoid-shaped coffin rises from within like something from a bad horror film.

Outwit the pharaoh
Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - royal secret keyQuick! Click on the coffin before it descends back into the sarcophagus for a chance to unlock the pharaoh's key - a 3x3 slide puzzle which will open up a "secret treasures" shop when solved.

The puzzle is timed. You have 180 seconds to shift the pieces before the game times out, you lose all progress and are forced to start all over ... if you dare.

Since the pharaoh's key puzzle is random each time, I can't tell you eactly how to win; I can only give you strategy by pointing you to a tutorial on ho to solve any kind of slide puzzle.

Score the goodies
When you solve the puzzle you'll be presented with  the option to buy a selection of household furnishings and fashionable items to add to your image of ancient dynastic grandeur. Put the 250 Gummies you just earned to good use.

Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - shop

Now, all you need to do is enjoy the fruits of your labor!

Egypt - Pharaoh's chamber - treasure boogie