Sunday, February 20, 2011

Trials and Errors: A Saga of Pico Frustration

Peggy here, reporting to you live from Pigg ... 'cause Pico is ... well, I don't quite know what's going on with Pico! Catero and I have been scratching our heads wondering what all these error messages are about. Some of them we can read others are weird possible geek speak, that we cannot decipher.

Check this out:

Yes, we can see that an error has occurred ...


Ameba Pico! You're killing me! [insert angry fist shaking here!]

Yesterday there was an "unscheduled" - I'm guessing - emergency maintenance session which I had hoped would resolve the weird lag and error messages that I still get quite frequently. But whatever they're doing has only lead to more problems which have forced Catero and a few other Pico residents including myself to retreat to our second homes in Pigg.

Just like one would get dating tips from their big brother to learn the art of finesse ... I plead with you Ameba Pico to talk to your big brother Ameba Pigg and see what they are doing differently that makes Pigg playing so much more pleasant and error-free.

Pictured: left to right (Pigg IDs): grapheme (aka Catero in Pico) wearing tan tam, uverkuu (aka uverkuu in Pico) wearing grey bunny hat, peggyhill (aka Peggy Hill in Pico) in blue baseball cap, sweetlaura (aka sweet_mom in Pico) in pink Pigg beanie.

We do enjoy our occasional holiday in Pigg but seriously Ameba, what gives? I need to feed my dogs!

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