Saturday, February 12, 2011

Love Week: Love Note by Ora18

This week, we asked you, our readers, to send in your Love Notes, telling us what you love about Pico. We received 5 notes; thank you to those who sent in their photos and submissions.

Our fourth note is by Ora18, who has submitted her writing to us many times. She's a great friend to the Picostyle team ... and it shows!


What I love MOST about Pico, is the wonderful people playing it! Yes, there might be some trolls trollin', but all-in-all some great people are playing Pico!

You must admit, that you probably have a Pico family! My friends here on Pico differ in ages and personalities ... but they are STILL AMAZINGLY AWESOME. I mean, seriously. They're the kind of people that will give up their whole lives, just to let YOU live!

Over the year, I have met so many amazing people! Even though I don't have 100 buddies, I think the 60-something make up the open spaces.

I just want everyone to know, that my favorite part about Pico is my friends! you, bb's.

Photo Credit: Photographer - Peggy Hill

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