Thursday, November 11, 2010

Gobble Gobble

It's Thursday, and you know what that means. Not only are we one day closer to the weekend, but we also have a few new updates which hit Pico early this morning. Maybe they aren't the major updates we've been hoping for, but I think they are still interesting enough to talk about.

update 11-11 info 1

The first update, and probably my favorite of the three, is the addition of a restocked Daily Gacha. The theme this time around is Thanksgiving!

update 11-11 thanksgiving gacha

Complete with food like pumpkin pie and turkey, it's enough to make your Pico's mouth salivate. Usually I question eating food when it's randomly laying around, but it's hard to ignore chowing down on these meals whenever you spot them. 3 second rule? Never heard of it.

update 11-11 food
update 11-11 food 3
update 11-11 food 2

There's much more than food, though. Candles, bonfires and hand hold feathers are among the other items you'll find while playing. Take note, though, that the hand hold items will be changing every week until Thanksgiving. The Handhold Colorful Feathers are the first of four, so make sure you get them before they are gone!

update 11-11 info 2

Today's second update is something that a lot of you hoarders out there will most likely enjoy. Usually when you decide to recycle items, you are given 10 Gummies. With this new campaign, you will receive 50 Gummies for each item you delete. If that doesn't seem like much, think of the fact that instead of recycling 10 items to get 100 gummies, you'll only have to recycle 2. Why, yes... that is awesome. I've personally gotten about 5000 gummies so far just from recycling extra furniture and some clothes I no longer want, and there's still a whole bunch more for me to go through. If you want to participate, there's two ways you can do it:

update 11-11 closet
update 11-11 closet 2

update 11-11 decorupdate 11-11 decor 2

As I mentioned, you can either recycle clothing or decorations. Simply click on the recycling bin icon (the arrows will turn red), and then proceed to click on the "X" of any item you want to get rid of. This campaign only lasts for a week, though, so make sure you take advantage of it and stock up on extra gummies!

update 11-11 info 3

This final update is probably a relief for those of you who enjoy gambling at the casino area. Blackjack and Roulette are finally back!

update 11-11 casino

Now, apparently they took them both away for a while to "fix a bug"... and I can tell this game is certainly fixed alright, but not in a good way. Today when I went to play, I noticed the odds of winning for each game seemed much lower than it ever was previously. For instance, while playing Blackjack I think I lost almost 10 games in a row even when I had a respectable hand (i.e., 18, 19, 20). It seemed like the dealer always had a better hand by one number. If I had 17, they had 18. If I had 18, they'd have 19. And so on. It might be a mere coincidence, but I can't remember that ever happening over and over to me as it did this morning. Or maybe I don't want to come to terms with the fact that I lost so much of my casino cash. If you are feeling lucky, though, you know where to go!

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  1. Now all Pico needs is stuffing in the gacha. I'm disappointed that wasn't included :(