Monday, February 21, 2011

Pigglish: Help for English-speaking Pigg players

ten.ten. / ☜ღαηgєℓღ☞

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The topic of Pigg (Pico's older Japanese-language brother) has come up a lot in the past little while. There's a lot of cross-over, what, with Pico being derived from Pigg as well as the many people who play around in both communities. Learn your history ...
Inside Social Games > CyberAgent’s Ameba Pigg Virtual World Comes to Facebook as Ameba Pico: Japanese internet company CyberAgent is bringing its popular virtual world, Ameba Pigg, to the U.S. market, and to Facebook, as Ameba Pico. (Read more ...)
The mucho mentions probably have a lot to do with the anniversary festivities going on in Pigg right now. There's are many new rooms and features being rolled out that has players excited.

English-speaking and reading players like me sometimes fumble around as we try to find our way around in a Japanese language environment. In my early days playing Pigg, I remember wandering from one Hawaii room to another for quite some time, asking if anyone spoke English so I could figure out how to swim (this was long before Hawaii came to Pico).

Well, fumble no more! Pico user, ten.ten. (Pigg ID: hapibirthdaytomi) has started an invaluable resource for those wanting to know about what's going on in Pigg.

To keep you informed, ten.ten. has taken on the task of translating the official Pigg blog entries from Japanese to English at:
Ameba Pigg blog translations

The blog includes FAQ from the Pigg blog as well.

We've added ten.ten.'s Ameba Pigg blog translations feed to our sidebar so that English-speaking Pigg players can keep up to date. Subscribe to it, bookmark it, do whatever you've got to do to keep up-to-date with happenings in Pigg.

I know I'll never forgive myself for missing last year's Ne-Yo event (I missed out on getting his trademark fedora!), but, hopefully, with this new translation service it will never happen again for me.

Thanks, ten.ten.!

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  1. Aww, your very welcome and thank you so so much for adding a feed and I hope to continue providing helpful translations for every English speaking Pigg player!

    Oh I sorta missed the Ne-Yo event too T.T, they all happen when it's like 3:00am here hahaha.