Thursday, November 18, 2010

Turkey Lurkey


Hello, everyone! It's Thursday, so I think most of you know by now what this post will be about. I'm going to briefly discuss the most recent updates to grace Pico's servers. There isn't too much to talk about compared to last week, but I think it's enough to pique the interest of Pico players.

Now that Thanksgiving is merely one week away, they have finally kicked things into gear and released a few additions to coincide with the holiday. The first update you might notice is this:

update 11-18 info

The third hand hold item for November's Thanksgiving-inspired Daily Gacha. Make sure you win it soon, though, because this leaf will blow away (GET IT?!) in 4 days to make room for the 4th and final hand hold item. Don't know where to find it? Sounds like a personal problem to me. Luckily, I'm here to help you. Simply click on this icon at the bottom of your screen:

update 11-18 arrow

Which will bring this up:

update 11-18 gacha

Notice the leaf? That's what you are going for. I'm glad I saved up a cornucopia of gummies during the (now retired) recycling campaign, because I went through nearly 2000 to get it. What can I say? I'm a sucker for limited-edition items.

update 11-18 leaf

Here you can see the leaf finally within my grasp, but you may also notice something else. Yes, I'm in Logout's room! But that's not what I wanted you to notice. I was talking about that huge headdress sitting atop my mop of hair. That brings us to our next update.

update 11-18 info 2

A brand new Native American Premium Gacha! Or, as I like to call it, Premium G(IVE ME ALL YOUR GOLD HAHAHA)acha. That wasn't even funny. In order to locate this money machine, you will have to travel to the "Tribal Party" area:

update 11-18 tribal party 1
update 11-18 tribal party 2
update 11-18 tribal party 3

See that thing in the corner saying "I'm the Premium Gacha"? That's the Premium Gacha. I decided to try my luck this morning with the small amount of gold I had left, and in the process I won 2 rugs as well as the headdress you saw earlier. I enjoyed visiting this new area because the autumn trees in the back and large tables really help set the mood for this season. When I explored further, I came across some people who were in the Native American spirit just as much as I was.

update 11-18 premium thanksgiving
From left to right (excluding me): Lukinas, Pooly Crab, 나탈리 ゞ(≧ε≦● )プ, уσкι ѕкуωáℓкєя, Ryukie
In back: MR.RABBiT

Does one of those names sound familiar to you? Well, it most certainly should. You might remember me talking about Lukinas' amazing rooms on my last Pico Cribs update. However, that is the only person from this group who I was familiar with... yet everyone was still kind enough to pose for a picture with me. Hopefully they read this, because I want to thank all of them for being so generous! See? I just gave thanks. It's all connected.

I like the fact that this Premium Gacha doesn't embrace the more "commercialized" aspect of Thanksgiving, but rather some of the history. Plus, when you think about it, not many people living outside the US will celebrate Thanksgiving next week. At least this is a more universal approach which might please many more players.

update 11-18 premium items

Those are just some of the items you can find in this Premium Gacha. Also, an interesting thing to note. If you win all 3 different totem animals, Chloe will send you the last piece to complete it. Remember, though, that they all have to be the same color otherwise you will not get the last piece.

update 11-18 premium totem

I'd try to complete it myself if I had more gold, but I can only imagine what a process it would be to keep spinning until you have all 3. Oh, and there's also the fact that I only have 38 AG left. Weep for my, my friends. Weep for me.

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  1. *weeps* Poor Pinky. I spent 50 AG out of my 96, and I got that backpack with arrows. I just looks like a Disney imitation of a Native American. >n>
    I extremely wanted the N.A. outfit, female version. :c WHY DOES PREMIUM GACHA HATE ME!?