Thursday, November 18, 2010

Gummies: Currency or Creatures?


Gummies. They are what make the Pico world go 'round. Without them, there's a whole lot we wouldn't have right now. My room would be a barren wasteland since it consists mostly of blocks, which have been purchased using Gummies. Yes, we should all be thankful for this under-appreciated online currency. However, there's something about them that's a bit... disturbing. Or cute. Or strange. It's probably one of those, so you'll have to decide for yourself.

Seeing that Gummies are considered a form of currency just as gold is in Pico, I always looked at them as being tiny "coins" of sorts. Plastic, rubbery coins. When you see them from afar, they look like your average penny or quarter except more colorful.

gummies 2

However, when you zoom in a bit...


... you will begin to notice something. These coins have their own faces. Yes, faces. This revelation struck me when the casino area was first introduced to Pico. As you play the slots, you'll see that Gummies are one of the symbols:

casino gummies

See, those aren't your average images of Presidents or other important figures. These things are simply grinning from ear to ear while bouncing around whenever you get propped. It makes me question where they even come from. They're like fruit flies, laying dormant and waiting for the opportune moment to strike.

What do they have to be so happy about, anyways? All they do is sit in our pockets until we are ready to trade them away for our own gain. Are they planning some sort of rebellion against us? Do they have their own advanced civilization?


So many questions, so little time. I like to think that they are a peaceful race of creatures, similar to the Ewoks from Star Wars.


However, we've all seen that even they were capable of toppling an evil empire. Maybe the Gummies are more akin to the mogwai creatures from the movie Gremlins.


They may be cute, but don't feed them after midnight. Trust me.



  1. WAHAHAAAHAHAHAHAH nice post!! LOL!!! :)))

  2. they're coins -.- except of putting their president's face on it, they put faces instead.

  3. I think this is the best post you've written so far! It's always nice to be silly sometimes.

  4. Hahahaha, at 7:46am this is the funniest thing my life. Seriously. THE EWOKS WILL TAKE OVER!


  5. gummies are the cyber version of gummy bears XD

  6. Frank it's just kind of a joke...
    *likes goldirocks post*

  7. lol i like to think they are body-less gummy bears with no ears and no noses

  8. yeah i know it's a joke, and that was my answer to it. by the way the fifth photo is funny.

  9. I always imagined gummies as little rubbery, stretchy, candies. xD You know, that can be spent and happen to be alive.