Monday, January 17, 2011

Pirate Blues

It's day 5 of swabbing the poop deck.. Ship life is rough. It's hard to keep a manicure, my co-workers are not friendly, pirate food is awful ! ... My romanticized thoughts on jolly pirates, sailing the seven seas, stealing from the rich so's I become richer.. it's all falling flat. When do we become fat, and drunk, and me pockets lined in gold??

I was looking for a new time job.. so Captain sent me to Dogg so I could earn my weight. Are the extra gummies worth it, swabbing this filthy deck all day long?? I don't even get paid any over time!!

Swabbing, and sweeping, tying the sails, and sobbing at night in my tiny cott in a shaky room shared with 40 billion other shipmates .. This is slave labour!
Where is the rum?
Where is the pillaging??
Where is the Ameba Gold?

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