Friday, January 14, 2011

Profiles #24

Every single one of the profiles this week offers A+ comedic value. They're all absolutely awesome.

A big thanks to those who submitted profiles with their catchy captions.

(1) Photo and caption submitted by GracieGracie: Am I the only one who doesn't know who Hazel is?? Anyways this guy was in the English park and he was hiding behind a tree, people were trying to make him talk but he simply wouldn't.

Peggy and Catero say: This young entrepreneur was likely looking for the perfect hazelnuts to sell to Godiva Choclatier, Inc. This requires a lot of concentration, so, we can forgive his silent commitment. Brazilians are very passionate about their nuts.
Profiles #24

(2) Photo and caption submitted by Dorphi: I've seen this oddball of a girl lots of times with really weird sentences in her profile, but this has got to be the most random one yet. I think she just can't hold in her pee this time.

Peggy says: I, too, wish for bladder control since I'm "getting on" in age. But, dear, what's the paddle for? I can only guess you use it to intimidate people in the restroom line so that you can get to the front of the queue faster.

(3) Mike is the ultimate playa, and we respect that he just puts it out there ... and his bare chest with suspenders. Only a man who is confident in his sexuality can pull that off.

This is a man who hungers for all that life offers. Ladies (or gents), you can't be mad when the food goodies you put out to attract Mike run out ... and he moves on to his next fleeting love affair without even a backwards glance.

(4) You know what, mo mo? It's about time that the little white people got stepped on. What's so special about the little white people that makes them exempt from feeling the squeeze, huh?

The brown, red, black, yellow and beige people have all had their tough times under the boot. Geez, some still do!

Just keep it classy while you're under pressure. Chin up!

(5) Go ahead. Bite me.

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  1. but... but... mo~mo is one of them white peoplez yo! and she's so cute! XD