Thursday, January 27, 2011

Meeting Rex_A


When I click on someone's profile to  Prop  them I usually click on their URL if the address leads to a blog.

This weekend I saw a very festive-looking  Pico and clicked on her URL to visit her Pigg blog. Though, I don't read Japanese, I was instantly impressed by the layout graphics and the design of the blog. The "Comment" button for the posts made me giggle. I tried to leave a comment, but for some reason it wouldn't let me. I kept getting an error message in red ... but I don't know what it means (全角文字を含まないコメントは投稿できません。 ), so I gave up.

The effervescent Rex_A has dedicated her Pigg blog to journaling her Pico life and new developments to the game for those who read Japanese.

When I saw Rex_A again on Tuesday I ran up to her to tell her how much I admire her blog layout. I buttered her up with some food so she wouldn't think I was too strange. She said she has created all her blog graphics herself and that she loves making custom graphics for her layout.

I must say I am very impressed by - and a little jealous of - how the edges of her custom graphics look. She took a photo of us with the green grass as the background ... and when she posted it on her blog, the green was completely and perfectly removed. I don't know how she does it and keeps the edges looking so clean. One day, I will ask her what her trick is.

To my surprise, Rex_A said she knew of Picostyle and follows this blog. It was mutual blog appreciation.

I was very honoured that she asked if I would take a photo with her ... and then she posted about our meeting on her blog.

When asked whether she liked Pico or Pigg better, Rex_A replied that she likes both, but loves Pico more, since there are more things you can buy with Gummies. I imagine that the deeply tanned skin also has something to do with it. Snooki would be jealous, Rex_A.

If you happen to see Rex_A in your Pico travels, please be sure to say a very kind hello, give her Props and maybe even share some food (she has a healthy appetite). She is very nice and friendly.

Photo Credits: #2 (Coment image), :# (Catero and Rex_A) from


  1. Nice post Cat of your "NEW" favorite pico!!!

  2. thank you for featuring my blog !!
    I was so glad u said so:D

    and ,I usually use Abobe Photoshop and Illustrator for custom graphics.

    well, i wrote about how to comment on my blog .
    Check it !

    Thank you so much!