Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Meeting MissLindaK


It's not tricky to rock a rhyme (get it?) with <MissLindaK>. This former feature of Profiles #25 is and 80s rap aficionado. Who'da thunk it? We should have known from the Ice Cube lyrics in her profile at the time.

We all know that rap is no longer just a boys game and Pico-D.M.C. (aka MissLindaK) is making sure everyone knows it. She spit out lyrics like ... like ... a cobra; deadly and hypnotic.

I met Linda not long after we found her profile and posted it. sweet_mom and I saw her in one of the Japan Parks and I ran up to her and said, "OMG! I SAW YOU ON A BLOG!".

Linda invited us over to her room where she was a gracious host and provided us with yummy foods an interesting conversation.

Since that time, we've also met Linda's partner in crime, Chayannie (who I, unfortunately, do not have a photo of at this time). Linda always entertains a room with great conversation about music.

If you see her in Pico (she likes to hang around the Casino and Japanese Parks), try to stump her with some rare or little-known 80s rap lyrics. She might surprise you.

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