Wednesday, January 12, 2011

We may or may not have broken Pico.

This morning around 11AM (EST) a lull in what I was working on and boredom drove me to try logging onto Pico to get a head start on maxing out my earned Gummies for the day.

I was a little surprised, but not overly surprised to be met with the Server Maintenance page. I didn't remember a notice for scheduled server maintenance for today. But okay.

Almost 8 hours later, Pico was still down!

Usually, maintenance takes an hour or two. Something is definitely amiss. What could it be?

Here are some of the scenarios that Gem Rock, Peggy and I think are likely for causing the mess:
  1. Some intelligent and devious Pico completed the newly released laboratory set and created a bomb. Pico moderators had to shut down operations and call the Bomb Squad to diffuse the device. Teams are still working on it.
  2. Since Peggy Hill's head has been gradually expanding since she joined, it's reached the limit of the Picoverse and can no longer be contained. This cranial expansion has locked down the servers. Pico has top geeks working to solve the problem.
  3. Pico developers are preparing for Gem Rock's glorious return and are pulling out all the stops! Rumor has it there is parade in the works with a large Phở bowl float.
  4. Distressed by her bad luck at Premium Gacha, Ayuhime is holding the Gacha machine in the Chess Field room hostage until she gets her crown. To ensure no one is hurt during her mad rampage, all Picos not involved in the stand-off must go offline.
  5. In an expression of her undying love, chikemuri began sculpting a statue of Pinkerton in the most noble of poses. The statue reaches so far up into the grey abyss above her room that it overloaded the server circuits. Sources claim that a falling block maimed Pinky's trusty companion, Flapjack.
  6. Unbeknownst to the rest of the Picostyle team, Catero is the leader of the guerrilla rebel group, Los Picos de la Libertad, charged with a mandate to force Pico developers to give us more inventory space. The group's planned hostile take-over of the Pico headquarters backfired when a stray bullet damaged the server.
  7. The people who run Pico are taking a secret day off to play chess.
What do you think was going on behind the scenes? Let us know in comments!

Note: I can't claim all of these ideas as my own! Peggy Hill and Gem Rock came up with them too.


    A-m-a-z-i-n-g post!

  2. I can only hope its a huuugggeee update full of fun stuff :D

  3. I give the reasons why, and Cat dearest gives the reasons what. OUTSTANDING POST CAT!!!

  4. XD LOL Well I was quite upset when I saw Pico down for so long, I really thought they were like, adding another place to the travel section and got all excited XD

    Sadly that didn't happen ;3; at least not yet >3<!

  5. The server was down prob.
    This happened before, but only last for 10 mins.
    Sadly Pico is losing users .____.

  6. No! Didn't you hear! Ameba is DEAD. It will be closed FOREVER. LOL. Catero, do us a favor, pls don't overtake Pico. I don't want to see dead picos in Shibuya or NYC! Anyways... I don't care. I was at school!
    Really good post though.

  7. @ Jean-B. Royal, I can make no promises. :-)

  8. srry, but this post is kinda weird but kinda normal too....

  9. this post is too dramatic