Thursday, January 6, 2011

I covet thee.


I find it a little... okay, I'm not gonna lie... a whole LOT geeky that I want to play the new chess premium gacha many many many times! I don't think I've really have felt this way about any other premium gacha.

The added incentive of getting the bonus room items once you've collected all 12 chess pieces is genius. I might actually have to buy gold...


AYU!!! Why you gotta tease gurl---?

Ayu Ayu

Ayuhime is our own premium gacha junkie, for reals. Go to the Chess Field and get your BATTLE ON. For now I'll have to be content with my two pieces.


  1. Can you actually play chess or something?
    A bit ago I saw 97 people waiting to get into one of the rooms :S

  2. LOL! 97?! that's intense. Actually I am pretty positive that you can't play chess... but now I'm actually kind of wondering because I didn't stick around I just went played gacha and left.

    I know the pieces I won didn't move unless I went into the decor function to move it.