Monday, February 21, 2011

Bazooka my room!

In the midst of Pico frustrations, I logged onto Pigg to find many an update!

First of all, I warped to my friend's room to ring, as I usually do in Pico. Instead of the little bell dropping out, my Pico pulls out a FREAKING BAZOOKA and shoots confetti into the room.

Of course, it's to celebrate Pigg's 2nd anniversary. But can you imagine instead of people begging you to ring their room they instead asked "BAZOOKA MY ROOM! I BAZOOKA BACK!"? LMAO!

Just a thought, really.  

Secondly, Pigg also has some really exciting places to go, too. Come to think of it, Pico hasn't gotten a new area in a while, has it? I'm not talking about the parks, they don't count. I mean... I think the last "new" place was Asukasa, am I right? Did you know that Pigg has outer space!?

Control Room!

You're killing me here, Ameba. Can we at Pico have an outer space? Or is Pico world still considered flat by Pico scientists? OH WAIT! I've figured something out!

Japan is considered years ahead of many countries as far as their technology goes, so is this Ameba's way of imitating that through Pigg and Pico? Pigg, because it is the Japanese version of the game, gets advantages and privileges while Pico is stuck in the past until we sail to Japan and force them to trade goods with us.

Conspiracy theory? Pinkerton is getting to me ...


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  1. My thoughts about the bazooka exactly. I was lol'ing so hard, and I ring people on pigg more often than on Pico... just to see that good ol' bazooka.

    -Ora chan