Sunday, February 27, 2011

Another fish story

Pigg fishing - Amazon River 1

Somehow, fishing is exhilarating, yet relaxing. For me, whether it's in a video game or I actually have to find someone to put the wiggly worm on my hook it's a calming and totally fun experience. When I fish in real life I am always the first of the group to catch something first. It's my gift in the world. :-D

It's no secret that your Picostyle writers a bit hooked on fishing (enjoy the pun) in the Pigg game. We've written about it many times.

Currently, there are 5 fishing areas as well as a shop area where you can redeem your fishing points. You'll need to save up 100 to 5,000 points to afford sashimi display cases or fish cubes, and at least 20,000 points to afford anything else worthwhile. More new shop items have been added since Pinkerton wrote about his experiences in December.

Of course, everyone wants the penguin pet ... but can you save up the 1 million points needed to purchase it? Well, we can dream, can't we?

Pigg fishing - Shop till you drop

Each fishing area requires you to use different rods and baits (you may get lucky and be able to use the same rods and baits in different areas ... but its rare). The more fish you catch, the more fishing points you'll receive; you can redeem these points for rods and baits. The better your fishing equipment is, the bigger fish you will catch. And big fish bring big points.

You don't need to spend any money (AmeGold) to enjoy fishing ... though it helps to buy shiny things that would give an advantage. Everyone starts out with 9,999 extremely basic rods and 9,999 extremely basic baits. They will catch you lots of sea grass, sea poop and tin cans. So, it's best to upgrade as soon as you possibly can.

As you gain experience, you will unlock new and more advanced areas.

Pigg fishing - Amazon River 2

Recently, the Amazon River area unlocked for me. I was a little intimidated to fish there, but finally mustered up the courage to cast into the muddy waters and see what would take a bite. I had visions of piranhas ... and maybe an arapaima. Those are the fish that immediately come to mind when I think of South American fish species.

I purchased my fishing gear from the indigenous man (is he Bororo, I wonder) and chose a spot close the the wading capybaras and waited.

With much concentration and a bit of luck I was able to catch the colourful fish below. Every time I catch a new fish I copy and paste the name into a translator (Google Translate) to figure out what it is, then I look up information about it on Wikipedia. Jeremy Wade is one of my heros, didn't you know? ;-) I watch all of his River Monster shows with great anticipation. In fact, today there is a River Monsters marathon on Discovery Channel Canada ... so, I'm feeling a little fishy.

Pigg fishing - Amazon River fish (lvl.1)
Row 1: (left) Astronotus / アストロノータス; (right) Discus / ディスカス
Row 2: (left) Dowafushikuriddo / ドワーフシクリッド; (right) Neon Tetra / ネオン・テトラ
Row 3: (left) Okishidorasu / オキシドラス; (right) Ron Terai / タライロン
Row 4: (left) Tambaqui / タンバキー; (right) Valverde / バルバード

Want to learn how to fish in Pigg? Read this simple and informative fishing guide in English.


  1. Question from me!
    Ok... so I'm trying to fish in the swamp (which I just got the honor to get to), and this is the message that pops up:

    That's the image of what pops up.

    And yeah, if anyone knows what it says... please tell me!

  2. @oraBora
    Looks like you are using the beginner rod from Japanese sea (日本海)or Ogasawara(小笠原). In order to fish in Inbanuma(印旛沼), you need to click the fishing point store and buy the rod from there. Each fishing area has their "own" rod, it pissed me off sometimes too. Haha ^^

  3. @Ora Bora, Yes it is asking you to purchase bait/rods for this area ^_^, I am annoyed at that too.

    Ahh fishing is so fun ^^, I just wish I could actually make TsuriP instead of making just enough to buy another batch of rods and bait xDD

  4. Thanks for answering this question DQ and ten.ten.!

    I don't read Japanese, Ora Bora. :-)P ♥

  5. Ahhhhh! Thank you so much for your help guise! Now I've got to save around 600 to get rods and bait!


    Oh well. But thanks so much! <33