Thursday, November 25, 2010

Yar-Har, Fiddle-Dee-Dee

spiffy pirate outfit

You are a pirate! Now that is one spiffy getup, if I do say so myself. Wondering how I acquired it? Well, the answer lies within one of today's two updates.

update 11-25 info

Chances are, if you logged in at all today, you will already know about this. If you haven't logged in, what are you waiting for?! Put that turkey leg down and prepare to have your Pico mind thoroughly blown into tiny pieces of gummies.

When first logging in, you will come across a little letter:

(I forgot to take a screenshot, so just imagine that you are looking at a picture of a little letter on the ground with an arrow pointing at it)

Click on that and you'll be whisked away on a brand new Pico journey, similar to Mario whenever he finds those secret warp whistles.

... um, alright... maybe not literally whisked away, but you get the idea. Video game references aside, this letter will inform you of a pirate quest which you can partake in.

update 11-25 pirate invite

This new quest feature is the first of its kind here on Pico, and even Pigg doesn't have anything like it (imagine that!). When Pico was taking suggestions a while back, I remember mentioning how there should be quests to win special items or gold. Can this possibly be a result of that? Probably not, but it is nice to think about. Either way, I found it to be a fun departure from the usual happenings in Pico so I'm hoping for many more to come. To start, you will have to travel to the Pirate Ship area in order to talk to your newly appointed Captain.

update 11-25 pirate ship
update 11-25 first quest

There's a lot to discuss about this feature, so I am going to simply stop here and save the rest for an upcoming quest guide. If you are having trouble with some of the missions, or if you simply want to relive the experience vicariously through me, be on the lookout for my guide which will be up soon! Oh, and in case you were wondering, the pirate outfit is one of two clothing items given to you for embarking on this quest.

update 11-25 info 2

Today's second and final update is nothing worth writing home about. It simply states that the Thanksgiving Daily Gacha has been extended and will be up for another week. If you haven't had a chance to win the basket of mushrooms yet, this is good news. If you are completely sick of seeing virtual mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie because they remind you of your Thanksgiving food coma, this might not be such good news.

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