Friday, November 19, 2010

Profiles #19

This installment of Profiles has been coordinated completely by Peggy ... with commentary for subjects 1, 3 and 4 written completely by her! ;-)

She was a bit anxious to do it solo for the first time, but by jove, she's done it!

(1) This Pico's name translates from Japanese to "Devil Cow".

Dear Devil Cow of Unknown Gender,
I am deeply disturbed. Not because I cannot tell if you are male or female, but because I Googled "super super super cow cow". Just in case it was the title of an anime I might enjoy (a funny anime!).  Sadly, all I got were videos showing how breeders genetically modify cows into SUPER cows D: WHY WHY?!! Do you have a cow fetish?! I wanna know!
Profiles #19

(2) Caption and photo submitted by サミ☆
I found this rather amusing. Imagine if you could have a fat Pico?

Rolling around like the Pandas do. Maybe it should be a side effect of eating bad foods instead of apples.

(3) Is this because your glass is half empty? Do you also believe that you aren't complete without your better half D: You can change this!

Step One: Wear more color.
Step Two: Lexapro.

(4) Voldy ...

Are you going to go watch Harry Potter tonight? Anywho, here's one for you:

Bald Pico with spear inspires random seriousness, random seriousness engenders curiosity, curiosity killed the cat. You must know this.

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