Sunday, November 21, 2010

Fan art by ☆chihiro☆

Well, it seems that Ora18 has started a trend! Not long after Peggy posted Ora's wonderful drawing of the Picostyle team, ☆chihiro☆ sent us a creation of her own.

Thanks for your drawing, ☆chihiro☆!

Check out ☆chihiro☆'s blog, PicoWorld, at

img028 - Fan art by ☆chihiro☆

Dear Readers,

Please feel free to send us your Pico-related drawings, poems and other creations and we will post them on Picostyle, giving you full credit for your work. Keep in mind that, depending on the taste of your submissions: (1) they may or may not be published; (2) published submissions may be edited for content.

We will not publish email requests that simply request "put me on your blog!". 

Thank you.


  1. O.O THAT GIRL STOLE THAT FROM MY BLOG! :'( NOT THE FAN MAIL... HER POST ABOUT THINGS 2 SPICE UP YOUR NAME!!!!!!! AND PUT IT AS HER OWN!!! Thats just mean and rude! Please do something about it :'(

  2. michelley123, this is not the place to air your grievances with ☆chihiro☆. It's rude and incredibly inappropriate. If you have an issue with her, take it up with her directly and do not air your dirty laundry here.

  3. LOL, what are WE supposed to do about it?

  4. she wont talk 2 me AT ALL!!! ive tried everyday but she just ignores it!!! :'( its not fun having soemthign stolen from your blog is a sad pain in the pit of your stomach :(