Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A warning about scammers from ten.ten.

Not long ago, Ayuhime wrote a very important post (How-to: prevent your Pico from being hacked) about carefully guarding your Pico user account from hackers. It's an important message.

Hackers will likely target people who have flashy avatars and beautiful rooms - people who have nice things.

Sometimes hackers will use means to silently crack into your account without you even knowing. At other times, they will come to you like a wolf in sheep's clothing, presenting themselves as very friendly. To put a very real spin on how hackers try to go about winning your confidence, please read another Pico's experience.

I would strongly suggest that anyone who is approached by a scammer to report them

Ironically, this particular scammer has a message on her Pico blog warning against - of all things - scamming.

Written by:

Hello ... I am emailing you because I think you are a very well known Pico blog and can potentially warn many people of the dangers that can be found on Pico. I have recently been contacted by a Pico by the name of [ßυииiε cнαи]. I added her with the pretense of her being another kind Pico player but immediately she started asking me if I would like Ameba Gold. I told her that I don't need it hoping she wouldn't ask me what I thought she would.

She gave me the story that her mother was letting her give away 1,000 gold to a Pico friend and she chose me". I asked "Well, how will you give it away?". She said she just needed my email and password. I signed off after that.

I signed on again later in the day and she immediately asked me once again if I wanted Gold. Most was over private messages, but here is a bit of the conversation from chat.

(21:32) ten.ten.: What do you need to give gold?
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: password and email
(21:32) ten.ten.: o
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: xD
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: LoL
(21:32) ten.ten.: ok no then.
--- You have moved to ♡♥♡♥Pico Lounge♡♥♡♥♡
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: r u on facebook
(21:32) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ???
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥:
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: or
(21:33) ten.ten.: ameba pico
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: .net
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: o
(21:33) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: do you want gold
(21:33) ten.ten.: No
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ?????
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: do
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: ya
(21:34) ten.ten.: no dnt need it
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: its 3,000
(21:34) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: i am over limit
(21:34) ten.ten.: i can get gold any time so i dnt need it
(21:35) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: plz take it
(21:35) ßυииiε cнαи ♥: I just need e-mail and password

Please warn fellow new and old Picos of this person. She's extremely convincing. Here is her Pico ID and photo.

My url is:
My Pico ID: ten.ten.

Photo Credit: taken by ten.ten.

Update: January 21, 2011: Pico Official Guide: As of today, Pico administrators have released a statement on the official blog today. They have banned *one* person who was trying to steal others' Pico accounts. Read more ... »


  1. Some tried it with me to e_e;

  2. Thank you so so much for posting this.

    I would hate to see anyone lose their account or pico items to a scammer.

    I really appreciate this!

  3. @ Anonymous, report scammers right away using the Contact form. Copy and paste any chat that proves the person is trying to scam you.

    @ ten.ten., thank you so much for putting this together so that others can be aware and stay safe.

  4. yess beware with pico on anonymous screenshots.
    but just now her name is »мσηѕтєя»нαηηα

    BEWARE WITH THAT PICO! bcoz she can access our pico without we give email or pass. that's was happen to my friend. mybe me too ;3

  5. OMG THATS MY POSERRR!!! SHE COPIED MY NAME AND PROFILE!!! I already changed it though!!

  6. I received a bogus letter from user ηαяu™
    This is what the message said:

    you like more ameba gold
    log on get ameba gold
    do my info and done
    should be there
    sounds simple ehh?

    We need to make people more aware! I will not be scammed!

  7. e_e I didn't realize I came up as "Anonymous" thought I signed in ._.;
    But yea I did report her, Pico said they're looking in to it. I also HIGHLY recomend people be aware who they friend on FB as hackers seem to target people with FBs attached. But I lost my first account to a hacker cause I kinda revealed be a pedo e_e; -long story- but be aware who you friend on FB & on Pico.

  8. EDIT:
    I lost my first account to a hacker cause I kinda revealed *him to* be a pedo e_e; -long story- but be aware who you friend on FB & on Pico.

    & I do recomend website accounts are safer then Fb ones

  9. AYUhime , naru is »мσηѕтєя»нαηηα boyfie.
    Don't worry my friend already know where they from. and will SEND VIRUS to them. haha

    Tia; haha yea don't easy to believe someone even ur friend! i also lost my account. just chill~

  10. If you use your Facebook to play Pico, I recommend hiding your Facebook from your Pico Profile all you have to do is go into Settings and in the Profile section on the bottom Says "Facebook Link and has 3 options Show All, Only Buddies or Hide.
    Hope this helps the FB users!