Wednesday, November 10, 2010

AYUHIME 2.0 / Stargazer

Change is good. You shouldn't be afraid of change.

I'm announcing Ayuhime's change.
Introducing Ayuhime 2.0~
Inspired by Ayumi Hamasaki's new do, of course~

Anyway, onto more relevant (and probably more interesting) news...

THERE'S A NEW PREMIUM GACHA ZOMGGG! Yes, Alice Nine has invaded Pico again with their lovely, sparkly and fancy Japanese clothes. Look at all of the pretty things you can get!

Just who is PS COMPANY anyway?

*ahem* I managed to take a few spins and received all but one wig ...

I'm not quite fond of them XD I think I'll try later for the clothes ...

Regardless, make sure after you spin the Gacha that you take your turn to rock out on stage! Chikemuri, myself, Pinkerton, and Peggy just couldn't help ourselves ... We are stars, baby!

So let's take a listen to "Stargazer," which is the reason for all this Alice Nine hubbub.

I like it, actually. :) Shou has a great vibrato. XD Quite catchy~

Lots of love,
Ayuhime xoxo


  1. oh, I managed to catch Shou's wig ^^, and some of his clothes and sagas tight pants. LOL.