Monday, February 28, 2011

Pico Cribs #26

I know, I've been very bad... not bloggin' Pico Cribs. I've just felt very uninspired and erm... lazy lately.

I gotta get out of my slump and this room has done the trick!


TOMHIKO proclaims in his profile that he is a story and I totally believe it. When I warped to his room I was awe-strucked! Bigger isn't really always better and TOMHIKO does a good job proving this. His room reminds me of Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds for some reason. Haunting and very artistic... what he must have paid to earn all these premium gacha items or did he just had the misfortune of winning the same things over and over again? So he had to wrack his brain... leading to this creative room design... one will never know.

Either way, me likey! Check TOMHIKO's room <3

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