Friday, November 26, 2010

My new frog!

Meet the dark-spotted frog (トノサマガエル) I caught in Pigg today! I've named her "Heqie" and she's my new favourite catch in Pigg.

Now, normally I am not a huge fan of these slimey creatures, but look at those eyes. How could I resist?

Since n♡Я! helped Peggy and I to figure out how to fish it's been a bit of an addiction for me. Peggy, on the other hand, took a while to warm up to it.

I decided to film a short clip of fishing in Pigg with fish feed and bait, expecting to reel up another sea poop (seriously, I've caught about 3 in a row ... the gods must be angry with me) when I was pleasantly surprised to get this cute little hopper. I filmed the cast that caught her.

To learn how to catch your own fish in Pigg, view this instructional video on YouTube.


  1. Do you guys know how to get gold on Pigg?

  2. Do you keep them as pets or something? I don't play Pigg D:

    I tried but I really cannot adapt to navigating sites in other languages.

  3. @Sami: It's a very, very difficult process to buy gold for Pigg if you live anywhere outside of Japan. There are some guides explaining it, but I believe you need certain credit cards that aren't exactly easy to come by.

    @Andoria: No, you aren't able to keep them as pets. The basic point of fishing on Pigg is to catch different types of fish and accumulate points (which act as currency, similar to how the casino has its own currency). With those points, you are able to buy better bait/poles... which is pretty much a necessity if you want to catch higher level fish to unlock special items or complete your card for each fishing area. However, you -are- able to purchase fish to display in your room if you have enough points to buy them. There's also many other neat items in the shop, such as a frog suit and even a pet penguin!

  4. haha that video of mine had almost no views.. since you posted it here. got over 1,000.. you guys sure have a lot of readers

  5. @steve194: Woot! Your video helped us unlock the key to fishing in Pigg. Thanks much. :-)

  6. i didnt think that people would understand it. glad they do :)

  7. pigg looks cooler than my version of ambea pico-Tara