Friday, January 28, 2011

Profiles #25 and #26

You get "more bang for your buck" with this week's Profiles - 2 in 1. We've got lots and lots of quirky profiles to publish and in an effort to get them off our desks we're giving you more.

We've grouped this week's collection into two themes for your enjoyment.

Theme: Quotes

(1) This well-read  and soulful Pico pairs a quote from the great playwright George Bernard Shaw  with sentiments mirrored from the late music legend Bob Marley (No Woman No Cry). Two of the great minds of the 20th century!

How did she come up with this correlation, we don't know but we think you're a winner.
Profiles #25

(2) You are like Peggy, chen. I consider you to be a victim of the boy band era, brainwashed by songs like Get Down, I Want It That Way, and Show Me The Meaning of Being Lonely.

It's profoundly strange and sad that this wise quote comes from a song crooned by the Backstreet Boys ... but you get a big thumbs up for targeting in and quoting the only deep and meaningful thing that any of them will say or sing. –Catero

(3) This quote is undoubtedly an invention of this slightly disturbed little Pico's mind. A million tiny insects caged in your body?

Sounds like you need Billy the Exterminator. Also ... it sounds like it would be really itchy in there and unsanitary with all those bugs writhing about. We hope there are no roaches! Yuck!

Regardless, some eugenol oils should help alleviate that bug problem.

(4) MissLindaK has been pondering the lyrics of rapper-turned-actor and screenwriter, Ice Cube ... though Peggy feels she looks like a young Madonna. She's sassy and adorable in a Raven-Symoné on The Cosby Show sorta way.

Theme: Oddities

(1) It might help if you get out of the house every now and then to make real social connections. Meeting people on the internet is no way to go about feeling "less alone", as you desire. Take the bus to the library, the museum, the art gallery, wherever you feel comfortable spending your time in a public space. Don't look emo (frowny and sullen). Try to remain open to meeting people ... and give yourself a decent chance to get to know them.

If all else fails, get a dog like this one.
Profiles #26

(2) We're not even gonna touch this one. Karma will handle it in time.

(3) Disturbing. Peggy wants to report you.

(4) Is there some Korean cultural nuance that we're missing? Do Korean 20-somethings share their astrological sign, blood pressure and body temperature as a turn-on? Is this desirable? We get that most will want someone who has a normal body temperature, that's a given; it means the person is still alive.


  1. The pedo bear made me crack up.

    Yet, I'm suddenly scared now.

    -Ora chan

  2. It's an unusual collection of personalities, isn't it?