Friday, February 25, 2011

The Profanity Filter: Too strict?

I'm not one to use swears on Pico very much, but I'm finding the profanity filter to be a little annoying in some circumstances.

Ugh, I have to type out that LONG sentence again!?
I swear that little annoying pop-up is going to get it someday. Here are some situations where I don't think it's appropriate for the profanity filter to be angry at me.

"Oh, that's exciting!" << Your post was caught by the.... OMFG WHY!?

that's exciting

( ̄へ ̄)

Honestly, that's pushing it a little.
Jerk is another word caught by the filter. Althought it's not a nice word, it's certainly not profane. Perhaps it's subjective but I really think the players on Pico can handle words like jerk. It's not like that's the only insult word ever.

Here is a controversial issue with the filter. Lesbian is filtered out. Gay isn't. Hmm... Is there something profane about being a lesian, Ameba? I certainly don't think so. If someone wants to be a lesbian, let them. We support free love!

Of course, the male and female words for genetalia are filtered. But I ask again, what exactly about them is profane? Everyone has them (well, except certain special people. We still love you!).

So what's the real problem here? Kids nowadays know every swear that's in the book, so what are we trying to hide from them? Plus, the ones who caused the need for the filter in the first place were the crazy kids obsessed with the word F*&K and S#%T. If it's not one thing, kids will think of another way to insult people, so eventually by this logic, all words will be blocked by the profanity filter.

I just want to be able to type "that's exciting" without being scolded by the pop-up, dang it! LOL



  1. I've tried to type "it's exciting" or "that's exciting" too and I've been frustrated in the same way.

    I have a rant brewing about how English swear words are filtered ... but no other languages. Not even the ones people are encouraged to speak in the World Community Parks (like Bahasa, Chinese, Thai, Tagalog). It's inequality!

  2. As i remember, my friend told me that some insulting Indonesian words are filtered. But it is not as bad as English. I can't even say "It is expensive." = =|||

  3. I copied-pasted randomly an indonesian word in park & when I google-translated it it meant the "s" word!