Monday, February 28, 2011

Pico Baby Language: Kwill Mwe Nwow

I get it, I get it. Picos like to role play. Some Picos are moms, some Picos are dads, but some Picos are babies and children. Somehow, someone, somewhere decided that babies and children MUST speak a certain way to signify their status as such. I know you've seen it... I know what the intention was, but I don't think it translated well among international languages... resulting in a very annoying trend.

Oh dear God...
Pico baby language works like this; place a "w" after every first letter. Swo twhis iws hwow iwt lwooks. Dwon't ywou jwust wwant two kwill mwe? lwol

In English, a baby-ish accent is to sometimes replace a 'w' sound in some words. Like "Mommy, pway with me!"
"I want ice cweam!"
"Pwease gimme my teddy bear."

The thing is, the 'w' replacement only works in words where the 'w' replaces a similar sound. Play and pway sound similar. In most cases, I could say it's only appropriate to replace r and l, as you can see in the examples above.

I went to a baby-speaking room to take a picture, and come to find, these people aren't very nice. They seem to be very clique-y.

--- You have moved to The Anime Room! :)
(13:31) Bwaby Katie: pwop hwer (meaning me)
(13:31) Bwaby Katie: >>
(13:31) Bwaby Katie: swo she wont bwe ugly anymore
(13:31) あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」: HAHA whoa there
(13:32) Bwaby Katie: who r u?
(13:32) あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」: Ayuhime
(13:32) Bwaby Katie: watevew
(13:33) shelly1991: u can leave
(13:33) あゆ姫 「AYUHIME」: o_O
(13:33) Bwaby Katie: swissy
(13:33) Bwaby Katie: >
(13:33) Coco♫☆。◕‿◕: ☜♥: huwh
(13:33) Bwaby Katie: kwik hwer (meaning me)
(13:33) Coco♫☆。◕‿◕: ☜♥: owk

I left before I got kicked, but sheesh! How rude!
Take it how you want, but I'm not a fan of baby language.



  1. ikr! omg! i thought i was the only one who hated it!!! lol! its one thing to do the baby talk thing with certain words (like the examples u gave) but not with ever word you type!! UUGH! gosh!!! sooooo ANNOYING!

  2. I find this *highly* annoying as well. I wish people would reserve their "baby" roleplaying to private rooms ... but, alas.