Tuesday, October 12, 2010

How-to: Make Elevator Stairs (The Sequel)

This tutorial is inspired by and based off of Peggy's previous How-to: Make Elevator Stairs. It's a video, rather than text instructions to help those who are more visual and have have found it difficult to follow along.

Prompted by unending waves of emails, blog comments, Pico room posts and letters, Peggy and I have put together this follow-up "How-to" tutorial on to make elevator stairs.

(Make sure you have YouTube Annotations turned on to see the steps.)

Though Peggy has been kind and assisted people one-on-one in the past, personally walking them through step-by-step, she is no longer willing to do so. And rightly so, as it's very demanding of her time.

Viewers, if you do not understand the steps laid out in this "How-to" video, press the replay button (pausing as needed) and watch 3 times all the way through. Take your time.

If you're still not able to understand it ask a parent, sibling or friend to help you.

Please do not contact a member of the Picostyle team to come to your room to help you make elevator stairs.

Video Transcript

Hey kiddos!
I'm here with you today to show you how to make elevator stairs.
Let's start off with what you will need to make your elevator stairs:
- 7 small block
- 2 big blocks

Step 1: Start stacking your blocks in the top corner of your room. The elevator stairs will ONLY work in this corner.

Using one of the big blocks first, start stacking! Big block, then small block ... and repeat the pattern, restacking your big blocks, until you've used all your blocks.

Step 2: Time to use your second big block! Place it in the gap just below the first one you used.

Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to move your big blocks as far away from one another as possible.

Step 3: Move your small blocks down. Click on the second small block from the bottom. Use your keyboard's arrow keys to move it down (hit right arrow, down arrow)

Move your block down until it rests on bottom block. Repeat with all your small blocks until they are all nicely stacked on one another close to the floor.

Voila! Now, try testing your stairs out.
I'm King of the World! (Eat your heart out, James Cameron.)
Don't get lazy just yet. It's time to start laying down your second level floor.

Step 4: The two big blocks that are floating on either side of your room will be used to make your 2nd level floor.

You will stack two big blocks and stack them on top of the (red) block floating up on the right (then you can put the lower (red) block back into your inventory).

Use your keyboard's arrow keys to push your blocks around and place them as your flooring. It's good to start arranging closest to your elevator column first.

As you arrange your blocks, make sure to leave an opening around the elevator column. Otherwise, you will not be able to walk up into your second level floor!

Rinse, lather, repeat. Keep on stacking and moving your blocks until you have the second floor level at the size you want.

Did you have trouble getting your elevator stairs to work? Hit replay to watch the video again and follow carefully. Please do not comment asking for help.

Thanks for watching!

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