Monday, January 24, 2011

Meeting [aNm]Shamps™

meeting [aNm]Shamps™

Last night I was hanging out in Japanese Park (again) and doing some people watching when I saw the familiar face of Pico blogger [aNm]*Shamps™.

Before I knew of Shamps' blog I had seen him in the Parks, and he was very friendly and polite. So, I decided to go over and say hello. :-)

(00:08) [aNm]*Shamps™: wow
(00:08) Catero: shamps
(00:08) Catero: i read your blog
(00:08) [aNm]*Shamps™: you
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: from
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: picostyle
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: wow
(00:09) Catero: nice to meet you
(00:09) [aNm]*Shamps™: nice to meet you
(00:09) Catero: your blog is goofy. i like it :-)
(00:10) [aNm]*Shamps™: imma post picostyle on my URL
(00:10) Catero: thanks :-)
(00:11) Catero: i have your blog on our blogroll
(00:11) [aNm]*Shamps™: Yeey
(00:11) Catero: i will let you get back to your goofing around
(00:11) Catero: keep blogging, shamps :-)
(00:11) [aNm]*Shamps™: Let's Pic
(00:11) Catero: you want a pic?
(00:11) [aNm]*Shamps™: For Blog
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: OK
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: Done
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: :)
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: Thanks
(00:12) [aNm]*Shamps™: again
(00:12) Catero: yw. i got one too
(00:13) [aNm]*Shamps™: ok
(00:13) [aNm]*Shamps™: DONE
(00:13) [aNm]*Shamps™: : )
(00:13) Catero: cool
(00:14) Catero: bye shamps :-)
(00:14) [aNm]*Shamps™: say hello to pinkerton
(00:14) [aNm]*Shamps™: from shamps
(00:14) Catero: i will :-D
(00:14) [aNm]*Shamps™: bye

[aNm]*Shamps™ also posted the photo he took of our meeting.

Check out [aNm]*Shamps™ blog if you'd like a good giggle or chuckle.


  1. .hahaha.thats one of my son. XD
    .melon lover.

  2. I can see he has your teeth, [aNm]*niniyo. :-3