Saturday, January 29, 2011

News: Clearing RhenJhennel's Name

The Body Snatcher

This is a story of body snatching.

About 2 weeks ago we received an email open that blew the lid off of he whole "Haters" post. In a plot twist like none of us expected, it was a little like an M. Night Shaymalan movie (before he created The Village, Lady in the Water and all his films that have come after); everything we had been led to believe was simply untrue.

Several of us received hateful room posts from a Pico named RhenJhennel ... and Ayuhime was upset enough to post about it.

News got around pretty quickly and RhenJhennel* himself contacted us - not with the same hate-filled rants on the room posts with his name, as one would expect. Instead, he replied to the whole situation calmly:
January 1, 2011 – 7:43AM
rhenjhennel* said ... hello owner sorry for that happen im rhenjhennel original rhenjhennel* in pico i didnt remember isend bad message against your blogs can you check correct spelling of rhenjhennel* Many rhenjhennel in pico using my character. I show your blogs when i search my name. I apology let me investigate this person. thanks and more power. sincerly rhenjhennel* Proud to be Pinoy Hotel2 Ps. to all follower of this blogs sorry for what happen.
He has very similarly named Pico accounts - RhenJhennel and RhenJhennel* are just two of the many. RhenJhennel, who left many mean-spirited messages in rooms of Picostyle writers, is a shared Pico account that many other people use. Bad, bad, bad idea.

In the email we received, a person who had the login email and password to the RhenJhennel account confessed to logging into it, and leaving the messages in order to discredit the guy behind the Pico and have people dislike him. We'll call this person "The Confessor".

The Confessor knew that rooms of Picostyle blog writers probably get a lot of visitors who read and leave messages on their room boards and that these visitors would notice mean-spirited messages ... and likely get uspet. The Confessor did not expect the incident to be published on the blog, gain more attention, and get a little out of control. But ... who ever does when they get caught up in a trail of lies?

Let this be a cautionary tale of what can happen when you share your account information with another person. Not only your account and all its clothing, furniture, and Ameba Gold get stolen, but your reputation can be trashed as well.

Do not give the email address and password of your Pico account to anyone.

Now, The Confessor contacted the team by email to confess. As a team, we have decided to publish this information, not only to follow-up to the whole incident, but to clear the name of RhenJhennel*.

We will publish the email from and the parts of the chat conversation with The Confessor. We have gotten permission from The Confessor to do this.

The Confessor's name and parts that they mention their identity have been removed to protect their anonymity. This person has sincerely apologized - not only by email to the team, but in a Pico-to-Pico conversation with Peggy Hill and Catero as well. This person has also said they will confess directly to RhenJhennel*. It takes a lot of guts to own up to wrongdoing.

The email

from ****************
date Mon, Jan 17, 2011 at 8:20 AM
subject This is reallly important :S

You know about the hater thing right?

Well ... actually that guy is an owner of a hotel. And I have control over his account.

That hater post was actually me. But please, please, please, please, please. I regret that a lot. I LOVE picostyle for pete's sake, I read it everyday. I LOVE it.

I was just so mad at RhenJhennel* I wanted to do revenge but I was wrong and I will never do that again.

Please keep this between the Picostylers only. I am truly embarassed and very regretful for that. Please I am apologizing on behalf of the owner who doesn't know it was me. I am sorry once again. I did NOT mean a word I say. I really did not.

I love picostyle so much, it's my bookmark and my daily newspaper or whatever. I love picostyle and I am apologizing so much I'm going to start kissing your feet.. :(

I'm so sorry. :(

I only did that because I wanted to make RhenJhennel* look bad. I'm so sorry and I regret that a lot. :( I'm 10 years old and that was rude. I know. I never meant to do that, anger only took on my soul. I'm saying sorry to Peggy Hill, who I am a big fan of. I'm sorry to all the Picostylers. Sorry for Ayuhime was that or Ora who posted the post? I don't know, I think Gem Rock? Sorry, I'm quite having memory loss here. :S

That wasn't really my type of personality. I'm so sorry and I have learned a lot. I won't do that again, I'm sorry, I'm sorry. I mean it a lot. It was hard admitting at first but I know I had to. I'm so sorry and I really did not mean a word I say.

Please. :( Forgive me, Picostyle. Don't block me on your blog. I will lose oxygen if you do.

Best Wishes for your blog.

The conversation
Only parts of this conversation will be posted; the particular parts where The Confessor explains their actions. Catero asked the questions, Peggy Hill listened intently and gave her role model advice at the end. Questions in bold.

(23:33) Catero: so why do you dislike rhenjhennel?
(23:33) The Confessor: He has an attitude of showing off
(23:33) The Confessor: Well that was the past
(23:33) The Confessor: I don't hate him now
(23:33) The Confessor: I really
(23:33) The Confessor: Didn't mean
(23:33) The Confessor: What I said
(23:33) The Confessor: I was trying to make rhen
(23:33) The Confessor: Look bad
(23:34) The Confessor: Which is something I have never
(23:34) The Confessor: Done before

(23:34) Catero: why did you do it this time?
(23:34) The Confessor: I wanted to make him look bad but I
(23:34) The Confessor: Never had the intention to
(23:34) The Confessor: Make picostyle look bad
(23:34) The Confessor: Never

(23:35) Catero: what have you learned from all this?
(23:35) The Confessor: never do anything
(23:35) The Confessor: when im mad
(23:35) The Confessor: because
(23:35) The Confessor: I'm crazy
(23:35) The Confessor: When im mad
(23:35) The Confessor: And never
(23:35) The Confessor: Bring other people down
(23:35) The Confessor: To make myself
(23:35) The Confessor: Look good

(23:36) Catero: what made you decide to apologize and confess?
(23:36) The Confessor: It was killing me
(23:36) The Confessor: I read picostyle's
(23:36) The Confessor: Historical posts
(23:36) The Confessor: I dont know what to call it
(23:36) The Confessor: And everytime
(23:37) The Confessor: I read the post about
(23:37) The Confessor: Rhen
(23:37) The Confessor: I just die a little inside

(23:38) Catero: and what do you think picostyle should do about it?
(23:39) The Confessor: I don't know either
(23:39) The Confessor: Maybe you can post about me
(23:39) The Confessor: I dont know
(23:39) The Confessor: I dont want either

(23:39) Catero: can we post your apology - leave your name out - to clear his name?
(23:39) The Confessor: Yes
(23:39) The Confessor: Yes I think so
(23:39) Catero: ok
(23:39) The Confessor: That will be good

(23:43) Peggy Hill: as long as you understand
(23:43) Peggy Hill: that that wasn't very nice
(23:44) Peggy Hill: and won't do it to other people
(23:44) Peggy Hill: and stay in school


  1. "and stay in school" LOL Love you Peggy

    I'm very very proud of The Confessor. Owing up is a HARD thing to do. I apologize for posting the Haters post, but I'm glad the real RhenJhennel* has stepped up :)

    Thanks all <3

  2. (long time follower, first time responder)
    I don't understand, so many people have access to the same account? Why would someone do that? There doesn't seem to be much benefit to that, aside from that possiblity that the account would be on endlessly. Sorry, that just seems strange to me. Anyway, I'm glad this is cleared up, since you guys ahve such a great blog, and any real malintent to you guys would be tragic.

  3. I'm happy that at least HE replied. HE confessed. I know that all of us have been quite mad, but... now his name is cleared. Now we know it was a mistake. At first, right, we all thought it was done on purpose. I just hope this won't happen again, by anyone else... I mean.
    But, I also lol'ed...
    Peggy: and stay in school
    I think all of us Picostylers are a bit eased. And basically all of the readers of Picostyle. I don't really understand exactly WHY so many people have access to one account. I agree with realvsable. Oh well. I at least thank that he confessed.

  4. .cool post.i hope that the confessor is not rhenjhennel himself disguised. XD .cause pinoy is really tricky. 10 year old pinoy with such nice english grammar. :O

  5. That's me that confessed. I'm indeed very ashamed. I'm sorry for all of you. Though I am quite ashamed and embarrassed, I'm going to face this bravely. My name is Apple.

    @niniyo: LOL! Pinoy ako, half chinese lang :P