Saturday, November 27, 2010

Premium Gacha: Love it... Hate it? What's your take on it?

Premium Gacha

Personally, I'm not a real fan of Premium Gacha for two reasons, I'm not big on games of chance and I hate having two of the same item. Especially when it's something I dislike and/or clothing I can't even give away. There's a reason why there's no Premium Gacha in Pigg!

Don't get me wrong, I've spun Premium Gacha many many times. Tried my luck to see if I'd get that one or two items I REALLY want. There have been times I've been lucky but more often than not I end up regretting spending that 50AG or more. I get that Ameba Pico probably thinks we like the fact that we can spend 50AG and win a limited edition item, most of us probably do. I just happen not to be one of these Picos.

I MUCH prefer if Ameba would just sell us these limited edition items! Like what they did the first time around with the Alice Nine stuff. I would gladly pay more than 50AG for items I want if priced correctly. The thing is, half the time I hear Picos spending a ridiculous amount of gold trying to get that ONE item they really want and sometimes it's a fruitless game of luck. Regular gacha I get, we don't pay real money for Gummies. But I don't see much of a point spending gold that I have paid for with real dollars on two Premium Gacha spins to get a Monkey Figured Totem twice over.

Maybe I just have really bad luck... whatever the case, I don't like Premium Gacha.


  1. I'd like it better if there was the option just to buy - but I'm a gacha addict so I don't mind too much.

  2. Premium gacha? It's fine. Pico costs ALOT and premium gacha encorages the purchase or earning of Ameba Gold, allowing the staff to keep it running.

    Pico wouldn't be here if not for gacha and other 'preium' items.

  3. Kind of agree.