Thursday, February 24, 2011

Happy 1st Picoversary!

Picoversary boogie

There are times when squireling away your Gummies really pays off. Of course, sometimes you may work towards saving up for specific planned goals, like affording that much-desired room expansion. Then there are times when planning ahead to have something in the piggy bank for the unexpected comes in handy.

For those Picos who like having shiny new things, today is definite one of those days; Ameba rolls out with the first wave of Pico's 1st anniversary celebrations.

Starting today, Gacha is filled with festive green, orange, yellow and pink items to help you celebrate this momentous occasion. Party hats, ribbons and badges, and cookies are amongst the available loot. Even more exciting is the fact that this anniversary edition Gacha will have special Daily Gacha items (available for 24 hours only) - like the novelty glasses framed with cake candles and the yummy tiered cake!

Don't have enough Gummies to play Gacha? Get out there and get propped!

More good news! If you take a spin at Gacha and get double, triple or more of the same item - never fear! Ameba has relaunched the popular 50 Gummies Recycling campaign. From now until March 3 you will get 50 Gummies instead of the usual 10 when getting rid of unwanted clothing or furniture items. This may afford you a chance to have another try at Gacha without emptying your pockets too much.

For the duration of the celebrations a 1st Anniversary Park has been created complete with candied trimmings - cupcake bushes, cherry-topped trees, biscuit benches and candlestick streetlamps. Park your keister in the candy wonderland or take a photo to remember the special day in front of the picture wall.

However you choose to commemorate the event, have fun ... and do it with your gang of friends.

Are you as excited as I am to see what else is in store? This is surely just the tip of the iceberg.

Stay tuned to the official blog for more goodies information.

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